Teen Actress Kim Hwan Hee Plays Seo Kang Joon’s Younger Sister in I’ll Come By When the Weather is Good with Park Min Young

The big crop of child stars from a decade ago are now all adult actors in their own right, albeit still on the fresh-faced young side, but K-ent continues to nurture talent and one I’ve been keeping an eye on is teen actress Kim Hwan Hee. She debuted a wee one in Robbers as Lee Da Hae‘s daughter and also played the younger Jung Eun Jae in Answer Me 1997, and since then has notched many solid performances in K-dramas and is turning the corner now at 17 years old and ready to really step out beyond the family drama setting. Up next for her is playing the younger sister to Seo Kang Joon in next years romance drama I’ll Come By When the Weather is Nice with Park Min Young. It’s set in the countryside and billed as more melancholy and contemplative which is a great setting for actors to showcase their abilities with less narrative bells and whistles.


Teen Actress Kim Hwan Hee Plays Seo Kang Joon’s Younger Sister in I’ll Come By When the Weather is Good with Park Min Young — 13 Comments

  1. The weirdest thing would be if 7-10 years later she ends being his romantic partner in a drama. I’m already cringing at the thought of it.

    • they are only acting. tbh their age difference is only 9 years (26, 17). If acting is good, then it won’t be cringey. The most cringey imo is LBH 48 and KTR 28 in last year’s Mr Sunshine (20 years difference and Lee Santa looks much older with his frozen face). I am most surprised at the 12-13 age difference between the two couples in Search WWW, their acting is so good that they look very convincing and romantic 🙂 just as an example.

    • Lol Kim so Hyun and seo Kang Joon played each other love interest in suspicious house keeper…. she was like only 13 at that time and he was like 19 or 20…. that was prob worse lolllll

      • How was that worse? Didn’t they both play teenagers? The two things mentioned in this thread have no correlation. Why do people love dragging Kim So Hyun into every article? Leave the girl alone.

      • um it’s related because someone mention age difference for seo kang joon and no one is attacking ksh. it’s more of the casting director fault.So for example if a 40 year old played opposite a 13 year old although they are both playing teens in a drama. you’re okay with that? I would be uncomfortable.

      • @Casey You think you’d be uncomfortable with the pairing because you are not Professional. SKJ and PMY are professionals and they know very well that their job is to play a character. Beside the point, visually both actors don’t look like apart age wise, so what is the problem?

      • I’m not referring to pmy. They look great together.

        I was referring to the past when ksh was cast with a 19/20 yr old at when she was 13 and even Kim sae Ron was only 13 when she was cast with way older male leads in high school love on.

        It’s not about being a professional. You can be a professional and fake it and hide your uncomfortableness. Children/youth actors esp in Hollywood is known to be taken advantage of. You can read up on stories of child actors and dark history on google. It’s great if others are okay with it like you and lily but it’s disturbing for me personally. But hey everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

        I’m just glad the three Kim sisters made it to adulthood mostly intact from at least what we see with our eyes. The entertainment world can be a scary place to grow up in.

  2. Aww…’Soondae’ has grown up a lot. In my memory she is still that cute baby girl with lovely smile who blew bubbles with Jang Hyuk in Robbers.

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