Kim Jung Hyun is All Smiles After Successful Drama Comeback with Memorable Second Male Lead in Crash Landing on You

Its sad that for two years my image of K-actor Kim Jung Hyun was his morose and tense body language and expression at the press conference for MBC drama Time, which he had to leave midway due to an emotional breakdown. I didn’t ave a problem with his putting his mental health first often too many K-stars endure and endure until they crack. Two years later Kim Jung Hyun is back in a big way, delivering a truly wonderful to watch performance as the second male lead in tvN hit drama Crash Landing on You, having his own sweet story line with second female lead Seo Ji Hye. I’m glad his hiatus helped and that he’s back to his acting career with broad smiles, enthusiasm, and positivity. Good job, m’boy, keep working hard and good things will keep coming.


Kim Jung Hyun is All Smiles After Successful Drama Comeback with Memorable Second Male Lead in Crash Landing on You — 15 Comments

  1. He was amazing and i m pissed off with what they did to his character in end. That spoiled cloy’s ending for me. Again so many opportunities for whole cast opened up after it ended. Second female leaded landed lead role as well as one north korean soldier guy. I am sure he will come with a lead role as well

    • I’m with you – it was gratuitous, almost like they said “someone’s got to go, let’s make it a second”. Actually reminds me of ANOTHER North-South Drama with an awesome 2nd pair that went the same way, King2Hearts. Maybe this writer thought that Drama got it right, sigh!

    • I like my own ending! He didn’t die he had to flee to China because it was not safe for him to stay. That is why his fiance was going to China!

      • A beautiful, talented man. Admiration to his research and excelling to master his dreams while helping the audience smile, laugh and love better with ourselves.

    • Me too. I didn’t like the way his character ended in CLOY. I really like him in School 2017 despite poor ratings and some people said meh. Don’t care, his talent stood out, connected with his character, that spoke volumes. Also pissed off with how Jo Jung Suk’s bodyguard role in K2H ended. Was so shipping him with Princess or even HJW’s character. Off topic, I hope upcoming SK-NK movie with Seo In Guk potentially playing a NIS analyst on the run from a NK secret agent won’t go the same route. Please don’t kill off my precious Gukkie boy.

      • My mistake. Not a movie but a new MBC drama called Smoking Gun, an espionage action thriller about a former NIS agent with memory loss and a NK secret agent trying to kill him as they carry out an intense chase to stop a terrorism plot. I so hope the NK agent is a female character played by an A-list actress. Can imagine it to be super hot. Please drama gods, please make Seo In Guk accept the NIS agent role or any role will do. With his hapkido martial arts, boxing background, he would nail this role.

  2. I think he did well. Kudos for holding up against a top cast. It was a pity that he had limited scenes together with the male and female lead. But I think the writer and Pd like him enough to make his character work and go off with a bang. The ending in my opinion suited the story. It was hard enough to make endings for one n. Korea and s Korea couple aka the OTP, the other couple from the get go was destined to not be together. But I like it that they went for a route showing a different kind of love story which is short but impactful.

  3. I love him in CLOY. He is amazing that despite sharing the screen with a megastar leading man like Hyun Bin, he still managed to standout and appeared charming. I must say he has incredible chemistry with Seo Ji Hye and truthfully, I enjoyed their coupling more than Jeong Hyuk-Se Ri. And can I say how much I love his voice.

    Looking forward to more of his projects and I hope he stays healthy.

  4. He is an exceptional actor, I have just watched TIME for the third time. Even though he had to leave early it did not ruin the drama. I was worried that would be the last of his work, so I was delighted to see him return in Crash Landing, it was a shame that he had to die in the end. Hope to see him in more and more in the future.?????

  5. This guy surviving the presscon + leaving drama mess despite being a rookie is basically a miracle performed by his outstanding talent. If he wasn’t as talented as he is, his fate would have been completely different. I’m glad that he’s back and that he’s successful because recovering from depression is quite an ordeal, and his story may set an example for other artists who are struggling with the same problem.

    BTW I read an old interview of his and he was sick long before the press conference. He was suffering from depression before Time even started to shoot and he told the PD about his condition. The interview in which he explained that he was struggling was released AFTER the presscon and got swallowed by the timing, but if you read it, all the signs are there. He speaks about a strange feeling he can’t understand and he’s fighting against. He says that he cried during a trip to Hong Kong he did to clear his mind (the PD suggested it) and also mentions how he’s trying to hold on to his happy moments when he struggles. He also says that the role is taking a toll on him because he is a perfectionist. I don’t know what happened with the director of Time, but it is quite interesting that his reason for joining Crash Landing was that the director told him not to worry about ratings and just have fun. He really appreciated those words. It’s a shame that he had to go through such a tough experience, but I’m sure he’s learned a lot from it. I hope he’s ready for the promising future that is waiting for him.

    He’s received a lot of offers after CLOY, but he’s taking time to rest before choosing his next role. That’s a really wise choice.

  6. I hate the ending of CLOY. I love 2nd leads more than main leads. I refused to watch eps 16 until today. Let me having my own ending : Gu didn’t die and Dan is on her way to find him again ?

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