Kang Hana and Kim Sun Ho Join K-drama Startup with Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy

The K-drama formerly known as Sandbox has a new name and two new cast members. K-actress Kang Hana is joining the drama and earlier actor Kim Sun Ho also signed on. They round out the cast with already confirmed leads Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk, and the drama in question has the new name of Startup, which is much clearer what the drama is about which is set in the the world of the South Korean tech startup work. The drama will air in the second half of 2020 on tvN with the PD and screenwriter of While You Were Sleeping reuniting again. I can’t wait, love that production team!


Kang Hana and Kim Sun Ho Join K-drama Startup with Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy — 14 Comments

  1. Wyws underperformed despite the hype and this time she doesnt have A list male lead to carry it for her. Acid test for her. Btw where is vagabond sequel? Her fans were saying it was such a blockbuster. Really a blockbuster than pds are not even thinking of new sequel lmaooo… and her fans said noone watches dramas on tv. Well it was on public channel for free while cable dramas on paid channels are doing better than vagafloppppp.she wasnt even making buzzworth actor list top half during its airing. It was such a expensive flop. Poor woozie. Anotber flop coming up. She will always have useless roles in lee byung hun movie bcoz decirations are always needed whereas other actresses r doing wonderful roles n delivering hits. Even she is no cd queen anymore. Woozie will be wishing it becomes hit

    • You’re obsessed. Focus on your Lee Min Ho. Suzy stays winning as the most successful idol actress and will continue bagging great projects.

      • I am focused he is coming with biggest drama but his flop ex is coming up with another flop again! On her way to be has been she is being oveshadowed by so many lmao. she is just a showpiece!

  2. I watched ashfall, and Im so tired with suzy acting style. She kept taking a different role, but her acting always the same. So average and boring. NJH is my fav, but I think Im going to skip this.
    Kang hana is great actress btw, watched her in scarlet and familiar wife.

  3. Suzy needs a break out roll like IU had with My Mister as it’s unfortunate that she is forever typecast as a pretty face with one dimensional acting so it’s a good move she has moved to SOOP so hopefully she’ll lose the idol tag if she wants to develop and devote her career as an actor. One can only hope that she takes that trajectory to better herself in the acting realm.

    The story looks plausible and cast line up are visually hot so I’m curious because truth be known I like the actors chosen except for KNA as I haven’t seen any of her work so I’m keen to see how this drama unfolds.

      • Why bring IU into this? Sorry but she can’t act and is just lucky riding on popularity of her male leads. She should stick to singing because at least she tops charts whereas no one cares about her acting projects if not for the production team and male leads.

  4. so few comments on a Suzy article, where are all those Suzy Stans? I am quite surprised to see Suzy articles don’t have many comments. Many always argued with me in the past, where are they now? Agree with @adyjunjihyun, this drama smells flop. I will pass even though I like NJH. I have already passed on LSG in VB. Too bad.

    • Haha there is still one who claims she is bigger than all actresses lmao when othee actresses are giving bigger movies whwre they have useful role jot a showpiece like her in ashfall or blockbuster drama. Woozie is on way to be has been

  5. I’m from NZ and find her absolutely stunning. She can be extremely cute in one scene and then badass in the next. I find her acting convincing whatever character she has played thus far. I am definitely a fan ?❤ her singing clip with Sam Kim was by the way a kill off ???

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