Park Seo Joon’s jTBC Drama Itaewon Class Premieres to High Ratings of 4.983%

Woah, this was unexpected but then again probably make sense considering the source material. Newly arrived jTBC Fri-Sat drama Itaewon Class arrived this Friday and dropped nearly 5% ratings in its first episode, taking in 4.983%. That’s nearly 2% higher than predecessor Chocolate’s premiere episode. Audience and critic feedback has been positive and strong as well so this drama looks to have legs, which is great for the cast of Park Seo Joon, Kim Da Mi, Kwon Nara, and veteran Yoo Jae Myung. jTBC has been so strong since the record breaking hit that was Sky Castle over a year ago and perhaps it’s true that success breeds more success, or at least the ability to get pitched the best upcoming projects and the eye for picking it.


Park Seo Joon’s jTBC Drama Itaewon Class Premieres to High Ratings of 4.983% — 9 Comments

  1. Watched the first episode and I sincerely like the way it’s written, even though it’s nothing new it’s still captivating… I personally think I’ll like this

  2. Park Seo Joon’s acting in this is so good that I’m actually speechless. I always liked him but wow this time… amazing. He is really proving himself to be one of the best actors in his age range.

    • THIS^^ I am blown away by his acting in this. I knew he was good, but dang. Kwon Nara is also stellar and I am so happy to see her in a lead roll after the great job she did in My Ahjusshi. Fantastic drama so far.

  3. Watch it MS. Koala, you won’t be disappointed. For me it was the male lead’s father who affected me the most. His dad is really a good parent to PSJ character. So sad his role is only in Episode 1, really like the senior actor who played the dad.

    And there’s also another senior actor who surprised me with his chilling turn as the evil dad of the antagonist. The actor was in Reply 1988 but I never imagined he could portray such a creepy role.

    • The evil dad is also in Stranger (Forest of Secrets) which is the only other series I’ve seen him in. He’s very convincing.
      I just realised that Sae Roy and his dad were both in The Chronicles of Evil! So pleased to see them in scenes together again. I hope that Itaewon Class continues to rise!

  4. Oh man he is such a great actor

    During confrontation scene , he deserves award for it. He can pull comedy he can pull serious roles. No wonder he is in top now

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