K-stars Pay Respects to Sulli by Canceling Events, Speaking Out on Bullying, and Remembering Her with Public Statements

A shocking and unexpected loss in K-ent started off this week with news that young star Sulli committed suicide. The rest of the week will be a quiet one for the industry as one star after another has cancelled scheduled public events including: Song Hye Kyo for a jewelry brand, Kim Yoo Jung at a beauty brand, idols SuperM, NCT Dream, Super Junior, N. Flying all cancelled music events, and Amber is putting all events on hold. Drama Catch the Ghost also cancelled its press conference for this week. Friends and stars publicly commemorating Sulli include good friend Goo Hara, Ahn Jae Hyun, Yoo Ah In, and Sulli’s ex-boyfriend Choiza. And other stars are speaking out against netizen bullying including Minah and Shin Hyun Joon. 


K-stars Pay Respects to Sulli by Canceling Events, Speaking Out on Bullying, and Remembering Her with Public Statements — 10 Comments

  1. Rest well, Sulli <3. She was such a beautiful soul and struggled from public scrutiny since a very young age. I hope her close celeb friends Hara, IU, Taeyeon, etc., who have been open about their struggles with mental health and malicious comments, are getting love and support from those around them.

  2. Her death will be vindicated when the lawmakers submit Sulli’s Act to tackle cyber bullying.

    The bill was reportedly proposed by nine members of the National Assembly, and will be supported by 200 celebrities who were friends or colleagues of Sulli or those who have experienced such abuse themselves. It will be tabled on 49th day of her passing.

  3. While I think its nice of these celebs to halt their promotions, I dislike that they are using ‘social media’ accounts to write about how much they’ll miss Sulli. I personally think its a little insincere, like when Hara sobbed her eyes out on insta live…. like seriously. I’m not saying they are not upset about Sulli’s death but surely there are better places than insta live to grieve. However I do like the celebs that are using the issue to speak about bullying.

  4. It’s best the Korean govt gets tough on the malicious commentators. They are killing people with their words…
    I hope the celebrities who never harm others would be protected by the law against people who hide behind fake identities to tear down others.

  5. I am wondering, after reading this, if the Korean society is as mean as it is being portrayed by the comments I read. Is it possible there are ugly people who are so insecure or jealous of beauty that they write ugly comments?
    It is nice to be able to state your opinion without consequences because of the anonymity forums afford us. BUT it has emboldened the crazy and the MEAN people and the sociopaths in our world.
    Cyberbullying will not go away unless the internet does. That won’t be happening.
    I know nothing about this Young lady but too many suicides causes me to wonder what can be done.

  6. I remembered kim yoo jung’s netizen bashing about a so called indecent stand. What a silly excuse ! Fortunately she is well surrounded by her family. But for Sully … who was there to support her pain ? We can say that we don’t care but in reality it’s hurtfull to read unfair critism from netizens who hide their identities behind a screen

    • I was going to say the same.
      Kim yoo jung suffers so much from hateful comments.
      I too remember her standing incident.people bashed her like anything.even she was hospitalised.god’s grace she came out of it.
      Sulli was my favourite.people should realize celebrities are human too.sulli,such a pretty lady dying so early for stupid netizens is sad.

  7. Knetz are the worst. Reading the translations I can’t believe the gall of them. When you write ‘Go kill yourself’ or ‘Why haven’t you committed suicide yet?’ or ‘The world doesn’t need you go die’ the list is endless you can understand the pack mentality of Korean netz. Vicious, cold hearted, malicious and calculating they feed off each other when they’re on the attack against a K celeb you don’t have a hope in hell of recovering. Kids as young as 12, Adults all ages all play into this and are allowed to get away with it. It’s open season. It can’t be solved it’s endemic of a repressed and oppressed society they live in. They are conformists so how else can they vent their frustrations (apart from their binge drinking culture) but to attack via their keyboard. Their daily therapy is unleashing their inner expressions of ‘hate’ aimed directly at K celebs and then they feel vindicated. The root of this whole issue of cyber bullying rests within K society and their strict and stratified practices; address that and their citizens may just relent on their cyber attacks.

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