Release Delayed for Horror K-movie Call with Park Shin Hye and Jeon Jong Seo Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

This movie looks too freaky for my tastes now which go towards warm and fuzzy rather than scary and nerve wracking. It’s only that Park Shin Hye is the female lead of thriller movie Call that gets me interested to see her doing a dark and dangerous role. She plays a modern day woman who connects on the phone with Jeon Jong Seo‘s character who is from two decades earlier. Clearly nothing good with come from this and one look at the main movie poster and all four includes including Kim Sung Ryung and Lee El look like they have been through the ringer. The movie was supposed to be released in a week but has now been postponed due to the increased coronavirus outbreak in South Korea so people are avoiding public places and gatherings hence clearly the movie will be affected by this. Postponing is a smart move and hopefully the movie will be released when the situation has been contained.


Release Delayed for Horror K-movie Call with Park Shin Hye and Jeon Jong Seo Due to Coronavirus Outbreak — 17 Comments

  1. @Zeba I usually go on YouTube to just google Korean dramas 2020 that’s a good start then I search via Asianwiki and My dramalist to get a better overview. Han cinema is another go to. Someone else might have a better range to source but mine is just a quick fix. Hope this helps.

  2. I forgot but what and who chose Park Shin Hye’s oversized suit???? OMG her stylist is my worst nightmare. Look at Jeon Jong Seo, Kim Sung Ryung and Lee El in all their glory and then the selected beige red combination PSH has on has no form, style and finesse. PSH has to stop wearing these ugly outfits in public m; please someone help her out. That aside good on her for choosing this film it looks good. I can say that much though.

  3. They better save theirself. There’s already 1000 peoples get infected. The virus spread so fast! OMG hope everything will be fine.

  4. 16 years and PSH is still the worst dressed in the room. What is the point of wearing Fendi if it looks like a crumpled oversized trash bag. Her make up is so pale and makes her look washed out. Like she hasn’t seen Sun in 10 years.

    • @Yori OMG Fendi? I associate that brand as high end top shelf fashion but it’s like down right dowdy on her. If she’s not going to have the swag and attitude to carry it then just go local. Jay Baek couture has some pretty fine cloth nowadays so check him out and Ms PSH cos your stylist is lying and has beef with you when you ask her if you look good. Sack her now please you can do better then that surely.

      • I noticed PSH is so stylish and fashionable that she loves wearing oversized, loose clothes. It is just her style I guess.

      • Not at her height. She is even shorter than KSR and LE. Oversized clothings only look good in tall models.

  5. KSY who is 53 looks more vibrant, fit and more youthful than PSH. Is PSH sick with a virus or something? cough cough, pardon my humor, no offense. Great idea to delay movie release. not a good time to share common space at this time. maybe a Netflix release will be more popular?

  6. Well that’s good and i think safety first for everyone… I have that thought earlier even before the press conference that the movie is possible to change or else move from original schedule due to the coronavirus outbreak…. We in my country have this news just today that citizens are not allowed to come and on the other side citizens who those allowed to go.. It’s vice versa….

    Anyway moving the movie call is great specially now….

  7. K Drama and Movies productions are on the bottom of the priority list. All koreans are in this together lets hope the country can ride through this and its econonmy can survive this awlful situation..Stay safe.

  8. Korean fashion as worn by their artistes is a hit and miss affair generally. Song Hye Kyo and Jun Ji Hyun are the notable exceptions. Seldom see them make a faux pas but if they do, quickly bounce back.

  9. No offense but I think PSH has to try experiencing another type of character. She always acted as an easily-crying, broken heart and fragile woman on her prev dramas (well, I bet this will be too). And her crying scene is not so heart-wrencing to me. Better she try to be a mentally strong and empowering woman like what I saw in WWW: search

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