tvN Drama Hi Bye, Mama! Premieres to Solid 5.895% Ratings and Netizen Compliments to Kim Tae Hee’s Acting

K-actress Kim Tae Hee isn’t renowned just because she’s naturally beautiful but also because she’s a graduate of Seoul University so is both enviable brains and beauty. With how well she’s managed her personal and professional career in the last few years, I truly now believe the brains part as well. She married fellow Hallyu star Rain four years ago and took an acting hiatus to have two daughters in three years. She started her acting comeback a few months ago by selecting tvN mommy returns from the dead tearjerker drama Hi Bye, Mama! as her acting comeback and that’s proven to now be a smart choice. The drama premiered this Saturday and the first episode got a decent 5.895% ratings, but more importantly the critics and K-netizens are all praising Kim Tae Hee’s acting which honestly is a first since every time she acts all I hear are how bad she still is. What a great improvement for her coming from I’m sure hard work. It’s going to be hard for me as a mom watching this drama but knowing it’s good makes me happy for everyone involved.


tvN Drama Hi Bye, Mama! Premieres to Solid 5.895% Ratings and Netizen Compliments to Kim Tae Hee’s Acting — 4 Comments

  1. Kim tae hee was amazing in it. Since my princess she has improved. Yesterday her breakdown scene, oh God her tears were so natural. And was funny in scenes which required. And i understand why she is considered koreas top beauty. She was breathtaking. Her sharp features. No wonder she is part of troika. She deseeves it for her longevity and looks like new decade is going to be start on good note because this drama has elements to succeed

    • Also she has signed new cf deals and i can see hee getting that her cf queen title back as she is one of originals cf queens which she was for over a decade before her hiatus…great professional and personal life. Well balanced. A loving husband, constant flow of money, 2 children

  2. Being a mom of two young daughters herself, this drama is perfect for her. She’s fantastic in this and it makes me wonder if she visualizes her daughters when acting. The drama is both enjoyable and heartwrenching. It’s already made me cry multiple times and only 2 episodes have aired. Can’t wait to see how this drama pans out!

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