Kim Tae Hee Attends CF Event and Confirms Acting Comeback with 2020 K-drama Hi Bye, Mama!

Marriage and motherhood seems to suit K-actress Kim Tae Hee well, since her early 2017 wedding to fellow top Hallyu star Rain the two have welcome two daughters in two years with zero controversy or limelight seeking. Rain continues to work hard doing two dramas since his marriage as well as a music comeback but 2020 will mark his wife Kim Tae Hee’s official return to her entertainment career. She is confirmed for the tvN drama Hi Bye, Mama! costar Lee Kyu Kyung as her male lead and onscreen husband in the drama. She plays a devoted and hard working wife who dies but years later gets a chance to come back to life and does so for the sake of her family. It sounds like a tearjerker with heartwarming undertones and also quite perfect for new mom Kim Tae Hee as she transitions into more mature roles. This week she also made a CF appearance and I think she still looks amazing, great genes and upkeep as befitting a top star.


Kim Tae Hee Attends CF Event and Confirms Acting Comeback with 2020 K-drama Hi Bye, Mama! — 20 Comments

  1. I find that she has age a bit in certain pictures BUT still v beautiful and has maintain v well. Still gorgeous lady even given birth to two children. Wowwwwwwwwww.

  2. Taehyeji even after hiatus are defining actress of k industry. If 70s gen had lee young ae, go hyun jung 80 actress group matched them. But same cant be said for 90s gen actressss. None of 90s actresses so far has touched their impact. But i feel kim tae ri and shin se kyung ,im soo hyang also lately are on their way. Iu is still more of a successful singer than actress. Anyways starting third decade of career tae hye ji along with son ye jin is big achievement. Because if we see another actresses from their age group has faded like han ga in, yoon eun hye but tae hye ji along with son ye jin and han ji min keep themselves to top and relevant

    • Tae Hye Ji plus syj and hjm when we talk about visual, but I would be glady include Ha Ji Won and Gong Hyo Jin to your list. I think this group of top k-actresses will be forever a gem as the hallyu wave for dramas started.

      • @amare yes i missed those 2. So literally 7 actresses but i feel haji won success aftee emoress ki has been low compared to others. And gong hye recently has biggest hit drama of the year vs so called 90s suzy vagaflop with all the hype. Gong hye is up there

      • @adyjunjihyun Its because empresski is too big. HJW always working with non hallyu stars thats why her drama not created a big buzz like others. But She can take all the credit for her drama, even without sharing it with her male lead. JJH is the same with her.

    • Shin Se Kyung is undeniably lovely but I don’t think she has it. The kind of allure and charisma that TaeHyeJi have. Kim Tae Ri has the potential but she’s more into movies than dramas.

      • @M u r right but jun ji hyun is also more of movie actress and is also highest paid in movie industry. She did only 2 dramas as lead actress and has 2 movies in top 10 grossing movies in korea.. Kim tae ri already smashed with her debut drama so i feel she is n right path!

    • @adyjunjihyun Gong Hyo Jin is low-key with her dramas in terms of promotion but it always ends up as a hit. And I hope Ha Ji Won can redeem herself with her current drama after the consecutive losses she had. But before the last 2 dramas of her almost all of her previous dramas were a hit. So we can still give a points to her for that.

    • Agree with @amare and @Tiani that Ha Ji Won and Gong Hye Jin should be in the top tier rank of most successful actresses along with Kim Tae Hee and JJH. GHJ and HJW started in 2000 in their film careers that span almost 20 years so we should give them some credit for longevity. Based on TV ratings alone, HJW came up tops with 5 dramas with over 20 percent average (green colour or average points at the bottom of episode ratings) and GHJ came 2nd with 3 dramas over 20 percent. In movies, JJH is queen with 2 movies in SK’s top ten highest grossing films. Not dissing anyone here, agree all actresses mentioned deserved some form of recognition and acclaim in respective genre.

      • @kimchi U forgot song hye kho . She has so may massive dramas. Autumn in my heart full house all in dots and encounter did great for cable drama. Her revord is hest this century when it comes to hit dramas.

  3. Even top actresses still get divided into a few categories. A couple of years ago..only JJH, SHK and KHS belonged to the highest level. Obviously there were other criteria being considered as well apart from drama ratings. But things are probably different now..not really sure about the current standing.

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