Rain and Kim Tae Hee Star in First CF Together After 4 Years of Marriage

For once K-netizens have nothing to be salty about with these two and this new marketing endeavor. Married top stars Rain and Kim Tae Hee have done their first CF together as a married couple, four years after tying the knot and now the parents to two daughters. I think they are adorable together and this is a cute CF video series for the mattress brand La Cloud. They test out the mattress comfort level and ability to adjust the top up. The all white look is clean and fresh, and it’s totally believable they would actually use something like this in their real life as well as be all aegyo and cute at home.

Kim Tae Hee and Rain’s CF for La Cloud:


Rain and Kim Tae Hee Star in First CF Together After 4 Years of Marriage — 15 Comments

  1. Smart move. Combined they can earn double per cf and that power couple brand. Btw kim tae hee was amazing in hee drama today . Her emotional breakdown. Wow i saw new version of kim tae hee and drama is emotional as well as good. Opened with 5.8% strong ratings . Looks like new inning is on good start and with dramas success, cf queen will get many love calls again. Why not do couple cfs and earn more as couple

  2. KTH’’s acting has been improving over the years. I enjoy her previous two dramas a lot. Rain, on the other hand, remains very mediocre in his acting, either he picks poor scripts or he just cannot emote.

  3. I don’t understand the criticisms Kim Tae Hee has been getting in her acting, IMO she’s been doing well since Iris. I have to commend her also for her varied character choices, i really liked her as the vengeful and cold hearted heiress in YongPal. I hope she’ll play another role similar to that in the future again because she’s good at it.

    • She started off doing poorly in acting. I for one can’t stand to watch her earlier works, but she showed such a marked improvement in Yongpal, I was so impressed. If her acting is getting netizens applause, then I may tune in to watch if the drama is available where I live.

  4. I was nervous watching hibyemama, because knowing how folks didn’t particularly like her acting, but 30 minutes into watching her new tvn drama ‘I’ll be damn’ being a mother does wonders for a person, she hasn’t aged a bit and looked breathtaking. Her acting? This pretty mum better win some sort of award because I have never seen a k-actress cry beautifully like kimtaehee. Well done ?

  5. I love this beautiful couple, wishing them all the best! Tae Hee is wonderful in her acting, love this drama, she’s lovely as a mom. Such a jewel after her five years off from the screen. Been watching Rain and Welcome 2 Life drama last year, such superb acting in which he was awarded Actor of the Year by Cultural and Arts organization. Applauding both Rain and Kim Tae Hee for all their excellent work!Bravo!

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