Godfrey Gao’s Body Returned to Taiwan and Family Plans Public and Private Funeral Service in Coming Week

It’s been almost a week but it’s still surreal to think that Taiwanese-Canadian actor and model Godfrey Gao has passed away. His family went to China to claim his body after he suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of 35 years old while filming a C-variety show. His body arrived in Taipei this Monday accompanied by his second older brother and his girlfriend/fiancee Bella. Funeral arrangement are underway in Taiwan where he will be buried, and his family has opened a public altar room for his fans to pay their respects and say goodbye. There is also strong backlash against Zhejiang Network for the strenuous physical aspect of the show that led to Godfrey’s collapse and also likely the production team being slow to respond when he first fainted. If something is changed to avoid this ever happening again that’s fine but it won’t bring Godfrey back.


Godfrey Gao’s Body Returned to Taiwan and Family Plans Public and Private Funeral Service in Coming Week — 13 Comments

  1. It’s crazy to me because anyone could have started doing CPR on him but it’s also ridiculously sad because he pushed his body despite the discomfort 🙁

    • It is scary how no one ran to a get a defibrillator that was just 300 metres away (according to sources). I was thinking about a case here in Sweden when someone had a heart failure and 50+ people got a message and ran to save this person. Mainland China should really think about educating their citizens how to do CPR. I still get teary eyed reading all these news about Godfrey. It is such a great loss for his family, friends and the showbiz for not being able to spend more time with such a nice, talented, tall and good-looking guy like him.

      • It’s the fault of the tv station because according to live viewers who were present, they only rushed over after one of the guests said that his eyes didn’t look okay when they saw him on the big screen. Meaning that the cameraman was filming him in that crucial 3min after the attack.

        Plus the host, Hua Shao, told the viewers that he regained consciousness which was why none of them did anything. One of the viewers present was actually a doctor and wanted to go over but stopped when the live host made that claim.

        Basically killed by the tv station. Netizens on weibo are trying to get them to issue an apology at least but all they’re doing it keep quiet and try to suppress posts about the issue.

    • @ Christine

      Thanks for all details you wrote about what happened to Godfrey Gao at the scene. Wow! That just breaks my heart more for his family. What happened to these people’s common sense – who should have saved him there? I hope that they will have nightmares for their actions. Everyone should take CPR – you could save lives someday.

  2. Mz Koala this is too sad Sulli, Go Hara, Godfrey I cant take this anymore with the sudden spate of deaths and now Korean rookie actor Cha In Ha who was in Clean with Passion and current drama Love with Flaws was found dead today. My drama watching is adversely affected because Im getting upset and saddened by it moreso because I’m emotionally invested in my dramas so all this sad news is taking its toll on my mental and emotional wellbeing ?

  3. Rest In Peace Godfrey.

    The variety show was a stupid idea in the first place. Whoever planned this show should never have put it into action. Even sports stars who train continuously have sudden heart attacks. More people on the set need to have basic first aid training.

    • Apparently no medical team despite what they claimed. Live photos leaked showed that the person who did the “resuscitation” was wearing a shirt labeled driver. Ambulance arrived 45min only after the attack cos apparently they were jammed up somewhere. AED less than 300metres away was untouched. If this isn’t murder, I don’t know what is.

      ZHEJIANGWS is really playing it dirty, deleting posts, restricting people from commenting about the issue and all on weibo just because they know the whole issue will tide over.

  4. So sad. Bringing in more sad tidings;K actor Cha InHa has passed away today at the age of 27.May he rest in peace. 🙁
    Its really disturbing that these young people in the entertainment industry are passing away under such tragic circumstances.I believe now the K (and C) entertainment industry, fans, netizens and general public need to sincerely and strongly address the issues leading to such meaningless deaths.

  5. RIP dear man. The spate of recent deaths from entertainers in K-ent and C-ent is simply alarming. Something needs to be done to prevent more deaths. Accidentally, natural causes or otherwise.

  6. @ pinkcafelatte

    I think it could be that he underestimated his health condition at the time & also he probably followed “the contract”. Yes, i wish that he just said forget it – i’m not feeling & i’m not doing it anymore. 🙁

  7. Godfrey was my gateway to Asian Ent. Even this playground that I’ve come to love I found it while searching for his content. This news really shocked me, RIP Godfrey you will remain in our hearts.

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