China Orders Shut Down of All Drama Production During Wuhan Coronavirus Containment

Mainland China isn’t just quarantining entire cities and perhaps provinces, now it’s ordering the stopping of commerce as needed. C-ent is getting it’s first order this week as the central government ordered a complete and immediate stoppage of all drama filming. So the city of Hendian has ground to a total halt and major dramas being filmed there include high profile historical with Mark Chao and Deng Lun as well as a medical drama with Yang Mi. No idea how long the stoppage will last but for C-drama viewers this may mean a longer wait for your anticipated dramas to arrive, and perhaps even a gap for networks to re-broadcast older dramas when it doesn’t have new finished dramas to air.


China Orders Shut Down of All Drama Production During Wuhan Coronavirus Containment — 9 Comments

  1. To contain the virus, every measure should be taken so this is of course necessary. I even think those artist would mind.

    I feel really bad for Chinese people who gets discriminated by ignorant and narrow minded people because of this.

    Pray and be patient. All this shall pass.

      • True. At the moment the virus didn’t mutated and the mortality is lower than seasonal flu but since the amount of people who got is vast it is better safe than sorry. As far I know people from Wuhan are shunned in China too what is pretty sad but hopefully that stopps soon.

        I just try to imagine an outbreak like that in my country. It would be absolutely chaotic since we are very egomanic society with a health system on it’s breaking point without such troubles since money comes first and the patient second or third. The WHO praised China how they handle it. That would never happen here even when we get told every day we are superior to China *rolleyes* what we aren’t.

  2. I’m really upset at what is currently happening in China right now with this virus and I really do feel for the general population at large with the threat and uncertainty. Even though NZ and Australia collaborated to charter a plane to retrieve their citizens Im hoping that they took over medical supplies and food as a contribution and didn’t go empty handed. If they didn’t take anything I’m so embarrassed and I’m sorry.

    My Thoughts and prayers for the people of China during this time. ❤️

  3. This halt on filming is needed to protect everyone. There are so many chinese dramas waiting to be released, showcase those first, no point in replaying old dramas…

  4. China preproduces it’s dramas. So there must be many on the final stage of editting and maybe even ready ones, who were deleyed in airing.
    No gap in the near future.
    it would be a real disturbance if Korean dramas are halted, they are filmed almost the day the episode airs.

  5. It is good they are taking all precautions necessary to prevent the spread. And honestly, pretty sure they have numerous dramas on the backburner. So I think they have plenty of content left to air for a while.

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