The Tale of Nokdu Remains Steady in Love and Family Politics in Penultimate Episodes Leading to Monday Finale

The little sageuk that could readies itself for a finale on Monday in a balance scale of what was so wonderful and what could have been more. KBS drama The Tale of Nokdu has only one episode left, the final episode 16, airing this Monday due to a schedule disruption that upended the usual odd-even airing pairs. That made last week’s episode 15 ending on Tuesday really frustrating to watch because we have to wait a week but eh it could have been worse. The entire drama could have gone to the wolves the way the other two dramas I’m watching Extraordinary You and Vagabond did solely in the writing. But Nokdu the drama has remained as consistent as Nokdu the male lead, so certain of his beliefs in love, family, and what is right. I may love his character even more than I love Jang Dong Yoon’s performance, really it’s the melding of two amazing elements into something perfect. I hope Nokdu gets his happy ending because from the first episode til now he has always given it his all and never wavered from being himself. Such a great male lead and such a wonderful drama to watch.


The Tale of Nokdu Remains Steady in Love and Family Politics in Penultimate Episodes Leading to Monday Finale — 17 Comments

    • Same here! What a lovely surprise of a drama, no one expected it to be this good or do this well, it got barely any pre-airing promo but its succes is well deserved!

      @candycane you and I often have a lot of sharp words to say when something about a drama is lacking, but we also give strong praise when something is good 😀

      • Yes I am very passionate about my likes and dislikes. Today I am very happy bcoz you know what? A very satisfying ending (don’t mean to be a spoiler). It is a must watch! ?

      • yeah it was so good and consistent all through! What a lovely, charming drama, I’m definitely going to rewatch too!

  1. A pleasant and heartwarming drama since day 1. Nokdu is the best drama character to ever exist and Dongjoo is the most amazing female lead ever. To top it off the otp is the wonderfully delightful. This drama delivered on everything and more.

  2. KSH knocked it out of the park delivering two of the best performances of her career in the same year! She is the most talented young actress to exist in Korea at present! Girl is on fire!

  3. Love this drama!!! Sad to watch the last episode tonight -I hope the NokDu and Dongjoo get the happy-ever-after that they both deserve.

  4. The BEST Korean Drama this year. Especially Jang Dong Yoon’s performance as the widow Kim, he is so convincing as a female, so feminine!! When he dresses as a man, he so cute and handsome, and he looks so young for a 27yo!. A definite RE-Watch drama for me! Looking forward to JDY future movies.

  5. Love this drama to pieces! The story, cast, pacing and specially the sizzling chemistry between JDY and KSY. While i have not yet watched the last episode, spoilers in Soompi showed that the drama delivered what it does best, the kisses and hugs between our OTP… Tale of Nokdu is one of the best drama this year.

  6. I’ve been replaying this drama for 2 months while waiting for new eps to come out, replaying making videos, checking soompi forum, etc.. Bottomline, im crazy about this drama. I still cant move on. I havent felt this way about any kdramas in yearssss. I miss this feeling.

    • Yeah this is the first time in 2 years I looked at a soompi drama thread! I knew it was popular when gifs of the Nokdu turned up on even seemingly unrelated Pann posts (obviously I read them translated lol). I feel the same way as you, this is the first time in many years I did stuff like rewatching older episodes while the drama was still on!

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