Jang Dong Gun Returns from Hawaii without Wife Go So Young and Kids After Joo Jin Mo Phone Hack Text Scandal

The Joo Jin Mo phone hack scandal and the ensuing public reaction is nuanced in many ways and the biggest victim appears to be Jang Dong Gun. Even Joo Jin Mo is a victim because his phone got back and private conversations were made public, and those conversations the public had no right or expectation to see even if Joo Jin Mo was a public figure as an actor. His good friend Jang Dong Gun even more so since he was texting with Joo Jin Mo and it wasn’t even his phone hacked or he who refused to pay the blackmailer hence the texts being leaked.

All the texts revealed were the two friends in 2013 being hella gross, sleazy in talking about women, having sex with women, and sharing sexy pictures, none of which are illegal, though in Jang Dong Gun’s case it probably makes him an adulterer since he was already married to Go So Young. But that’s between him and his wife and she appears quite pissed. The couple rushed off to Hawaii with their kids after news broke and was spotted looking quite tense there and not talking. Eyes, the be everywhere in the smartphone era.

Today K-ent is reporting that Jang Dong Gun has flown back to Korea by himself so it’s obvious his wife is not happy with him (understatement). I don’t know if she’s unhappy he likely slept around after she married him, or she knew and was fine with that but unhappy because it’s made public now. As for us K-ent viewers, it’s just hard to unring the bell and look at Joo Jin Mo and Jang Dong Gun the same had we not been made aware of their private talk. Sigh, it’s complicated.


Jang Dong Gun Returns from Hawaii without Wife Go So Young and Kids After Joo Jin Mo Phone Hack Text Scandal — 16 Comments

  1. As much his mssgs r creepy one’s career cant br ruined bcoz of mssgs bcoz then 90% of men would be ruined lol. Because of locker boy group talks.
    He is shity for doing to his wife though. Anyways he is worth nearly 100 million usd and was cf king for long time. So even if he stop getting offers he has enough money. I dint see his career getting affected

    • True.

      But I’d like to also say there’s a higher chance of the girl staying in the marriage, especially if they have children. Why? Because it’s more taboo to be a woman that’s a single parent than having an adulterer of a husband.

      • U r right. We live in a society with such mindset. Such a pity. It’s like how does it feel when you get to know ur idol husband’s affairs after so many years out of blue? If I remember, it must have been the time around filming – a gentleman’s dignity.

  2. Well, JJM released a statement saying some of the messages were fabricated so is he trying to save his and DJG’s asses now or?

  3. Wow! Amazing how criminals are being hailed in the comment section.

    At least for these actors in the hot seat are yet to be proven guilty. While people here judging them are straight up guilty for being judgmental. Who is worse?

  4. Not criminals yet. The police will investigate whether part of the texts are doctored or fabricated as alleged by Joo Jin Mo. I remember former US president Bill Clinton denied having sexual relations with then White House intern Monica Lewinsky back in the mid 1990s. He was lucky his wife Hillary Clinton even defended him. Lied through his teeth until confronted with the ultimate DNA evidence of the infamous blue dress that had Bill’s semen. Prince Andrew also denied having sex with then underage Virginia Andrews, even the photo was “fabricated” he said. Well, one day the truth will be shouted from the roof top. Guilty or not, their image and reputation is already tainted. Don’t care about the single actors but married ones, I feel so sorry for the wives and kids. Imagine the bullying in school because their dad is an alleged adulterer.

    • Who is not criminals yet? Hackers, in any circumstance, are CRIMINALS. They should not be condoned, esp the kind of hackers, we are talking in this case who are also extortionist, deserve capital punishment.

      • the way you type it with CAPITAL, means that you are a worshiper of any handsome actors you wish you can five them a nice rimjob.
        those hackers are criminals, true, but I’m glad they’re exist to tell us this dirty reality.

      • And you are worshippers of CRIMINALS and judgmental people who are no different to criminals as these people indirectly harm many people.

      • @hanganjingan Why are you so eager to hear other people’s dirty laundry? Tell us yours first. Invasion of one’s privacy is a crime may it be of financial privacy or relationship privacy. We need to respect other’s confidentiality. People like you encourage those Paparazzi to chase after celebrities which killed Princess Di.

  5. Why get married??? Stay single and have all the women you want. Most of these men are middle aged, single or just getting married so its crazy to think they haven’t had some kind of relationships. Its the disrepect shown in their conversations about women. As for the JDG, if i was his wife i wouldn’t hesitate to leave him. She has $ and a career of her own. She doesn’t need him or that kind of love. Is it love?? Absolutely not.

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