Cast of Parasite and President Moon Jae In Criticized by K-netizens for Holding Celebratory Luncheon at Blue House

Consider this one an overreaction by K-netizens and really a huge about face from pride to consternation. The cast of Oscar winning box office hit movie Parasite attended a celebratory luncheon at the Blue House with South Korean President Moon Jae In this week, in honor of the film winning Best Picture and multiple other awards as a first for a foreign language film at the prestigious Academy Awards. K-netizens are angry at this happy prideful celebration being held when there is the new coronavirus outbreak that has sickened a few dozen people in South Korea though the majority of the infected remain from Mainland China. I dunno, this seems like not a national emergency in South Korea so clearly not a reason for all things to come to a halt. But then again, this celebratory luncheon also wasn’t urgent and could be held at a later time when this fear has subsided. Continue reading

Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite Wins Golden Globe Best Foreign Picture with Stars Song Kang Ho, Jo Yeo Jung, and Lee Jung Eun in Attendance

What another victory and another high profile celebration of South Korean film. Director Bong Joon Ho‘s critically acclaimed and box office topping social commentary film Parasite won the Best Foreign Film prize at last weekend’s 2020 Golden Globe Awards. It’s … Continue reading