First Look at Joo Sang Wook and Kim Bora in Channel A Romance Drama Touch

I’m cautious about upcoming Channel A romance drama Touch, not cautiously optimistic but straight up wary about this drama due to the lead pairing. Forty-something Joo Sang Wook is playing the romantic male lead opposite 20 year old Kim Bora who looks her age and then some. She would be believable still playing a high school student and for sure is a college kid/intern type in her looks and vibe. The over 20-year old age difference is once again trotted out by K-ent as necessary for the story, this time a make up artist turned failed debtor crossing paths with the oldest trainee of an idol agency who still has not debuted yet. Not sure an idol based drama is a good idea right about now with unending misconduct from idols this year along with vote rigging in the most popular idol selection show of the last few years. Touch will have to tread lightly and sell a very charming and compelling story to bring me on.


First Look at Joo Sang Wook and Kim Bora in Channel A Romance Drama Touch — 16 Comments

  1. eeeish, JSW holding a makeup brush just doesn’t match, he looks way sexier holding a stethoscope. first he needs to change his hairstyle and maybe with some blue highlights as well. this drama smells failure. oh no thank you. lol.

  2. JSW is 41, Kim Bo Ra is 24, not 20, so the age gap between the actors is 17 years, not “over 20 years” . Had the lead female ACTUALLY been Nam Bo Ra, the gap would have been only 11 years, as she’s now 30.

  3. What a lazy, sloppy piece of writing. First off an absolute howler with the wrong name for the lead female, and then even after correcting the wrong name, the wrong age is not fixed. Especially egregious since Kim Bo Ra has done many interviews in which she has discussed the contrast between her real age and the perceptions others have. Headlining a post around a misidentification and making an incorrect age fundamental to the post? VERY poor work indeed. Don’t give up your day job.

    • I’m sorry, I must have missed your website–or perhaps you don’t have enough time to develop and manage one? It can be an exhausting and thankless task and mistakes happen-especially when you have a job and family,too. No need to be snarky and it’s best to just point out errors when you spot them.

      • Someone DID point out all three errors, despite which the author of the post chose to correct only one. Insisting that a well-known 24 year old actor is “20 and looks her age and then some”, IS lazy, sloppy writing.

    • @Vicky – just use your lazy sloppy part of the brain to read this and all will be fine. Maybe you are better suited to read the Globe and Mail and leave some politically corrected criticisms there on a rainy day? This is an entertainment blog. lol.

      • ooops i even misspell your name, pardon me. btw the 24 y.o. actress (not actor) is not that well known. and who cares about age when she seriously looks 20 lucky her.

    • To Vicki – Lighten up a bit! I’m sure you have heard of rounding numbers off, right? Maybe Koala meant it as 20ish and 40ish.

  4. I will skip this and hoping they will airing remake of Juana la virgen instead.
    This is not right. Kim Bora should be end up with Lee Tae Hwan; Joo Sang Wook with Han Da Gam, this is the right combination.

  5. I don’t have huge issues with May/December romances, but I’ve gotten cynical that the writing will be able to navigate the issue well. I also remember everyone grabbing their smelling salts at the difference in ages between the leads in My Mister even after the production said it wasn’t a romance. It was hilarious to see people actually wishing for romance after having a conniption beforehand at the thought of it.

    Anyway, I still need to finish Nokdu. I am in a serious slump.

    • How do drama slumps start? Cause I think am beginning to experience it. I can’t seem to get into any currently airing dramas and even the ones am watching I keep dropping the it finishes…. These days old dramas are the ones I watch and now even those don’t attract me anymore.

  6. In real life many young women married men who are so much older. It’s their choice. But in dramas it really looks awful especially when the female lead looks so young, she could pass off for a high school student.

    Maybe the drama could pull it off by not focusing on the romance but instead give us a different or closer view on the idol industry. Though it’s already too much of a stretch since idol trainees are usually very very young. So in reality, if they are already in their twenties and still fail to debut, it meant that person maybe should think of taking a different career.

    If this drama tries the way My Ahjusshi succeeded to do, which is to make the male lead be an inspiration for the female lead to aspire and be a better person, then I might even tune in.

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