Crystal Liu Graces the Cover and Pages of The Hollywood Reporter with Female Director Niki Caro

On principal alone I want this movie to succeed. The upcoming Disney live action version of its animated Mulan starring Crystal Liu (Liu Yi Fei) is a story about a strong Chinese folk heroine starring a Chinese actress and directed by a female director Niki Caro. The two ladies grace the cover and pages of The Hollywood Reporter magazine while discussing the high profile movie and the big gamble by the studio in adapting Mulan to a live action film. There are rumors the movie may be postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak as Mainland China has curtailed public place gatherings indoors so movie theaters are sitting empty these days and likely through March when the movie was scheduled to drop. I hope this movie is good and gets a fair shot, it’ll be frustrating to see a well made movie falter at the box office due to external factors.


Crystal Liu Graces the Cover and Pages of The Hollywood Reporter with Female Director Niki Caro — 17 Comments

    • Agreed. The make up is horrible. They looked haggard and worn out. If they are going for gothic look then they ended up making two gorgeous women look like ghouls

  1. Yayyy Niki Caro from NZ ❤️ Love her work except for that awful ‘The vintners luck’. Brilliant book that got massacred when it was made for the screen. My creative writing class got to see it at the private cinema at Peter Jackson’s Weta studios in Wellington. Enough said what goes on tour stays on tour.?

    So front page glossy cover of the ladies but then trust me to catch the sub heading of ‘Harvey Winstein Rapist’ instead yeah right that was pretty dumb distraction Hollywood Reporter editor.

    And sorry I’m sticking to my Disney animation of Mulan DVD. Going to the movies in NZ is costing an arm and a leg nowadays.

  2. If i were Disney Company i will not release Mulan now.
    1. Some people are mad of us Chinese now because of Coronavirus.
    2. People are worrying about the virus – chances are they are going to avoid crowded places.

  3. LYF’s beauty is legendary, so I’m shocked at how unattractive she’s been made to look here, and in the Disney film. Really goes to show there’s a diff between Western and Eastern makeup.

    • I’ve said it on other websites multiple times, but East Asian celebrities ALWAYS look stunning in photoshoot because of the filter and heavy photoshop, whereas in Hollywood, the photoshoot will not do that for the East Asian celebrities. Thus, East Asian celebrities ALWAYS look absolutely ugly in the Hollywood. They always expose East Asian celebrities on the small eyes.

      The only one looking better in American photos than Asian photo is Park So Dam.

  4. Very ugly pictures. Poor lighting. Horrible makeup. And what’s with those polka dots? Is she one of the 100 Dalmatians? I will stick with the Disney animation Mulan too. She looks awful.

  5. Honestly, all the live Disney movies is a bad idea. Between them that follows exactly the story without bringing anything (The Lion King), the ones that makes the hero looking forgetable (Aladdin), and now Mulan that changes the story with a new villain and erased some characters. If the villain can herself in bird, a mini dragon and a cricket were not so weird in the story, and the male lead, what he did to deserve that?

    • Beauty and the Beast movie in 2017 with Emma Watson is a success. But I agree with you on this one. I won’t watch this Mulan. There shouldn’t be a villain in it.

      • Personaly, I didn’t really like Beauty and the Beast. The Beast was pretty disapointing. Surprisly, the character I liked the most in this version was Gaston. The actor really gave him life. When Emma Watson didn’t bring anything to Belle.

      • At least the box office is a success internationally with many cruise ships showings on board everywhere and also many airlines on flight. The movie is loyal to the original Disney story, many young girls adore Emma Watson’s portrayal of Belle. I think it is decently made with very nice music and editing. But I won’t say the same for this Mulan, the actress looks awfully blah. If the story is changed from the original, they might as well change the name to Dudan instead. Why change the story?

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