SBS Legal Drama Hyena Drops Aggressively Risque Drama Posters with Kim Hye Soo Woman-handling Joo Ji Hoon

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander and in this case gender-swapping would make it entirely problematic. New posters are here for upcoming SBS drama Hyena with leads Kim Hye Soo and Joo Ji Hoon playing rival lawyers. The two new posters first show the two tussling, she’s got her hand pulling on his hair with the other hand clutching a brick, and he seems more like he’s about to kiss her despite his hand grabbing her track suit. The next poster goes close up and this time she’s grabbing him like a man on a romance novel cover and he’s all nestled in her arms as the two get real up close and person. If the two leads swapped positions it would be uncomfortable to see a man get so aggressive and handsy with a woman so I’m not a fan of these posters for that reason. It’s awkward and not sexy IMO, just comes across as intentionally cheesy. I hope the drama is more than selling Kim Hye Soo’s earthy strong woman sex appeal.


SBS Legal Drama Hyena Drops Aggressively Risque Drama Posters with Kim Hye Soo Woman-handling Joo Ji Hoon — 8 Comments

  1. No offence to shk fans, but I don’t understands why the writer offer this drama to her. She would have been complete miscast here. Kim hye soo seems to be perfect for this wacky role.

    • Song Hye-kyo was another contender? Sorry I haven’t been following

      I like SHK alot, and think she has been improving and improving since Autumn …Hotelier and other rookie days of yore – but if this poster is anything indicative of the content of this drama – Kim Hye-soo totally nails this types of Ballsy roles.

    • I guess it’s a challenge for her acting skills. Whether or not it’s a miscast, we’ll never know since she didn’t accept. Some great veteran actors take on roles that are totally different and more challenging roles to hone their craft while some stay into their token roles. She chose the later.

    • This would be a big challenge for SHK but of coz it will not happen. She seems to like to stay the same for many years. KHS is a much capable actress and more suited for this role. Agree with @jusash that UJH is also a very capable actress, I still remember her in Witch Romance with PSJ.

  2. Perfect Pairing for BOTH of them – I am looking forward to this.

    Kim Hye-soo and Joo Ji-hun are both actors imo who are very Uninhibited and could NOT care less what people think of them.
    Uhm Jung-hwa would be another good choice

  3. I love shk and i dont think she has that seductive look and image to do such role. Maybe thats why she didnt take this drama. Kim hyee soo is going to be in 50s n still pull it off effortlessly

  4. You nailed it ocKoala, if the genders had been reversed, we would all be screaming bloody murder by now. For this reason, I find the posters pretty uncomfortable to look at. It implies different behavioral standards for men and women. And what is unacceptable for a man with power should be unacceptable for women as well. That being said, I love Kim Hye Soo in dramas – she and Joo Ji Hoon have incredible chemistry as evidenced by these posters and this is a drama to look forward to, I see her bringing her A game. Hope the screenwriters can keep up!

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