Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang Wook in Talks for Cable Romance Drama Night Convenience Store

Well this is a surprise pairing and certain to elicit plenty of commentary considering how vocal each fanbase is. Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung are both in talks for a later in 2020 cable network Livetime Channel K-drama called Night Convenience Store. It’s billed as a cute romance with a bad convenience store night clerk with a 4D personality and her sweet warm store boss. The drama is from the PD of The Fiery Priest and doesn’t have any information on who the screenwriter will be but it’s based on a webtoon of the same name. I’m not for or against this casting and only ask that the drama be good so I can stop wasting my time with these two, as all the recent dramas each has picked have ended up so meh and worse.


Kim Yoo Jung and Ji Chang Wook in Talks for Cable Romance Drama Night Convenience Store — 74 Comments

  1. Yes ji chang wook finally with great comeback drama. This guy can create chemistry eith anyone. I watched melt me softly it wasnt that bad but looked low on productions , a bad project but he is never out of work with endorsements thoroughorout asia and filming chinese drama right now. But he needed a domestic hit and this looks like it. Fiery priest is biggest hit of 2019 and so same PD team means he hit it big with comeback finally again. He hit it golden, both he n lmh next year with great dramas. I m happy fan! I was worried will he ever go back to top again in domestic market and looks like it will move his career back to top list! For the actress she hit it big with moonlight show , though i never liked a 16 year old actress kissing park bo gum in that show. I dont know how they even allowed it. Bit it was huge success for her. But her future choices were bad. But she has nothing to lose. She is just 20. So good project to bounce back. I rate her with kim so hyun as next faces of their gen

    • KYJ’s star power is still questionable. People thinks that her success is because of his popular male leads. For example, the success of Moonlight is largely attributable to PBG because he is an A-Level actor. Meanwhile, KYJ experienced major miss in CWPFN because her male lead is very far from the level of PBG.

      Thus, KSH is still on a higher level because eventhough sometimes her male leads are not PBG level popular, her dramas are either ratings success or cult favorite.

  2. I’m so disappointed, in one of her recent interviews she is aware/worry of being type cast, picking cleaning with passion round 2 will not change anything. I waited for 4 years after moonlight for a good drama from her. I’m trying to erase cleaning from my memories LOL

    Three bubbly rom com character roles in a row…

    I love them both separately and I think they can work well together despite age differences (esp since ji Chang wook has a silly childish vibe like Taecyeon) but they should sign up for a different drama. The webtoon is too sketch and pedo-ish. The main male lead meets her when she is still in high school… kind of like doctors drama with park shin Hye.

  3. KYJ’s star power is still questionable. People thinks that her success is because of his popular male leads. For example, the success of Moonlight is largely attributable to PBG because he is an A-Level actor. Meanwhile, KYJ experienced major miss in CWPFN because her male lead is very far from the level of PBG.

    Thus, KSH is still on a higher level and a force to reckon with because she can carry a drama eventhough sometimes her male leads are not PBG level popular. So, her dramas are either ratings success or cult favorite.

    • The same thoughts. When it comes to Hallyu star power, KYJ is subpar of KSH. If you will notice KYJ’s hit dramas are largely attributable to top actors (LITML-PBG;TMETS-KSooH, YJG). While the underwhelming dramas are mainly because her male leads are not as popular as the male leads of her hit dramas (CPFN, Angry Mom, Secret Door, etc.).

      KYJ’s agency needs a thorough restructuring of her image. Because even though she has a goddess aura, she lacks the factor which makes someone watchable. I don’t want to put into waste her talent. She has so much potential. And she needs to take action now because the race is becoming more intense with KSH leading the way.

      • No offence. But no need to pit KSH and KYJ against each other as rival acting as if their in a popularity contest. The two of them are good friends and yoo jung even sent a food truck to suport sohyuns drama. Once again i apologise if this came out rudely cause i think both so hyun and yoo jung are successful child turn actresses

      • These ladies are the top two actresses of their generation.Comparison is inevitable.

        It’s normal to compare but let’s make it healthy like their precedents (JJH-SHK, PSH-PBY, KGE-KTR).

    • What has this got to do with KSH, it’s an article about KYJ and JCW. Promote your idol elsewhere. Stop putting another in bad light just because you are bias!!

