All Eyes on Crash Landing on You Heading into Final Airing Weekend

The naysayers weren’t just wrong on the prognostication on tvN drama Crash Landing on You, it didn’t crash land in the least and instead is heading into the weekend with a chance to set new records. This weekend’s final two episodes 15 and 16 will have a chance to beat tvN record holder’s Goblin and Mr. Sunshine, and who knows it could even edge up to cable record holder jTBC‘s Sky Castle. Son Ye Jin found cable success before with Pretty Noona Buys Me Food and Hyun Bin in Memories of Alhambra, but this is triple her ratings and double his last so both really deserve all the praise for making a wholly ridiculous on paper love story take flight and capture the viewer’s attention through the entirety of its run.


All Eyes on Crash Landing on You Heading into Final Airing Weekend — 24 Comments

  1. Only paid cable drama to cross 20% is skycastle nationwide. The odd episode shouldn’t decrease so final can touch or cross sky castle. If todays episode touches 20%, sky castle might get beaten.. but even if it doesnt beats it, it is huge win for channel and both stars as show is trending very well overseas and has became biggest hit since goblin overseas.
    Son ye jin is filmingg cfs left right centre. Get those coins queen! Her drama career always was short of her movie career. It is funny how long it took her to get that blockbuster drama. Hyun bin must be happy after moa disaster. Win win for all

    • Yea. Agree…Especially for HB as his last few movies didn’t do well. Jekyll Hyde Me prior to MOA tanked in ratings so in terms of hype this is truly his third spring since MNIKSS and SG. Pretty Noona was ok in ratings but was critically acclaimed leading SYJ to clean sweep a lot of major awards so I think its really nice she now has a blockbuster to add to her acting creds. Really looking forward to the almost 2 hour finale. CLOY spells the successful return of writer Park Ji Eun as well burying the stink of LOBS.

  2. Wasn’t expecting I would like this drama much, I’ve always loved Hyun Bin, but I only managed to watch one episode of MoA since that genre isn’t my cup of tea. So I’m so happy that CLoY is getting this kind of success, I liked it more because both were really good actors, you can see and feel the emotions, both delivers really well.

  3. Happy for the team and cast
    I wasn’t so sure myself when I saw the drama at first
    I expected to roll my eyes and scoff
    I did roll my eyes but I enjoyed it.
    Like every good drama, by episode 3, maximum 4 if you feel the feels you know you have something special. I remember around feeling that by then and thought “they have a winner here”

  4. I’m not ready for ep 16 yet but I hope tvn release more special eps and bts to commemorate the success of this drama. #Sepanxisreal.

  5. Some actors in Korea simply prefer to work in movies rather than dramas. It’s far less draining on their health and families: 2 hours in general as opposed to 16 to 20 hours. The lead actor in Parasite, for example, has never done a drama, he prefers films. I’ve enjoyed most of Ye Jin Son’s movies and dramas over the past 20 years: The Classic remains my favorite of her movies and Personal Taste remains my favorite of her dramas. The Snow Queen remains my favorite performance of Hyun Bin’s for dramas and The Fatal Encounter my favorite of his movies. I don’t really care what ratings anything gets in Kdramaland – Westerners often have different tastes in entertainment anyway.

  6. I LOVE CLOY!!!! I was hooked and looked forward to each episode!!! Kudos to the writers, production crew, and actors and actresses!! I am a senior American and looking forward to MORE!!! The Eng subs were never a detriment. Would love to meet all but will definitely continue to watch Kdramas and etc. Honestly, I cannot get over how AWESOME it was!!!

    • Episode 15 I am I was in tears ?oh my gosh I am on edge for the final episode. Writers amazing job , Everyone did an amazing job with the acting. Shouting from USA ?? and I’m a Jamaican by birth ??but I love K dramas this is my top 2020 drama . I wish them all the success #1 watched drama for 2020?

  7. What impressed me about CLOY was the humanization of North Koreans. I am very impressed with the writers. Specially loved the scene of South Korean intelligence getting so bewildered that the north Korean boys did not take advantage of her credit card. They are not slaves to cosumerism that’s pervasive in so called rich countries.
    Wish one day NK and SK will unite peacefully like Germany and south Koreans will take care of their NKorean brethen with big brave hearts.

    • Yes, I agree with you. Whether real or inaccurate CLOY gives a voice to the voiceless people of NK suffering under a regime not of their own choosing.

    • Watching this drama is a welcome respite from all the sad news about coronavirus and all the tragedies happening around the world. Wishing for the day will come when the cure for all dreadful diseases will be discovered and the reunification of North and South Korea will happen the soonest. Nothing is impossible.

  8. IU’s OST I Give U My Heart for CLOY just topped most of the charts in less than 3 hours. She’s really riding high in both acting and singing. Hope to see her in drama with another actor singer to do a Reply Me series or a coming of age drama that resonates with the younger fans and a young at heart nana like me, lol. Smashing it with countless OSTs. That will be my dream.

  9. Great drama, good story line and all the actors are superb, especially Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. I’ll watch it over and over again!

  10. Lost steam for me, when they headed back to SKorea. Been reading recaps instead.

    Somehow I had more feels for the NKorean moments and couldn’t wait for each episode. Maybe having that week’s break disuprted the momentum too.

  11. Great drama! CLOY you got my heart
    can’t wait for the last episode, my heart is beating so fast? happy ending please.

    CONGRATULATIONS to all the casts you really gave your all everybody shared the best acting skills
    and to the director, pool of writers who made story possible considering it’s sensitivity and ofcourse to all the staff which make CLOY real at it’s finest!

    Thank you very much!!!? you made us all happy,?

    CLOY part 2 please,,❤️

    • I sincerely hope they don’t botch up the ending like MOA and Vagabond. Don’t have high hopes for season 2 and will accept a reasonable ending in season one. Just wrap up the story nicely and don’t give us shock endings which leave us hanging.

  12. Iam totally hooked to CLOY since I started watching it.I love it so much that I have watched it over and over again,I can’t wait for the final episode,even though I am worried sick how it is going to end. It is my first South Korean series to watch,I fell in love with the show the moment I started watching it. I love the casts especially Huyn Bin, he is a pleasure to watch honestly.I am your big fan now Huyn Bin shouting out loud from the UK ???

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