Seungri Files Successful Appeal of Drug Sentence and Gets it Cut in Half Down to One and Half Years

If there is one fallen celeb I want to yeet himself right off the celeb stage it would be Big Bang‘s Seungri. Alas while he may never have a famous career again I can see him returning to all the dirty money he made over years and continuing to make more dough behind the scenes in private endeavors, so that’s why I feel like imprisonment longer is the only just punishment for him for all those drug, gambling, bribery, and prostitution crimes. He’s been serving his three year sentence in a military prison as his trial was conducted in a military court after he quickly enlisted to avoid a civilian trial. He filed an appeal of his sentence and this week a military appeal court cut his sentence down to one and a half years due to his shown of repentance and remorse. This means with the 5 months served he will be out in another year. Blergh, just such a waste of a life lived.

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K-pop Star Seungri of Big Bang Sentenced by Court to 3 Years in Jail and $1.15 Billion Won Fine in Prostitution, Embezzlement, and Illegal Gambling Conviction

This sentence feels like too little and too late as the rich and powerful still don’t pay the same full price for transgressions regardless of how serious. K-pop star Seungri of the top boys group Big Bang was sentenced today … Continue reading

K-media Suspects Additional Three Members of Jung Joon Young’s Sex Video Sharing Chat are Singers Kangin and Jinwoon and Model Lee Chul Woo

If there was anyone who reacted decisively and took on full responsibility the quickest in the Seungri and Jung Joon Young scandals, it would be former BEAST/Highlight member Yong Jun Hyung. He admitted being a part of the hidden camera … Continue reading

Total of 14 Men in Chatroom with Seungri and Jung Joon Young Sharing Hidden Camera Sex Recordings, Seungri Booked by Police

While the Burning Sun illegal activities allegations spread, there’s the other central investigation into a phone text chatroom with K-celebs sharing hidden camera photos and videos of unwitting women being secretly filmed. Today Seoul police booked Seungri for sharing hidden … Continue reading