  4. She is still doing well as cf star, but she struggle to get a good drama offers now. The webtoon actually 18+, I dont understand why they offer it to her. Her prev drama really ruined her image.

    • Yeah. I agree. She should take it slow. Honestly, I cannot stand her kissing scenes in her previous drama. Her and the actor’s image is more of an uncle-niece, which makes the drama creepy and disgusting.

      Anyways, I still have faith with her that she will a jackpot again, and catch up with her contemporaries (KSH and YJG) soon.

  5. I liked her last drama. I was surprised to see the couple working so well. Their BTS scenes really showed they felt confortable together. The issue was more the writting that was with the tradional trope of separation before the end…

    She filmed a horror movie since.

  6. I’m another one who really enjoyed Clean With A Passion For Now. It wasn’t high art, but it was a well crafted piece of cotton candy, and delicious to watch. I would much rather watch an HONEST romcom like that one that a bait-and-switch bloodfest like Tale of Nokdu, which started off as a cutesy romcom then started butchering everyone in sight until only the two leads were left. Ugh!

    • I have to disagree. TTON is more enjoyable than CPFN. TTON is excellently consistent from the beginning until the end. TTON achieved mostly the no. 1 ratings during its timeslot and the drama is consistenly in the top 3 of the most buzzworthy dramas including the male and female leads.

    • TTON is not a fluffy cheesy rom-com like CPFN. The plot has depth, touching heart relationships, great directing and editing. CPFN is the worst piece of work with poor script, low budget and overacting. I wish I can erase it from KYJ’s resume but I cannot unfortunately.

    • Well crafted? LOL they made a smart character become stupid in cleaning. That’s the real bait and switch. Her harassing a guy by kissing him with no permission esp when they don’t really know each other to protect her ego? Imagine if a guy did that instead?

  7. It was not TONALLY consistent. The first 10 episodes were light, fun and sweet, like a romcom, with LOTS of comedy. After that, they started killing EVERYBODY, graphically. The violence and savagery of the last half were VERY different to the way the Drama opened. I’ve been a fan of KSH for 6 years now, but still dropped that Drama when it became clear the focus was on treachery, butchery, butchery and murder. If I want to see that, I’ll watch the news. Which is why I like fluff like KYJ’s last. YOU might find watching people getting slaughtered by the dozens “enjoyable”, and the ratings show that lots of people did, but I don’t. I am glad that occasionally K Dramas still turn out a romcom without no serial killers, psychopaths or sageuk savagery. Clean With A Passion For Now was one of VERY few recent K Drama “romcoms” that had no significant darkness or violence, and for that I’m glad

    • Well, I respect your reference. However, you have to accept the fact that TTON was more enjoyed than CWPFN ratings and buzz-wise.

      • YOU are the one who brought up the ratings. I made no claims about ratings. All I said was that *I* enjoyed Clean With a Passion For Now and you felt compelled to reply with “Nokdu had high ratings”. Which was utterly irrelevant to my simple statement of personal preference.

    • Well, I respect your preference. However, you have to accept the fact that TTON was more enjoyed than CWPFN ratings and buzz-wise.

      • Vice Versa, not everyone wants to see the name of KSH being connected to KYJ. Seems like some fans of KSH just cannot leave KYJ name out of KSH. Nontheless, I believe that there are still fans with good ethics.

    • @Raul – to be honest, it will be difficult to find a Joseon saguek drama without any killings. Even Moonlight has some scenes of violence. The historial setting in Joseon is unsettled and lots of wars happened. Are you expecting a bit too much when you choose to watch a saguek? Sorry to interrupt in your argument with @troika but why do you bring up TTON when the settings of these two dramas are in different era?

      • You’re absolutely right about straight sageuks, which is why I never watch them. It’s also why I was especially annoyed at Nokdu, because ALL the trailers, teasers, and promo material pitched it as a romcom sageuk fusion, of a similar tone to Flower of Joseon Marriage agency. And for the first 10 or so episodes, it WAS like that one. Then it changed and became a standard sageuk, of the sort I never watch. So by halfway, I dropped it, and just read recaps to find out who survived. Which was basically just the leads.

