First Look at Jang Ki Yong Looking Like a Stylish Hobo in MBC Drama Born Again

Who knew that nearly ten years later the iconic shag and country boy look of Kim Soo Hyun in early Dream High would be resurrected in its entirety for a new generation of viewers. K-actor Jang Ki Yong‘s first look is out for the drama Born Again, and he clearly has never seen a stylist so perhaps the rebirth is a fashion one. Lol, I’m kidding, this is a reincarnation story of three people connected through one reincarnation cycle and thirty years. He usually looks like a male supermodel all sharp angles and incredible height but here he looks like the poor boy next door out of his element. Very in character and I love the stretching of his roles.


First Look at Jang Ki Yong Looking Like a Stylish Hobo in MBC Drama Born Again — 12 Comments

      • It makes sense if he turns down due to script issue or because of the timing of military duty. Tbf, he fits the role that PBG is playing. If only he didn’t turn down, it would’ve been great to see Jang Ki Yong with Park So Dam. Their acting fits with each other.

        Park Bo Gum is not good in acting.

  1. Whoa… Seems interesting plot? no matter what, I will be looking forward as ever.. Hope everything goes well, my ? my fav actor???

  2. Was excited that JKY has returned to the small screen!
    But then I found out who the female lead is. Its a pass for me.
    Sorry, not sorry.

  3. I was keen to check out this drama, story and lead male leads that’s a positive but saw the FL name and ahhh and ummm and then stared at beautiful JKY to get some motivation to want to watch this but realized that he looked like Professor Snape from Harry Potter with that cousin it wig. I’m sorry I couldn’t resist.

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