OTP Reuniting in South Korea Helps Tide Over the Airing Break for Crash Landing on You

I would have loved new episodes of Crash Landing on You this weekend as a lunar new year present but oh wells, let’s use this as another exercise in patience. It helps that the last episode ended not on a sad separation cliffhanger but a sweet reunion moment. It’s so wonderful to see the screenwriter find creative and fast ways to keep the OTP together and also continued reasons to throw the entertaining supporting cast into fresh situations. The North Korean soldiers are now in South Korea so I’m eager to see all the fish out of water comedy, and to turn the cohabitation of the OTP from rural countryside living to swanky Seoul luxe life. There are new stills out showing Se Ri and Jung Hyuk during their reunion and it’s so heartwarming, these two have really wormed their way into my heart.


OTP Reuniting in South Korea Helps Tide Over the Airing Break for Crash Landing on You — 9 Comments

  1. Tvn with such breaks ruin the rating momentun so thry dont show growth in odd episode vut even episode evens it out. I want it to break 20% rating. Only sky castle has done it on cablr channel. And it has 20 episode compared to 16 of cloy.even goblin n mr sunshine j repky show broke 20% barrier. And it can ve only 5th cable drama to average 12% whole season after those other 4 shows i mentioned. But such breaks ruin momentum

    • Some typos.
      Ruin the rating momentum
      They dont show growth in odd episode but even
      Sky castle done it on cable channel
      Even globlin mr sunshine reply drama didnt break 20% rating barrier.

    • Yeah, you’re right. However, I believe that this drama has the capacity to resemble the success of Reply, Goblin and Mr. Sunshine – that is, it may also break the 18% mark. So, it is still a BIG win to the drama.

    • If we compare ratings of 4 highly rated dramas of TvN on 10th episode;
      Mr Sunshine 13.5%
      Goblin 12.7%
      Reply 1988 13.4%
      Crash Landing 14.6%

      Unlike Mr Sunshine and Reply 88 which rating was fluctuating, CLOY is like Goblin rating which was consistently going upwards. And yes, it could potentially be the highest rated TvN drama of all time.

    • Goblin & Mr Sunshine were preproduced drama. I’m not sure about Reply 1988.

      Do you know that CLOY is still filming? And the previous break was due to them no having enough footage to air.

      So i’m really thankful that the production is willing to risk rating in order to maintain the quality and give viewers a good drama from beginning until now.

      You may do as many breaks as you want show! If i can continue to be pleased and satisfied like this, i’m willing to wait!

      • During their promotional filming for Netflix, HB and SYJ mentioned that their last filming date was 31th Dec 2019.

        I believe the delay was on the part of the editing team.

      • I don’t think Goblin was preproduced. They started to film in September, went to Canada in October and aired it in December.

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