      • Then you must have hated Moonlight too because it was the same fluffy saguek turned into everyone dying even the 2nd lead. If you say you didn’t then it shows how two faced you are.

  8. Hahaha. Everytime koala posts an article related to KYJ and KSH, it always attract attention. Wow, at the star power of these Korean teen queens!

    • ikr? there will always be haters in both articles. well..i enjoyed reading the comments actually..sometimes the haters pretended to be fans..hahaha

  9. I am a big fan of KSH but i really hate it whenever some fans drag her name to somethin KYJ related. Stop comparing them FFS! They are friends irl!

  10. Personally, I don’t like articles or comments pitting the two young actresses against each other. They each have a great body of work, and one or two hit or miss dramas are typical for any actor/actress. They each have room to grow and solidify their mark on the acting world. For goodness sakes, they are still young, no one knows when the next big hit is round the corner! This article is on KYJ, why drag KSH into it? Each individual fan will always have their preference of course, but I see great things on the horizon for them. Hope they continue to make interesting drama choices in the future. And if they don’t, they will learn from past mistakes and improve.

    • when i brought ksh, it was to point out that i see both them as defining actress of their gen like jun ji hyun and song hye kyo? not in negative way at all

      • @adyjunjihyun – I agree your comment was neutral, but some will use the opportunity to pit both actresses against each other. I just feel that it is possible to critisize or praise KYJ on her merits alone.

  11. @adyjunjihyun – I agree your comment was neutral, but some will use the opportunity to pit both actresses against each other. I just feel that it is possible to critisize or praise KYJ on her merits alone.

  12. Honestly KYJ was only cast for this for her boobs. If you’ve seen the webtoon you’ll know the character is a 20 year old with Double D cups and that list has only 1 name in it.

    • She is young,should play high school & university roles for now or should do melo with age appropriate actors. Becoz last guy seemed too old for her and their kissing scenes were icky to my eyes.


    • Your comments are so rude and malicious!! Are you not afraid of consequences for what you say. Making statements like this can get you in trouble. It affects you affects others. Where is your social ethics and moral responsibilities?

    • she has the most matches body figure with the webtoon. so it wasn’t surprising. I’m not her fan..but why i think this gonna be hit?

  13. Sorry, “Idol”, I couldn’t reply to your post about my reaction to “Moonlight”, the nesting must have reached its limit. I’m guessing you mean “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds”, or whatever that KYJ sageuk was called, but that’s only a guess because I never watched a single minute of it. I hadn’t seen any promos, so didn’t feel tempted to check it out.

  14. Why do I feel that several comments that had beem made here, were on purpose of discriminating KYJ. Comments were maliciously unfair and rude towards KYJ. Why do they feel the need to bring KSH into the picture when the article is clearly and titled about KYJ and JCW. (Sensing sour grapes) And why the need for rude comment on KYJ’s “boobs”. (Wow, I applauded the courage of this specific user for not being afraid of possible slander charges) With all the suicides and depressions that had happened and apparently still happening in Kentertaiment, where culprits are these ignorant people and their irresponsible comments, with intention to damage the image or reputation of these actors and actresses. I am simply disgusted.

  15. Vice Versa, not everyone wants to see name of KSH being connected to KYJ. Seems like some fans of KSH just cannot leave KYJ out of KSH. I am sure there are still sensible fans out there that with good ethics.

    • They are jealous because KYJ hit big after Moonlight. While their bias just get average rating drama. They wont leave her alone.

      • It’s a hit but people know that it’s a PBG drama. Moonlight does not bring any boost in her career to be honest. She can’t carry a drama without a popular actor as male lead.

      • Did she really hit it big? Bec afaik everyone who remember that drama only associate it with PBG?‍♀️

        And while i agree with you abt the ratings of that one, look at our “bias” popularity and buzz-worthy locally and internationally. Why do you think she parted ways with the agency your bias is still part of?
        Lastly, KSH create a chemistry and can make even new actors popular, I can’t say the same for yours bec u kno y? Thats the power of KSH ?‍♀️

      • just like how kyj fans can’t leave ksh alone during ruler and raro. maybe this is what we called u reap what u sow? or payback? karma? or maybe revenge.

