jTBC Weekend Drama Itaewon Class Parks itself Firmly in 12% Ratings for Week Four

This is not a bad thing to have, ratings return all over K-drama airing so much so that a small cable network drama like jTBC success story Itaewon Class getting 12% ratings by week four seems like business as usual. Episode 5 got 12.289% and episode 6 increased slightly to 12.562%, with audience feedback still highly positive for this underdog gets revenge drama that is winning rave reviews for all three leads. Park Seo Joon has always been a talent to me even during his rookie days but in recent years netizens have been split on him as an actor and the projects he picks. Itaewon Class will firmly plant him in the top drama male lead level and really he’s just got to nail a movie soon and he’ll be solidly a double threat.


jTBC Weekend Drama Itaewon Class Parks itself Firmly in 12% Ratings for Week Four — 13 Comments

  1. I watched this. I LOVE IT!! Everything works… the acting, the script. This truly is a winner so I’m not surprised that the ratings continue to grow. Park Seo Joon is hitting the ball out of the park on this one. He’s a seasoned actor, but I find myself constantly impressed as he’s hitting all the right notes with his acting in this drama and Kim Da Mi rocks! I’ll keep my eye out for her future work.

  2. Best thing no army break to ruin his momentum. What a great year of k drama after many years. So many stars doing well. This might even become highest rated cable drama of all time.though last 2 episodes were slow which many viewers were mad about and can affect it next week. And this dude i follow his thread on soompi. Every week there is new cf. He is loaded with them.

    • Thank God he already enlisted before his debut and that’s very advantageous for him. While his other contemporaries are still in army and soon to be enlisted in army, he is on top of his game nowadays. Yeah, I agree with Koala, a few top movies should be in his name to solidify his status as Hallyu star of his generation. Keep it up park seo jeon!

  3. I love this drama! Park Seo Joon is hitting it out of the park as usual. He already has a hit (excellent) movie under his belt so I have high hopes for his next movie. He really is the most popular actor of his generation as of now and it’s been such a joy to watch his steady rise to the top since I Summon You, Gold.

  4. For Me, It must be something to do with how good the initial episode is to hook viewers. It’s showed with Jumping from 5% up to 8% on the 2nd week. Fits with what Korean actually really loved and forget what make them addict to this kind of story. But It’s not as intriguing as I initially Though now. And the moment the show tried to focus PSJ’s planned after the outbreak, it become less interesting. But We Will see, though.

  5. Honestly all his projects in the last three years have been breakout hits (Fight My Way, WWSK, Midnight Runners, now this drama) except for one which is that movie with Woo Do Hwan. And his acting has been praised afaik from all Korean sources I’ve seen, I have no idea how that translates to netizens being “split” on him as an actor and the projects he picks.

    • 100% this;) In the past years his IG also gained big number of followers, which shows interest not only from k-netz, but also international audience. So it’s at least strange to say that somehow netizens “split” on him, when the number of success he achieved in past years don’t add up;) People who share their opinion about his “charisma” or talent here don’t even make 0.001% of people, who watch dramas. And there is no way any actor no matter how talented or popular he is could satisfy 100% of audience. It’s not possible. There always will be the ones who feel “annoyed” by actor/actresses achievements or acting abilities.

      • yeah i also find it weird how they’re “split.” he’s a good actor and is very charismatic on-screen. majority of his projects have been successful. his characters have been all been pretty different as well. those netizens must be fans of typical flower boy face and acting style.

  6. To be fair, this article alone about IC only generated a dozen comments so far. I am not a die hard PSJ fan but still watch his dramas. Some recent articles in Koala’s Playground have over 100 comments. Stats don’t lie. There will always be other actors more loved or hated than PSJ hence the number of comments exceeding 100. PSJ fans here sound a bit sour if other commenters disagree or have their own opinions. Just a casual observation looking at all the comments here. Expecting a huge bashing from PSJ shippers

    • I’m sorry, no offense to koala, but since when this site actually determinate stars’ popularity?^^ People here mostly always argue with each other putting down or praising their favorites, but 100 comments of stans eating each other show no real sign of who is successful. Heck under 100 SJK article you can usually find 15-20 different names, including PSJ. No one is saying, that PSJ is the most(!) beloved or hated actor, but simply and rightfully pointing out, that he had steady success both in SK and overseas. And that his work was reviewed favorably, while also being a win rating wise. There are numbers to back it up. Are you here to argue, that he is one(!) of the most successful and well-nkwon actors of SK or what?))) Because otherwise your comment pretty pointless, sorry^^

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