Jeon Hye Bin Shared More Gorgeous Pictures From Her Bali Island Wedding

Korean stars who marry non-celeb spouses tend to protect their privacy and not reveal their faces, unless said spouses were publicly known in other ways. That means weddings are shot by the media with just the star solo, and in releasing ceremony and reception pictures there has to be judicious cropping of the non-celeb spouses. Sometimes it looks weird but for K-actress Jeon Hye Bin‘s Bali Island wedding last month all the pictures show the love despite only seeing her face. She exudes radiance and is staring at her hubby with such sweet affection, not to mention she pulls off the peasant style off-shoulder wedding dress that I is normally not my idea of classy or chic. Here it tempers her regal aura and gives her a more down to earth warmth. Wonderful pictures and so happy for the newlywed couple!


Jeon Hye Bin Shared More Gorgeous Pictures From Her Bali Island Wedding — 3 Comments

  1. This, I respect Korean reporters. If the star doesn’t want their spouse to be exposed they follow it. With blurring and everything.
    on the other hand, she’s beautiful and look happy.

  2. She v beautiful as always. I love her wedding gown, and it suits her too.
    Bless she and her husband with happiness till eternity.
    Congratulation …….

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