Jang Nara Romances Three Leading Men in tvN Drama Oh My Baby

K-actress Jang Nara didn’t just win the fountain of youth lottery upon birth with her jeans, her new character in the upcoming drama Oh My Baby appears to win the romantic leading men lottery. She’s been confirmed for the tvN drama for some months now and her three leading men were lined up for sure today to include Go Joon, Park Byung Eun, and rising young actor Jung Gun Joo. The story is basically the biggest case of dry spell in life followed by a flood as Jang Nara’s 39 year old woman who doesn’t want kids and doesn’t want marriage sudden find love with three male prospects before her at the same time. Don’t we all, lol. The drama is from the PD of Voice 3 and the screenwriter of Mirror of the Witch and will premiere in Spring of 2020.


Jang Nara Romances Three Leading Men in tvN Drama Oh My Baby — 12 Comments

      • Just finished watching Go Joon in The Fiery Priest and boy, was he hot in that one! I do love Park Byung Eun and Jung Gun Joo was adorable in Extraordinary You! I last watched Jang Nara in Go Back Spouses which was excellent! ❤️

  1. how many shows she does in a year? i wish my fave jjh was as active as her. I dont get why she doesnt get many cf deals like she used to get back in 2000s considering she gives hit dramas over n over. Nd she was great in vip. All d best

  2. Oh my god this better be good. I remember that Go Joon guy in “save me” as a super sexy loose canon ex jailbird. I thought he should get a romance drama leading role with that acting chops and now he got it 😀 And to top it up Jang Nara as the leading actress! Yaayyyy

    • Aigoo, someone needs a proof reader or spell checker. Must written in a hurry. It makes it all the more adorable considering English is not our mother tongue for a lot of us here. Kekeke.

  3. So Song jihyo romances 4 men and here Jang Nara romances 3 men, is it a new trend now ? Lol the different is that Song jihyo is a single parent and Jang Nara is a single lady ?

  4. She really did win the lottery at the fountain of youth. She’s timeless. Ageless. Whether or not I watch this drama, I’ll be rooting for her. She always brings her best to her dramas.

  5. I have been loving Jang Nara since 2002 in Successful Story of A Bright Girl. I was so obsessed with the drama that I even downloaded the instrumental version of OST Love Song as my ringtone in my old Nokia phone. Lol. I predicted back then that Jang Nara and Jang Hyuk would be hitting it big time in the future due to their undeniable charisma and talent. Friends and students esp. my drama students would laugh at me. Hah. I got the last laugh. Look at where they are now. The OST of SSOABG is the top for me followed by All For You by SIG and JEJ. Feel like jumping into a time machine to relive 2000-2010.

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