Hu Ge and Liu Tao Reunite After Nirvana in Fire for Chinese Anthology Series Celebrating Classic Literature

It’s never too long when it comes to something perfect. So a perfect pairing feels just as magical seeing it nearly 5 years later, by that I mean C-stars Hu Ge and Liu Tao together again. They starred in the critically acclaimed hit C-drama Nirvana in Fire, still the most perfect drama I’ve ever watched from every angle directing, writing, acting, and chemistry. Both have worked on other dramas and movies and honestly I ship their characters more than their chemistry, it was so beautiful and bittersweet and now we can imagine them reincarnated into early Republic era China in their upcoming anthology series China in Stories. Their vignette is titled Radio Waves that Never Dissipate and the anthology celebrates stories that preserve and create Chinese culture and history. They look so on point in character in these drama stills, it’ll be a treat for Nirvana fans and drama fans alike to see them in a new project.


Hu Ge and Liu Tao Reunite After Nirvana in Fire for Chinese Anthology Series Celebrating Classic Literature — 7 Comments

  1. Agree agree agree Nirvana in Fire is the bestest of the best in everything.
    And obmygoodness I just got goose bumps. I love this soooo much.

    I wonder who the other cast are. I wish there is a cameo of Jin Dong, Wang Kai, Fang Xiao Li. After NIF and The Disguiser, I need more collaboration of these actors

  2. Love them both! Love Nirvana in Fire as well!! To be fair, because of my bias against the sound of Mandarin, it took me multiple tries over a period of two years to get through the first episode. But once I did, I was hooked! I loved everything about that drama and it’s as near perfect as a drama can be. I long to see Hu Ge in another project and hope that this one will be subbed into English at some point. And since I’ve overcome my prejudice against Mandarin, I find that I’m hooked on C-dramas, I much prefer it to Kdramas and it has opened up a whole new world to me. I now find the Chinese language quite beautiful, can pick up some commonly used words in conversation and absolutely love their culture and costumes. All good!

  3. I remember being so hooked on nirvana , I was watching it on the bus, on the way to work, going to the drs and while I was having the fever. It was the best c series done

  4. I agree, Nirvana in Fire is one of the finest dramas in terms of directing , acting, and cinematography.
    I’m looking forward to seeing them in next project.

  5. Agree with everyone too. NiF is THE best Cdrama ever and set new standards. Huge fan of Hu Ge and excited to see this reunion too.

  6. Trying to catch up with many C-dramas that I haven’t watched for years. I’ve still got to watch this one. Heard so many good things about Nirvana and my family have watched it twice already and they love it! There are many good C-dramas planned for next year already. Can’t wait!!!

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