  16. Agree with @thylane. Comparison is inevitable. Like in the past with JJH-SHK-KTH, even now people compare them. Isn’t it an honor to be viewed highly in ranking to be worth a comparison? For fans of these two Kims, stop talking about jealously, there may not be improvement without comparison… Don’t you think the casting team will evaluate who can better act or who is more popular? The real world won’t pay for one who is not worth the price.

    • Hehe. Further, they are real life friends. Remember KYJ sent food truck to the filming site of TTON, and KSH told that she hanged out with KYJ and KSR. I bet they are already immuned from this unending comparison.

  17. PBG just a raising star when he take Moonlight. KYJ is more senior than him. Not just on rating, Moonlight created a big buzz bigger than TTON. KYJ and PBG has better chemistry than your bias. They won popularity awards in 2017, their shipper is bigger. Whut? KSH make new actor popular? Who? JDY? How popular? Is he more popular than PBG? Pfft If KSH fans want to take credit for JDY popularity than KYJ will take credit for PBG popularity as well.
    Thanks to Moonlight KYJ make it to top 10 Forbes 2017 and number 4 in Gallup 2016. She even endorst big brands name like Fila and laneige.
    Kept dreaming KSH fans

    • Sorry but KYJ cannot take credit on the popularity of PBG. Before Moonlight, Koreans already loved PBG. He’s casting is the most anticipated. If you will compare how big PBG is, KYJ is cannot match even the half of his popularity.

      Second, the success of Moonlight does not give KYJ a long-term success. Her following drama did not make good on her. If you will compare KSH and KYJ last 2019,KSH is definitely the brightest. Netflix signed KSH for LA because she has a more international appeal than KYJ, which means KSH can bring more money in the table.

      Lastly, Forbes Korea’s ranking is very questionable. Even JJH did not make it to No. 1 considering how big she is during MLFTS. Rankings are sometimes a means of media play. So, don’t be fooled.

      So,please wake up, it’s not anymore TMETS era where KYJ is considered as the foremost actress. Today, it’s all about KSH. She is very far ahead from KYJ.

    • I think you’re the one dreaming. First, you can’t compare TTON from LITM for the reason that both are sageuk dramas. TTON is aired in an era where a 5% drama is already considered a hit while LITM is aired in an era where a drama should at least hit a 10% to be considered successful.

      Further, even if LITM is more successful than TTON, do you think KYJ reap a long-term success from it? If so, her following drama CWPFN should be also successful as
      PBG’s following drama Encounter. Unfortunately, it’s a big NO.

      KSH is definitely the one with more star power especially outside SoKor. The success of her Love Alarm drama is something her peers will wish for. Her character is very memorable. It leaves a mark in the viewers. And it will definitely boost or boosted KSH’s popularity. I’m sorry but KYJ appeals locally only. For now, she can’t much KSH international appeal. LITM did not let her shine. It’s PBG’s drama.

    • Forbes and Gallup? Are they even reliable? Well, the only thing KYJ got for LITM’s success is that she was able to match KSH’s overseas popularity for quite some time. Thanks to KSH’s School 2015 which catalpulated her success as a top hallyu star. During that time, KYJ became a shadow KSH. The year of 2015 is all about KSH. Then 2016,it’s about KSH and KYJ. But this 2019,its definitely KSH. KYJ’s CWPFN (miss) is a complete waste as compared to KSH’LA (hit) and TTON (cult favorite).

    • Like what uve said PBG’s a rising star when he took that role, so how can KYJ take credit for it? Just bec she’s the senior? Ure the one who’s dreamin here?
      And if ur comparing the popularity she received 2016? Take a look back at KSH’s 2015, it will always be greater than ur idols popularity and even up to date people remember KSH’s character, while your moonlight will always be about bogum?‍♀️

      Lastly i wasn’t pertaining to JDY only. I mean SG? NJH?YSJ?

  18. This is not a simple comparisons, the concern here is that some so-called fans of KSH are using social media platforms to maliciously taint the image and reputation of KYJ in favour of KSH. These Antis seems to stalk and pop up wherever there is news or articles relating KYJ. I sincerely hope that fans can ethically support their idols without hurting another. All these bashings and trollings are so uncalled for.

