Jin Se Yeon’s TV Chosun Sageuk Selection: The War Between Women Doubles in Ratings and Poised to Break Her Own Record with Grand Prince

There’s a new hit drama to kick off 2020 with as the December 2019 premiering TV Chosun sageuk Selection: The War of Women with Jin Se Yeon and Kim Min Kyu is a confirmed hit six-episodes in. It started off at 2.557% AGB nationwide ratings and the most recent episode 6 got 4.226% already. That’s plenty of time for the drama to likely break the ratings record for smaller cable channel TV Chosun to set by last year’s hit sageuk Grand Prince which ended with 5.267% ratings in its final episode. If you would have told me even three years ago that Jin Se Yeon would be the queen of traditional style cable network sageuks I would have laughed you off stage right. But the actress has found her niche and is thriving despite being labeled a stiff and limited actress for most of her early years. I always found her watchable in the right roles and I guess said roles as as the strong willed sageuk heroine.


Jin Se Yeon’s TV Chosun Sageuk Selection: The War Between Women Doubles in Ratings and Poised to Break Her Own Record with Grand Prince — 14 Comments

      • Nope. Nope. Nopen Shin Se Kyung is defo the historical drama queen and also does well in some modern dramas. She just needs to pick better scripts in her modern drama choices. But she is is no way bad.

      • Nope Shin Se Kyung does not deserve to be treated on the same level, some of her acting in modern dramas (Girl Who Sees Smells) is good but her sageuk acting is excellent.

  1. Awesome news. This drama hasn’t had much promotion because it’s from a small cable channel but I’m watching it on Viki and I love it so much! Jin Se yeon makes a badass and intelligent heroine and Kim Min-Kyu is sooooo handsome and romantic as the King. The plot seems simple at first but it’s actually turning out to be quite complex.
    The romance is definitely a slow burner…..lots of unresolved sexual tension and misunderstandings between them already and it’s only episode 6. Dying for them to finally come together as a couple♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  2. I didn’t know that the Grand Prince did so well. Personally, I drop that drama like 4 o 5 episodes in.I couldn’t connect with GP but with Queen:Love and War, I’m all in. The plot, the relationships, I’m really enjoying see the whole selection process is very interesting to see.

  3. Is she slowly becoming the Saguek queen? Her sagueks tend to do quite well and it’s good that she’s getting recognition for that brand of dramas. I typically find myself unable to finish her dramas, though or disinclined to start. I guess I should overcome my prejudice of her created by her early days when she would take any role offered to her without first completing the current project she was starring in. Since she has moved on from doing that, I think I should do so as well and give her another chance 🙂

      • I would agree. Love Shin Se Kyung especially in Sagueks, and some of her modern dramas are good as well. I particularly liked her in A Girl Who Sees Smells before her co-star scandal broke out, now I can never watch that drama again.

  4. We really enjoyed flower in prison,it was a well thoughtout series. I would suggest following that up with a flower in prison part 2 ESPECIALLY should the love between tae won and ok nyeo should blossom like a beautiful flower.

  5. She was a beautiful actress and has excellent acting, not sure why somebody said her acting is not good. I really enjoy her drama so much

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