Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite Wins Golden Globe Best Foreign Picture with Stars Song Kang Ho, Jo Yeo Jung, and Lee Jung Eun in Attendance

What another victory and another high profile celebration of South Korean film. Director Bong Joon Ho‘s critically acclaimed and box office topping social commentary film Parasite won the Best Foreign Film prize at last weekend’s 2020 Golden Globe Awards. It’s the first time a South Korean film has won at the Golden Globes and it’s about time. Parasite rightfully should be nominated in the broader Best Picture category other than it’s not an English speaking film so bleh on those anachronistic restrictions. The stars of the film Song Kang Ho, Lee Jung Eun, and Jo Yeo Jung were there to support their director and production team so more star power on the red carpet and a fantastic fashion showing from the three.


Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite Wins Golden Globe Best Foreign Picture with Stars Song Kang Ho, Jo Yeo Jung, and Lee Jung Eun in Attendance — 5 Comments

    • It is a good normal movie, unusually different than the usually! But, I second you on that not getting the hype. I feel the same when I see the hype those idols” flowers boys” get over the manly one’s. I believe is a question of tasty!

  1. It’s not a normal movie, my opinion, of course.
    Bong Joon Ho, through Parasite, showed a different face of Korea to the world- the world of semi bunker apartment filled with molds, pest and worst flood. Nowadays. There are so many the details and metaphor in the movie that he emphasizes on including the rock that appear at the start of the movie and at the end of the movie, even the camera angle focusing on the fly landing on the body.
    It’s funny at first, and then it’s not funny in the middle and it is definitely NOT so funny toward the end.
    Its old but true: you can never get rich if you don’t work hard but only doing the short cut.

    • The film kind of go against the whole notion of hardwork and meritocracy. The final song in the film sang by the lead actor mentioned that it would actually take hundreds of years for someone within their class to reach the level of wealth the Parks have. And yes, the film is definitely a much needed reminder on the gravity of class problem in our capitalistic society, and it’s a good thing that it’s made in such an entertaining, accessible manner.

      • Hard work i meant not only physically but also mentally. Both kids of the Kim are damn smart but they use their brain to do illegal things, instead of focusing on their proper education, or doing their work properly and its the father fault. Even beginning of the film, we can for seen the Kim only wants to so short cut and dirt trick ( pizza box is an example).
        You don’t get rich and classed as affluence just by sitting around and dreaming.

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