      • they even pretended to be ksh fans in her articles. but then lowkeyed her. for example..I’m her fan..but this drama is flopped, no chemistry..bla bla bla. so both side are just the same. ironically, the so called fans can be found in kyj

  19. KSH fans trying so hard boasting their bias in here. So because KYJ make her name in Gallup and Forbes, suddenly both polls is questionable? Jealous much huh?
    Let me see how much bullshit in their statments.
    First, eventho Reply 1988 was a big hit, it didnt make their actors doing well in their next projects. Hyeri and RJY drama flop. The rating of the first ep of MDBC still low so it didnt give any impact to PBG either. ITS MDBC that put PBG in his place right now.
    Dont compared actor and actress popularity of course male lead will be more popular than the female lead. So you cant comparing PBG and KYJ popularity! You better comparing PBG with JDY especially if you think TTON such a big hit! Did they in the same level now?
    Absolutely no! JDY cannot match even the half of PBG’s popularity.
    And AS LONG KSH fans felt ok to take credit of JDY popularity, ITS OK for KYJ to take credit for PBG popularity too. I say it again!

    • Sorry you can’t compare JDY and PBG based on their dramas TTON and LITM. Like what you have said PBG already have Reply before LITM while JDY dont have a precedent hit drama. So, what are you comparing? Then, as I said, LITM id definitely successful than TTON. I am asking if that drama made KYJ a bigger star than KSH? If so, why she got only offers from small channels like OCN and Lifetime? While KSH is a big deal because she got Netflix, and Love Alarm was renewed for a 2nd season because of the overwheling success of its 1st season.

      So, stop downgrading KSH when KYJ cannot carry a drama except if she has a popular male lead. If we talk about who can bring more viewers based on the aspect that people watch a drama because of they are the lead or one of the leads, I definitely say its KSH. For example, in CWPFN, KYJ is definitely one of the reasons why people watched the drama. The same goes with LFG, KSH is also one of the reasons why people watched the same. But CWPFN is got 2.8% ratings in an era where the average ratings for cable drama is at least 3 to 4%. While LFG got 3.8% in an era where the average cable drama ratings is at least 2%. Further, let’s not forget the impact KSH left in Goblin which made the drama a super success, and people remember her character in that drama than KYJ’s character in LITM which is completely forgettable because people it’s a PBG drama.

      Lastly, please stop bringing up LITM, its already 2020. Face the fact that your idol cannot match the popularity of KSH especially overseas.

      • Delusional KSH fan want to take a credit from GOBlIN as well, how dare you!
        Why I cant comparing JDY with PBG, when MDBC is the one who bring PBG in his place right now. You just didnt want me to mention MDBC because KSH flop drama will never related!
        Its ok to have flop drama, even SHK has flop drama after full house. KYJ still has her power thanks to MDBC, thats why MDBC still relevan. Her big brands cfs still renew their contract, Its mean all her cfs is doing well so with her star power.
        Cwpfn is from JTBC idiot, OCN is your JDY drama. What’s wrong with life time, KYJ variety show aired in there and created a big buzz no wonder they offers the drama to her. the fact they want JCW as her male lead its mean they have a lot of money.
        I’m sorry never heard about LA, I just now Kingdom from Netflix pfft
        KSH cant carry her own drama, whenever she worked with new actor the drama end up flop. The only drama that doing well is ruler, but she was with YSH in there. Just KSH fans who will called School 2015 and TTON is a hit. The fact its flop. kfans mocking TTON because of media play they did with MDBC.

    • lol! U cant answer luna’s answer if KYJ got more popular than KSH considering she got a hit under her belt – LITM.

      For me, KSH is definitely popular especially now because 2019 bring good to her. Love Alarm is a worldwide hit and Tale of Nokdu fared well in ratings. While KYJ’s CWPFN cannot even find success in ratings or buzz.

    • I think you’re the one who’s jealous here. It’s already 2020 are you can only come up with your idol’s 2016 “popularity”.

  20. The more @Rainy talks, the more ignorance she shows. Have not even heard of Love Alarm? This shows her limited Kdrama knowledge. Comparing Top beauty SHK with KYJ?? Keeping mentioning a 2016 drama which even PBG has already moved onto Encounter… I guess this is the ONLY drama KYJ can show some credibility not to forget PBG is the one who shines there along with KDY, the bromance are much stronger than the cheesy romance. In 2016, JDY just debuted whereas PBG who debuted in 2011 was already a male lead. PBG is a top star with more projects and CFs to boost. JDY is still a rising star. If this is what a delulu fan can argue with a 2016 drama and dragging all possible celebrities along, I pity for her.

