K-star Goo Hara Found Deceased in Home at 28 Years Old

I’m truly at a loss for words. Every K-ent suicide from the first that I covered as a blogger (that would be Park Yong Ha in 2010) to the latest with Sulli last month in October, has always been difficult to process. Every time I wonder if that person could have been saved, and then if they were saved before would they try again. K-ent’s weekend was shattered with the news that 28 year old idol-singer Goo Hara was found deceased in her home. The cause is likely suicide, and earlier this year she reportedly tried to kill herself after the scandal with domestic violence and revenge porn threats with her now ex-boyfriend. So people around her did know that she was suffering, she was saved before, but still she chose a final ending and leaves behind family, friends, and fans grieving. I hope she is no longer in pain and in a better place, rest in peace to this beautiful young star.

Goo Hara’s last Instagram past was the day before her passing where she posted a picture of herself in bed captioned “Good Night”.


K-star Goo Hara Found Deceased in Home at 28 Years Old — 33 Comments

  1. I can’t believe it… Sully is just gone. Now Goo Hara! It’s hard to process how devastated someone must be to go before their time. And why there were no lucky circumstances to save her again. I hope she rests in peace.

    • Unfortunately,netizens won’t learn, they kept talking bad about people and justifying it because it’s the price they have to pay because they are famous. It’s incredible!! I don’t know how many more would die for them to stop.

  2. must be very painful to live by attempting to commit suicide twice (or more that was not made public). sometimes I wonder if life would be more worth living if she never signed up as an idol at a very young age. Girl group Kara was so popular in Japan back then and I watched her singing & dancing on the most popular Japanese shows all the time. Sad!

  3. It’s disheartening that a very young and beautiful girl like her had to settle for suicide.. I’ve always said it that all the abuses that comes from the k-neitizens to these stars are wrong. Even if they are wrong, it’s their personal life let them deal with it, we are all humans and we are allowed to make mistakes. Pls cyber bullying is real and you might be doing it without realizing it, pls everyone including me should stop we can save a life by doing so. Lastly, *suicide is never the answer* we all go through stuffs but suicide is wrong and this is so rampant in South Korea, I think their need to do something about this.

  4. Is it really worth it to be idols? Behind fame, money, popularity are years of tears, restrictions, depression, loneliness and load of harsh training, hard works, and on top of that, dealing with cyber bullies.
    May you Rest In Peace.

  5. Whole day today all I am thinking is “ who is next”. I don’t know what’s going on. It’s heartbreaking. Why it’s happening? Gosh I am sad. Go Hara of Kara Please Rest In Peace and be happy. Sorry As a fan we couldn’t do anything.
    Korea and Korean entertainment Please do something about Mental health.

  6. This is so sad. Rest in Peace to zhoo Hara. I first saw the news on CNN news this morning. She was the one who resembled Namie Amuro and I thought she would be famous and have a good career just like Namie did. She was beautiful and young, I dont understand.

    I hope South Korea would put in place more protections for kids who start out in the Entertainment business.

  7. Korea has got to de-stigmatize talking about mental health. When creating a group, these entertainment companies need to have counselors at hand for these young people. Was a fan of KARA so this was devastating news. RIP Hara, I hope you are finally at peace. <3

    I can't believe Park Yong Ha's death was almost 10 years ago. I can still remember it and remember So Ji Sub's heartbreaking face carrying his picture.

  8. Such sad news. The world really needs to adopt this motto: If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all, AND DON’T TYPE ANYTHING EITHER.
    It’s cowardly to hide behind a keyboard.

    I’ve only seen her in City Hunter, such young and sweet looking girl.
    Rest in peace, away from all the pains caused by those who were supposed to love and protect.

  9. This is so sad….Unfortunately, suicide happens everywhere, but it seems to me that there are more k-ent stars who commit suicide than any other entertainment industry in the world? I hope the industry does something to protect their own and give the help that struggling stars need. SK is #10 in the 2016 world ranking for suicide rate, Russia #3, the rest in the top 10 are smaller countries in Africa and SoAm. This country needs to look at mental health seriously. I don’t think only the k-netizens are to blame here, the top executives in k-ent also need to be looked into…

  10. 2019 seems to be a very bad year, i keep hearing lots of bad news around me, like 3-4 times more deaths and illnesses than the previous years, drastic changes to my life too.

    Hope she rest in peace and may 2020 be a better year.

  11. This is so sad. I was relieved when she was found alive by her manager few months ago. I couldn’t sleep well after reading the news last night. Praying for her and her family. And may the industry suffer no more losses after this tragic event.

  12. It’s so sad that she chose to end her life a second time after the first scare this year. I still remember her bubbly, happy self in Invincible Youth. This needs to stop somehow and as easy as it is to say that something needs to be done, we all know that it’s not going to happen soon and that easily. 🙁

  13. Every Celebrity in South Korea seems to be being effected by this terrible state and its happening in varying degrees. My opinion is walk away from the industry and this epedemic in the business in this country..Your life is far more important than anything else. How many more and how many are contemplating it working in the business?…wake up South Korea.

  14. I was hoping that saving Goo Hara once would make people around her more alert of how she is feeling and doing. With her saying she would be living her life well on behalf of Sulli I thought she had put her thoughts about suicide behind. Depression is indeed hard to fit. I hope IU will be okay. She lost three dear friends within a short span.

  15. May she rest in peace, I feel so bad hearing how much she suffered. That scumbag ex of hers on one hand, hate comments on the other that didn’t even stop after she already tried to kill herself once.

  16. Maybe performers/actors, before their debut, and regularly after that, should always undergo psychological tests or therapies. If they’re not emotionally or mentally fit, they shouldn’t enter contracts or projects. For us netizens, we should exercise responsible blogging and writing, promote constructive criticism instead of bashing. For you ockoala, maybe what can be done in this blog is you erase harsh comments or even entries that become nests of bullying. More than freedom of expression, i believe it is more important that we actively prevent the culture of hate. I believe we all know better if we will just stop and think before we write or post anything. I read once in the net this eye-opening piece of wisdom: “honesty without tact/compassion is cruelty.” Before, I chose to be indifferent and simply stay as a lurker when I see mean comments. But your post weeks ago criticising kim hye yoon finally urged me to give a piece of my mind. No more lurking. If we want to prevent suicides, then let’s fight even in our own little ways. It’ll be cool if we decide to become kinder and gentler to each other — we’ll lose nothing and who knows, maybe even save lives.

  17. It seems that’s not only in K ent but a major problem in whole South Korea. The rate of suicide must be one of the hightest of the world.

  18. I remember Choi Jinshil, I’d seen her last drama Last Scandal on MBC America, she got a lot of hate comments and malicious rumors. It’s so sad nothing will change, not just SK but this is an international problem, people bully others just because they can.

    • Ughh I still remember when the news of Choi Jin Shil’s death came out years ago. That was so heartbreaking. Loved her in Last Scandal and couldn’t believe all the antis and the bullying she endured in her last years.

    • It’s a hard battle. But let’s continue being a voice of reason and positivity just like our comments. Even if we’re just 2 out of the 7B in this planet, 2 is still a POSITIVE number 🙂

  19. I hope all the hated that write grateful comments and bullying those young actress will reflect on themselves.

    Hipocrites. You’re part of the problems.

    Stop belitting and comdaming those young artist .

  20. There is a saying that says,if you can’t say something nice,say nothing at all,precious lives are been lost all because someone somewhere is just having the fun of his or her life making people’s life a living hell,thinking will not be found out,venegence is the Lord.

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