Youku Reveals Teaser Poster for C-drama Loving Strangers with Mark Chao and Zhang Zi Feng Remaking K-drama My Ahjusshi

So it feels like the pendulum has swung back to normalcy in C and K netizen chatter, for awhile the two sides were always against each other and their respective cultures and productions seemingly for the sake of it due to real life geo-political tensions. Now I see more actual substantive commentary and for the upcoming C-drama remake of My Ahjusshi it’s aligned on both sides – NO ONE WANTS IT haha! The K-netizens hold My Ahjusshi near and dear as one of the best K-dramas of all time and a true masterpiece and the C-netizens feel the same purely on the quality of the product and don’t care about where it came from or that perhaps their own industry can take it to do it same/better. The C-drama is called Loving Strangers (Thank You for Hearing Me) and Youku released a teaser poster this weekend showing female lead Zhang Zi Feng with male lead Mark Chao framed as a silhouette of her earphone. The poster is artistically solid but feels like the production is primed to fail with such a high bar set and the original being still so watchable with nary any time degradation.

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Mark Chao and Deng Lun’s New C-movie Yin Yang Master Criticized for Visual Effects Plagiarism of Dr. Strange and Naruto, May be Pulled From Theaters

The hits keep on coming for Chinese director and screenwriter Guo Jingming, best known for his Tiny Times novels and movie adaptations. Recently he published a formal apology to writer Zhuang Yu for plagiarizing her novel 17 years ago, which … Continue reading