Lee Min Ho Looks Princely Riding a Horse Through Autumnal Trees in First Still from K-drama The King: Eternal Sovereign

Sorry that I’m more enchanted by the autumnal leaves and the really really white horse than by Lee Min Ho but I know his fans will gobble this up and rightly so. He looks very rich and handsome in the first stills for upcoming two worlds fantasy romance drama The King: Eternal Sovereign. This looks cheesy in the same way Heirs did but then I remembered that The King is also written by queen of tasty ratings cheese Kim Eun Sook and then it all makes sense. Lee Min Ho’s riding pants are also really tight and he has great legs, yup I am totally an insightful critic. Anyhoo, I hope his horsey got loves of sugar cubes and rest during this filming and man do I want a stroll through an Autumn landscape right now.


Lee Min Ho Looks Princely Riding a Horse Through Autumnal Trees in First Still from K-drama The King: Eternal Sovereign — 22 Comments

  1. Minor correction ockoara: Those photos are not official ones. Those are taken by a photography as a hobby ahjussi who happen to be on site the filming day and so enchanted by LMH’s beatuty(on his own world^^), he took over 300 photos of Lee Min Ho. The quality of those photos are amazing.

    • A hobby adjussi who by chance took 300 photos!? Without the production team noticing him and politely ask not to post?
      Well, if this is the official version…. 😉

  2. The autumn visuals look stunning. I will watch it for the scenery alone and eye candy Lee Min Ho. One thing for sure, the camera loves LMH. He has a certain model aura with his height, good looks and stunning physique that enable him to pull off that chaebol, heir, princely or sovereign image. Must have done a lot of gym work and physical training for this look. I remember his IG photos that showed chubby cheeks, beer tummy and puffy face soon after his military service ended.

  3. The original flowerboy crush who introduced me to k dramaland. Dude is such a big star. He has reportedly earned nearly 10 million usd shooting cfs this year from 7 or 8 different brands he shot this year and he doesn’t earns it from korea alone but whole asia. He might not be cf king in korea like pbg or kang daniel but he outearns everyone bcoz of pan asia stardom!!! But if this drama becomes success, next year he will be all over korea as well . Really a king

  4. I just discovered him in Legend of the Blue Sea and I’m smitten; enough said I’m glad he has a drama in the works. Too hot I’m now a LMH convert ❤️

    • Totally agree. I also just finished Heirs and Legend of the Blue Sea and fell in love with LMH. Found myself actually re-watching some episodes which is super rare in my K-drama standard. Even more shocking is my Kiwi hubby loves both shows. Not bcoz of LMH lol but he totally gets Jun Ji Hyun and PSH’s cheekiness for some weird reasons.

      • Yes yes for LOTBS for sure that pairing of JJH and LMH was dreamy. Sorry can’t comment on Heirs never watched it. However I did watch Faith a few years ago for Park Se Young but I’m going to go back and rewatch again. I’m getting ready for this new drama with KGE. My only reservation and IMO only is the visuals (yes I’m being shallow) because KGE for me is not stunning at all just pretty even though I follow her in past dramas I’m unsure if I can stop my judgmental self from critiquing this pair for their looks.

      • @Ginger Crunch Haha I feel the same. I feel bad but I really am not into KGE’s visuals as well. Let’s hope the plot will be so good that the visuals won’t matter.

  5. The autumnal leaves are so beautiful. Picturesque. They should rightly be gushed over. Is it weird that I care more about the background leaves than the guy on the horse? Lol

  6. I feel so conflicted. I love Kim Go Eun. She’s a good actress with a unique aura. But I really don’t like this LMH guy. Why couldn’t it have been a better actor in this lead role? I might just have to try watching this drama with my hand over the screen blocking LMH out. Lol

    • He gets selected bcoz he brings ratings more than kim go eun will every bring or very few male leads can bring his level of ratings consistently and by having him his shows brings millions of dollars from overseas sales more than any other actor in korea. He is biggest draw internationally and producers not only recover but also make profit from overseas sales

  7. I just watched The Heirs and Legend of blue sea again. LMH is definitely one of hottest korean actors. I love watching him. Excited for this drama too.

  8. I ride horses, so all I see is a really weird mashup of clothing and tack between English and Western plus patched on decorative embellishments and with NONE of it making any sense. Also, that horse is too skinny. But then again, I always have to leave my equestrian brain far far behind while watching Kdramas. 🙁

    • I am so looking forward to this one. LMH in Boys Over Flowers was the thing that got me addicted to kdrama. And I think Kim Go-Eun will be great opposite of him. I’m hoping for a solid storyline that will make the wait worthwhile.

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