Kang Na Neul Talks Dramas and Traveling in February 2020 Cosmopolitan Pictorial

My favorite part of KBS drama When the Camellia Blooms was male lead Kang Ha Neul. He impressed me so much that I feel like a drama centered around his character and being a cop and a neighborhood good guy would be just as if not more entertaining. It’s impressive that everyone was talking about Gong Hyo Jin going into the drama and came out talking about Kang Ha Neul, he’s earned his elevation to male lead and I’m looking forward to what his chameleon ability brings next. On the non-acting front, he’s going overseas as part of the cast of travelogue show Traveler which he said in his interview with this accompanying Cosmopolitan Korea pictorial was outside his comfort zone because he needs medication to fly due to suffering from anxiety and claustrophobia. I’m glad he’s challenging himself and hopefully the experience will be positive and rewarding.


Kang Na Neul Talks Dramas and Traveling in February 2020 Cosmopolitan Pictorial — 4 Comments

  1. He has no shortage of offers now i m sure. Good to see his slow but great rise. I remember liking him in heirs back then and now he has second biggest drama of 2019! I hope he signs another great drama again

    • ikr, i also noticed him in heirs along with kim ji won. i never realized before that camelia was his first lead role. it feels like he’s been on my screen many times. Am so glad for his success and looking forward for more great projects from him.

  2. In Camellia, he was better than Gong Hyo Jin in every aspect of acting for me. Too bad that KBS must give the Daesang to her

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