Godfrey Gao Laid to Rest in Taipei at Memorial Led by Parents and Two Older Brothers

I still can’t grasp the untimely death of Taiwanese-Canadian actor and model Godfrey Gao. Unlike the recent spate of suicides in K-ent, this one was entirely preventable as Godfrey collapsed of a massive heart attack on the set of a C-variety show that was all about a grueling competitive chase through the city at night. I’ll let the netizens and authorities deal with the culpability of the production company and network for the causing Godfrey’s passing but this post is about laying the young man to rest. Godfrey was only 35 years old, literally at the prime of his life and carrier, and this weekend his parents and two older brothers had to say goodbye to the youngest of the family. The memorial was closed to the public and only for family and friends and over 300 people turned out. Sleep well in Heaven and I’m so sorry to the family for this senseless loss.


Godfrey Gao Laid to Rest in Taipei at Memorial Led by Parents and Two Older Brothers — 13 Comments

  1. RIP Godfrey Gao. I’m very disappointed that the celebrities who were there that night when he collapsed and died – I heard only one person sent flowers and no one went to his funeral including Huang Jingyu (the person invited him to the killer show) and William Chan, or sent condolences to his family. How cold is that?

    • I’m pretty sure to this date johhny Huang still in shocked and can’t get passed the fact that he died. If he can turn back time, he wouldn’t invited him. He couldn’t face Godfrey family or friends. He felt guilty about it. Does anyone know what they did with the paper cranes?

      • @ Meme

        Please tell me what “paper cranes”? If he feels bad then why did he attend the award show that night? He received an award the day of Godfrey Gao’s funeral. I’m happy for him that he received an award, but that’s very heartless to not even send condolences to the family. That was what they said on one of the youtube’s video. I’m unable to share it here. Google GG’s Chinese name and for this week videos and you will find it.

    • His family only accepted flowers from really close people. They probably rejected his, idk why you’re trying to make the cast members feel bad.
      It’s unfortunate but they still have schedules and etc to attend, not only that G’s funeral was only attended by his CLOSEST family and circle of friends. No one else. William Chan only met Godfrey on that day, why would he be invited/show up to his funeral??

  2. This is unbelievable tragic, it’s still hard to accept as reality. It’s tough just seeing his beautiful smile in that picture, I can’t even imagine the hurt his family and loved ones are enduring right now. He lived a short life but I’m glad he it seems he was able to follow his dreams and had met the love of his life, RIP Godfrey.

  3. The whole family should undergo health screening too detect underlaying heart problem cause 35 is too young to have heart attack when he seems otherwise healthy.

    • Absolutely agree.

      And for koala to say ‘preventable’ is rather ridiculous.

      Do you know what caused heart attacks in young adults? Primarily genetic problems. Potentially it could have been stress, severe stress can cause a heart attack but rarely a cardiac arrest.

      He suffered a cardiac arrest. Not, a heart attack. Heart attack can eventually lead into a cardiac arrest but he collapsed, which is, in medical terms, a cardiac arrest. Especially judging from the gut wrenching videos the media replays.

      And the survival rate of an out of hospital cardiac arrest? 5-10%. Yes. 5-10%, that figure is only ever so in their favour when an AED, a defibrillator is on scene in case he is in a rhythm which his heart can be shocked back to normal. The success rate of even a hospital cardiac arrest is not even at the best.

      His death is horrible, terrifying and sad beyond words. I work in A&E for 10 years, seen enough. It’s always worse on a young person. Only yesterday we lost someone, and it was a witnessed cardiac arrest by paramedics which had everything in their bags. Even then we couldn’t bring them back.

      Life is short. Extra hugs to all those we love and cherish.

      May he Rest In Peace.

  4. Huang Jinyu is the one invited Godfrey to the variety show, but couldn’t send flower at his funeral including William. Thats so sad. I thought they were close friends and he took a pay cut to participate on the show. I hope he learned his lesson before inviting any of his friends to the show again. RIP Godfrey. May you continue to fly high in the sky and play basketball in heaven.

  5. G’s family accepted flowers from the closest friends. It’s ridiculous to see people blame other celebrities left and right when they were not THAT close to him (possibly good friends at most but that’s it). His funeral was attended by his best friends, family/childhood friends and his family.

    Also how do you know that they didn’t offer any condolences or said anything else to his family when it’s private matters between them? People are already out here trying to paint people as cold and heartless, I see.

    R.I.P Godfrey

  6. There was a wall with the names of the people from whom the family accepted flowers from, and I think the only Chinese star is Jiao Jun Yan (Andrew Lien is technically American). I don’t think GG is that close with other stars in the Chinese entertainment circle.

  7. @ GEM

    His funeral wasn’t attended by family and closed friends only. There were people who he worked with him before and others. I did followed the event (some live) on youtube. I didn’t expect those were there that night he collapsed to all attend his funeral, but i hope that they DID send their condolences. I know that William Chan met him there for the 1st time also. Certainly i hope they did, but based on what we know they didn’t. Also i watched & read those flowers baskets from those who sent. I understand that some people worry about their careers, but doing the right thing is important.

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