Kim Ji Won Signs with Salt Entertainment and Joins Park Shin Hye’s Agency

This is an interesting choice by K-actress Kim Ji Won, who left her longtime agency late last year when her contract expired and has been looking for a new agency. She’s decided to join Salt Entertainment which really is better known as Park Shin Hye‘s agency since the popular actress is the biggest name under the banner. Other actresses in Salt include Kim Jung Hwa and Park Se Young, and I feel like Kim Ji Won’s joining just makes more actresses vying for the same type of roles. It was time for a change and after the crashing disaster that was Arthdal Chronicles it makes sense for her to reboot and even Song Joong Ki left his agency Blossom when his contract expired and signed with new agency History D&C. New year, new start, so good luck to Kim Ji Won in her new professional home. 


Kim Ji Won Signs with Salt Entertainment and Joins Park Shin Hye’s Agency — 10 Comments

  1. I liked her in heirs and after dits she started grtting work. Fight my way was a good hit for her but mrga budget arthdal killed all the hype. Cant blame old agency fir that who lamded her such meha budget drama. She needs career reboot. She has skills but just dint have that superstar thing in her

  2. PSH has not received any good roles. MOA is a mess and should not require a female lead. So how can KJW get good representation by joining SALT Entertainment? Fans will be salty on who is getting what… their images are quite similar…

  3. Park Se Young left SALT in 2015 and is with a new agency CL & Company according to Wiki. Glad she left because she’s picked a few good dramas like Whisper, Money Flower and more recently Special Labour Inspector. Loved her in ‘We got married’ with Wooyoung from 2pm. Yeah one of the many K actresses I like to keep an eye and ear out for. Always excited when I read that they’ve been confirmed as lead.

  4. I had initially thought her low profile for past 2 years was that she could be leaving the entertainment line. Nevertheless, since she was not well promoted by previous agency, hope that the new one would advance her career to greater heights.

    • They will never promote her because Park Shinhye is the bigger star and as they will always be competing for the same roles so it’s obvious that PSH will get first preference. Another incomprehensible decision by Kim Jiwon.

  5. Some people need to grow up and realise that acting AGENCIES are literally supposed to host multiple actors/actresses, unless SALT is a one person agency it should not be an issue that they sign one more actress. That’s what they are for!

    And anyway Kim Ji Won is pretty, talented and has been in a successful drama as the main lead. If one flop drama can’t take down the cockroach-strength (ie nothing can kill it) careers of certain idol actresses, Arthdal Chronicles is not going to do anything to her – she has proved herself already to critics abd the public, and her acting was never the problem.

  6. I don’t think SALT has any capability to help their actors to get roles. PSH gets roles based on her own fame, and I believe KJW does too. But its really puzzling why KJW signed with SALT. I always see PSH fans complaining about SALT’s inefficiency lol. I thought she would sign with a big agency like PBY which will help her get more movie roles. Maybe she prefers a smaller agency (a bigger cut share + more freedom).

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