Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon Embark on Slow Burn Romance as jTBC Drama When the Weather is Fine Premieres Today February 24th

There is a whole lot of melancholy wrapped in comforting warmth in the poster and long preview for upcoming jTBC romance When the Weather is Fine. Park Min Young returns to the countryside hometown of her high school days, escaping the fast paced life of Seoul for a place with both happy and painful memories. She reunites with high school classmate Seo Kang Joon now a quiet bookstore owner who still harbors a flame for her, said flame of course to get a second chance now that they have more angst to work through.

Preview for When the Weather is Fine:


Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon Embark on Slow Burn Romance as jTBC Drama When the Weather is Fine Premieres Today February 24th — 23 Comments

  1. I started to think that her success with Sec Kim was also bcuz of PSJ. She’s not an A list eventho she acted for many years already. She should stop doing this kind of genre and trying thriller. 1.9% for jtbc is pretty low nowadays. Well, gonna try watching it. I used to like her in Healer and City Hunter. Goodluck PMY.

      • what idol are you talking about? i’m talking about A-list hallyu ACTRESSES. i won’t mention names, but let’s just say it’s not jun ji hyun or son ye jin.

  2. PMY is the same, I cannot tell her characters apart from the past 2 dramas. Agree with Yui, better change genre, she is being typecasted now.

  3. Nothing to do with the drama. Todays ratings will likely be even worse. Its in the same timeslot as Romantic Doctor 2 which is pressing close to 30% ratings and tonight is the finale. JTBC should have aired a special and debut the series next week instead. No one survives the competition with Dr. Kim Sabu… no one. Keke

  4. Why everyone just blaming PMY? This is not female centric drama. This is romance melo drama, of course everyone watch it for the male lead. Thats SKJ’s job.

    • their mindset seems to be “when a drama is a success, it’s because of the actor, but when it’s a failure, it’s because of the actress.” yikes.

  5. I like PMY , she is a hardworking actress but lately, when i watch a drama with her, i only see actress PMY and not the character she is supposed to be.

  6. It’s a good melo drama. The first episode is calm but I hope it will not break my heart in the coming episodes.

    I love the pairing, they suits very well.

    Seo Kang Joon’s eyes speaks a thousand words. He is such a good actor. I hope he will do more projects before he enlists.

    I love how PMY switches from rom-com to melo and doing one actinf project after another. She is always a delight to watch.

    It’s a bit difficult to watch as it’s not on Netflix.

    • Just finished watching epi 2. It’s a nice and warm drama that touches your heart. PMY and SKJ are doing great with their characters and they look good together.

      • I hope that will happen because it’s an amazing drama. The actors are really doing great. They are performing so naturally that you could feel them. It’s a very heartwarming drama.

      • In addition, based on the 2 episodes, the drama is beautifully written and the pacing is well set. I love the mix of melancholic tone and feel of coldness of winter and how sequences of the past and presents are put together. I really hope more people will tune in the succeeding episodes.

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