Kim Da Mi Shines in Peachy Joy for Cosmopolitan Korea Pictorial

I find Kim Da Mi a revelation. She is so so good as an actress for someone so young and with so few projects on her resume. But what she has done she’s picked smartly, with her most current drama the incredibly successful Itaewon Class. She’s the new face of Benefit cosmetics in the latest Cosmopolitan Korea pictorial and I love it! She’s rocking her single eyelid in the world of girls getting so much plastic surgery and the makeup looks so exquisite on her, she’s like a peach girl come to life sprung from a fairy tale. Love the rise of this true talent, I hope she goes far as K-ent continues to utilize someone so unique and lively.


Kim Da Mi Shines in Peachy Joy for Cosmopolitan Korea Pictorial — 11 Comments

  1. She is star of the show. Psj got an actress who carries the show with him.i swear ratings won’t be same if they have taken some wooden actress who wouldve ruined the show just bcoz of popularity. Well now she is popular actress and get those cf deals. She is already a rising movie actress and great debut in drama land as lead actress. She will be filled with offers in dramas , movies as well as endorsements. Glad to see some good 90s gen actresses rising with monolid trio,and late 90s girls. Kim dami is going to rock industry. As she has good scrupt sense and great skills to back up her project.

  2. And such a prestigious brand under LVMH. She landed big endorsement. I wonder how many she will accept because many actresses are choosy like son ye jin was in her 20s.i think she will oick onky exclusive ones

  3. Im having a big girl crush on her! So glad to be able to watch her with PSJ. I was kind of scared of a stiff partner when ı heard his casting news xD

  4. She really is a breath of fresh air and has talent that needs to be nurtured. Looking forward to her future works.

  5. I absolutely adored Kim Dami in The Witch: Subversion (everyone should watch it! Aso features Choi Woo Shik) and she’s by far the best character on Itaewon!

  6. She’s Soo Cute and natural, I really like her acting at her Drama Itaewon Class, Amazing good actress The Best ♥? hopefully,She would increased more projects this year and the next year ? Lots ot love from Philippines ??

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