Crash Landing on You Rookie Lee Sin Young Gets Accused then Exonerated of Being a High School Bully

The news cycle went fast with this one as mere 1-2 days went by before it was all reportedly cleared up. Last week rookie actor Lee Sin Young, who plays the handsome North Korean army soldier in Crash Landing on You, was accused in a SNS post by an anonymous poster of being a high school iljin (delinquent) and bully back in his formative days. The post claimed he was a well-known iljin in their high school area and had once cursed out and then organized a group beat up of another kid. Lee Sin Young’s agency denied the claim and later the poster recanted and said he made a mistake and Lee Sin Young was not the iljin. K-netizens are split, some things it was a smear and others think Lee Sin Young’s agency must’ve silenced (paid off) the poster. Who knows but it’s certainly not great for his career launch either way – if true then he’s a terrible kid during his school years and if false then he’s got to overcome this bad publicity. Too bad there is no way to know for sure.


Crash Landing on You Rookie Lee Sin Young Gets Accused then Exonerated of Being a High School Bully — 8 Comments

  1. You are many weeks late. Contradictory reports. Some saying he bullied. Some saying that guy wants quick buck from his new earned fame with lead role coming soon
    It is his word vs his word. Cant even select sides

  2. Geez I’m on to episode 9 and helluva enjoying the ride for CLOY and this piece of news fluff about a supporting character well for me it ain’t true until proven in a court of law and Knetz right now are a fricken ‘0’ imo so yeah I’m with this doppelgänger KSH for now.

  3. Innocent until proven guilty with pictures and more evidence ex more testimonies. It’s really hard to prove these kind of incidences. But I’m more trusting of the poster because the agency didn’t try to sue him for slander but only deny it. How can a poster just make a mistake. So suspicious

  4. This was reported in Soompi a while back. Apparently, the accusers backtracked and retracted their accusations when LSY’s agency announced they would sue the accusers for defamation. Suddenly they changed their story to “I don’t remember well, maybe I remembered wrongly, so sorry” along these lines.

  5. I would say his agency should still sue whoever made the poster – that’s how we’ll know for sure. IF (a big if) he was indeed a bully when he was younger, hopefully he would have learned from his mistakes. Everybody deserves a second chance. [But better to not have been a bully at all, hopefully kids will learn that]

  6. @eleven, I agree. Either he was innocent and smeared then his agency should sue because it damages his reputation (merely getting the accusers to recant their statement does nothing for his credibility) or he really was a bully and the witnesses were paid off. Either way, as bad as being a high school bully is, it isn’t and shouldn’t be a career ending move. Many people end up learning from their mistakes in high school and college and becoming better people. Others don’t, and you really hope that karma catches up with them. My concern is always for the victims that they overcome their scars and trauma. If it is true, then I really hope he learns from his past actions, does the necessary restitutions and apologizes to the victims of his bullying.

  7. Seriously , let’s just say it’s true
    Don’t think for a second that I support bullying
    But this was when he was a teen, that’s like 14-15 years old? People make mistakes and when you are a minor, you are not supposed to get branded for life for the things that you do.
    It’s not to say that it’s ok
    But it’s to say- his future should not be slighted just because of his past as Long as he understood his actions and is no longer acting the same way

  8. An adored celebrity will always be a magnet to someone who wants to boo them from the back of a crowd. The desired effect is to turn the attention off the celebrity momentarily towards themselves. The person who made this allegation is like that person booing from the back of a crowd, except over the internet this boo is more louder, more longer and gets a lot more attention.

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