      • couldnot agree more. still living in 2016..haha. very ignorant. from what i remember..park bo gum was already so popular with hello monster, and then reply. that’s what contribute to the litm success. i want to laugh when someone mentioned that kyj brought pbg to success…wat? lol. pbg was definitely the main factors of litm sucsess. and for jdy, he was a rookie. after tton, he became so popular, and even can held a fan meeting at bangkok. and songkang too. before LA, his follower no even hit 1m. then after LA, his follower was BOOM. and the comments even reach thousands. both are rookies, but still got super popular. so it is safe to say that ksh contribute to this success

  21. 2015: KSH (School 2015) “WALL” KYJ (Angry Mom)

    2016: KYJ (LITM) > KSH (LFG)
    It’s hard to say that KYJ is a wall because KSH is also trending because of LFG

    2017: KSH (Ruler). No comparison.

    2018: KSH (Radio Romance). No comparison.

    2019: KSH (Love Alarm, TTON) “GREAT WALL OF CHINA” KYJ (CWPFN)

    IG: KSH (8M) “WALL” KYJ (3M)

    Winner as of 2020: KIM SO HYUN

    • @Mr Lim – If you’re gonna have a dig at KYJ and call her a ‘Wall’ then at least have the courtesy to say what your ‘wall’ means. And so what if KYJ has only 3 mill IG followers – it shows that you desperately trying everything in the book to prove your point.

    • @Mr Lim – If you’re gonna have a dig at KYJ and call her a ‘Wall’ then at least have the courtesy to say what your ‘wall’ means. And so what if KYJ has only 3 mill IG followers – it shows that you are desperately trying everything in the book to prove your point.

    • wow… This is just a shame.. I’m feeling shame as KSH’s fan to read this kind of comment.

      Please don’t pit them and and support them all the ways..

      They still have long way to go. Good or bad the dramas, both will give them experiences and help them to improve..

      So, if she want to do this drama, let her do it.. Go KYJ! ?

    • Really KSH fans? Why you comparing them like that. kYJ didnt take any drama, of course KSH will be more popular this year. But her cfs still doing well, Its mean she’s very stable. You don’t need to downgrade KYJ to make your bias look good.

  22. @Mr Lim Yes we know KSH filmography but you Gotta hand it to KSH fans to discredit KYJ star prowess. Did you guys miss the fact that KYJ has taken on movies the last couple of years hence the limited dramas from 2016 to present. Both actresses are doing extremely well but it has to be KSH fans to put a damper on both their achievements. Why the insane effort put into who is the bigger star? They’re both big but obviously the insecurity of KSH fans to pit each Kim against one another is way too obvious.

    • What I mean by “WALL” is “greater than greater than (>)”. I’m not saying that KYJ is a wall. LOL! Further, if you feel hurt, i am sorry. I just wan to educate that @Rainy guy for downlining KSH. Lastly, if you will go back to my post again. I said ‘No comparison’ in years KYJ don’t have a drama. So it think I made it fair for both stars. Anyways, they are the biggest stars of their gen. Their competition will last until their lifetime.

      • @Mr Lim – Glad you clarified your wall statement but far from the contrary about feeling hurt not one iota because I’m confident with KJY impressive resume to date so I really don’t need to list them here plus it’s pointless. As for the casting news with JCW all I can say is please make this happen! Excited at the prospect of these 2 in a drama and I am a fan of the PD and yep I’m keen for this.

  23. meh…. the girl bored me to death and the guy, after the recent smoking scandal, he is no more in my watchlist actors, don’t judge me….. I hate cigarette smoke and I couldn’t unsee that that video of him advocating smoking.

    • I think most K-actors smoke just that majority of them don’t show it publicly. I saw magazine shoots of Hyun Bin and Seo In Guk posing with cigarettes and smoking them (this was a few years back, now they are more careful with their image). JCW for some reasons just went overboard with it in his IG. Despite that, he is still receiving CF from Calvin Klein.

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