EXO Member Chen Announces Surprise Wedding to Pregnant Fiancee

This news is two weeks too late to make the Dispatch Jan 1 breaking scoop but there is now a first idol shocker of 2020. Chen of boy idol group EXO announced today via a handwritten note to his fans that he was getting married. The 29 year old singer and songwriter will be marrying his non-celeb girlfriend and the two are also expecting a baby. Of course this is a shotgun wedding, I don’t think even the happy couple will deny it, but timing doesn’t mean it will or won’t work out. I think it helps that fans are now able to accept their idols having a personal life, dating, having sex, getting married, and even getting divorced, that it’s now on the couple to make it work without worrying as much on external pressures. Good luck to the two and even more luck needed as they embark on being young first time parents in a few months.


EXO Member Chen Announces Surprise Wedding to Pregnant Fiancee — 13 Comments

      • @curious. R u confusing urself with me? I am not into idols expect jungkook n secondly i will never say thing for a happy couple. My blessings r with them and i hope they get a healthy child and loving future. Dont throw such accusations at others

      • It is obvious you are in disguise or you should check if your account is being hacked just like those men. I am not accusing you. I say this out of pure curiously.

      • I understand ur pain that he didnt impregnate u n i bashed ur faves. So u have to come at me with something else.its alrught u will be fine . Or maybe get help! He doest owes u anythu g

  1. Dude is pushing 30. That is not a young father. It is quite normal. Best of luck to them. Heard ifans are supportive and about 50/50 with kfans.

  2. @curious i guess its u who made this comment n then later to get at me dragged my name. Shows ur cheap mentality and tactics

  3. Congratulations Chen!! I’m excited for this happy couple!!! I’ve always said K-ent performers are people not commodities. They are entitled to their personal life: to marry and have kids. He is certainly of age and is responsible enough to start a family. I’ve read all sorts of comments about this on other websites and to the naysayers I say: I hope you all get a life. If K-pop plans on dominating the charts worldwide, then k-netizens need to grow up and get with the times. It looks bad when there are so many negative comments about what should be a happy event in a celebrity’s life that neither affects his ability to dance, sing or entertain. I read to my dismay about Heechul apologizing for dating Momo and was horrified that he feels the need to apologize to his fans for such a beautiful thing. Falling in love is not a crime and should not be apologized for. I hope more K-pop celebrities come out with thier personal lives and normalize the trend of idols dating and living normal lives. Celebrities are people too! They deserve to date, have kids and live their lives. They are not nuns or priests who took chastity vows and need to remain celebrate for some indefinable reason.

  4. @curious I understand ur pain that he didnt impregnate u n i bashed ur faves. So u have to come at me with something else.its alright u will be fine . Or maybe get help! He doesnt owes u anything n nor i m intersted in ajy idol expect jungkook. I hope he gets some9ne special!but u r miserable soul i understand

  5. Great age to start a family. I wish him and his wife a happy life.
    It is a bit weird, that he needs to apologize for having a life of his own but it is good to see that so many fans can accept that now.

    And fans who blame the girl should get a life. It looks rather like they were in a long time relationship and probably were engaged for long. You are the reason because they can’t get married the normal way and need a “reason” other than just spending the life with each other.

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