Kim Hye Yoon to Have Special Performance in K-drama Youth Record with Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam

Oh this sounds like a very timely casting. Rising young actress Kim Hye Yoon has signed on for a special guest role in upcoming modeling turned to acting romance drama Youth Record. She’s joining a main cast of two high flying leads, Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam, as well as bringing her own level of media attention thanks to a great 2019 in K-drama exposure. I still feel the synopsis sounds really trite but with such talented cast signing on hopefully there is more than meets the eye. The drama is slated to air sometime this summer.


Kim Hye Yoon to Have Special Performance in K-drama Youth Record with Park Bo Gum and Park So Dam — 38 Comments

  1. Park so dam needs to strike on her new found global fame. I am sure she has no shortage of offers but i hope this drama works for her. I will watch it for her only bcoz she was amazing in parasite. Now she needs to select best scripts only. Good to see so many talented actresses shinning this year.

    • Yeah, The Hollywood Reporter said that Park So Dam received offers from Hollywood (probably from Disney studios and Netflix).

      Tbf, every Ifans (US and every other countries excluding South Korea) will be watching for PSD anyway.

      • She has a cool new movie out on March 11th in Korea, check it out. It was filmed in Japan.

      • @jill thanks, Jill. I’m looking forward to it and her new upcoming movie, Special Cargo.

    • At the end of the day, I think Park So Dam takes on this project bc she wants to diversify her work before doing movies in Hollywood, which I hope she doesn’t do Hollywood films too quickly.

      Tho if it’s from A24, then I don’t mind her doing that bc Dev Patel’s A24 movie, the green knight, looks so good.

    • I watched Parasite but truth be told, her acting was okay. She was just blessed to be cast in the movie. Any decent korean actress could had played her role.

      Park bo gum is a way better actor so it’s sad to see you say you are only watching this drama for her. She’s like a dead fish compared to him in facial acting.

      • @moonlight he isn’t my cup of tea. I didn’t shade him atleast.
        Second she was amazing in parasite and rocked the selfish role greatly. I have to disagree

      • I’m not saying you shade him it’s just disappointing that you don’t like him. But it’s opinions lolz like how I think he’s a better actor than her lolz

      • How dare you call PSD a dead fish? What facial acting? PBG is best paired with Jim Carrey in The Mask, both chiclets teeth will glow in the dark. LOL.

      • I’m not saying she’s a dead fish but her facial acting is so meh in comparison to bogummy. That’s why he is cf king! I don’t get the Jim Carrey references but he’s also a good expressive actor so I’ll take that as a compliment lolz

      • Lol, okay, Felicia. I don’t know why you feel like your opinion is relevant, but one thing for sure: Hollywood and Korean film industry disagrees with you strongly.

        Because Park So Dam has SAG award in her hand, and THR and W Magazine and Vanity Fair put her up as the breakout actress in Parasite.

        So, your opinion doesn’t matter. Stay mad, cause your oppa ain’t never gonna get that.

      • LOLz the sag award, it’s an ensemble award. She didn’t get a best actress award. You are trying too hard to give her credit.

        Breakout actress? It’s just promos and advertisement, they say that for every upcoming actor/actress in any entertainment industry. It’s call publicity.

      • SIduS considers Kim hye yoon as their gem. their most precious talent. thats why they are actively promoting her.
        SIDUs in really taking good care of her career by getting her projects that are appropriate for her age. projects that allowed her to.showcase her acting talents like sky castle and EY,
        Hye yoon is selecting her projects well. She is choosing quality projects only. Congratd hye joon. you deserve this. you deserve the lice and respect of your ralent agency.

  2. Is this a romance drama?

    If so it’s between an aspiring actor (pbg) and a make up artist (psd)?

    Even with a stellar cast, nothing about that sounds interesting

    Do we have any official synopsis on this?

    • Who’s going to believe park bo gum character having no presence as an actor in the drama? Lolz This is going to be funny to watch. Hopefully it’s more interesting than it sounds.

      Sidus should have push Yoo Jung for the special appearance rather than Hye Yoon. I agree with those that states her acting is atrocious although she does have screen presence. Her acting is perfect for Spanish soap operas, Old Chinese dramas, and Filipino flicks where exaggerated acting is embrace by its consumers.

      Yoo Jung is so beautiful she would be perfect to play a model in this drama. Sidus please get her a guest appearance on this drama too.

      • KYJ don’t need such exposure because she is already popular and established. Sidus needs to heavily promote KHY to create another KSH. KSH has been a big part of Sidus. She was the teen queen along with KYJ in that agency back then.

      • It’s true Yoo Jung doesn’t need exposure but I loved PBG and Yoo together so much that I want to see them together again.

        I realllly don’t understand why sidus need to waste their time promoting hye yoon when they already have such a good actress to promote. She can bring in higher ratings because everyone wants to see reunion of the moonlight couple.

        Maybe Hye yoon is lacking good offers? After the buzz of ey, you would think she would had signed up for another female lead role by now. It shows that producers and directors after that Hye yoon acting abilities are limited.

      • @Moonlight Yoo OMG you are so right if KYJ guest appeared alongside PBG that would be a ratings hit and to just see that one episode played out. OMMGGGG Crash and Burn is where I’ll be. Actually the K drama scene for me this year is just the best so far. LMH and his drama The Monarch, JJH in the one episode of Kingdom Part 2; KSH and SYJ in Psycho and my girl KYJ and JCW in Convenience Store not to mention this drama with PBG.

      • Kim Yoo Jung and So Hyun are 20 years while Hye Yoon is 23. Kim Hye Yoon specifically said, she wants roles that match her age and ones that more diverse in nature if possible, maybe she is waiting for good offers because she is popular in Korea, maybe a handful of people do not like her here but its not the same in her home base. I say its better to wait a bit. Its better to not get type cast.

      • KYJ doesnt need a cameo appearance since she would be very busy filming her next blockbuster rom com drama with Ji chang wook.
        so why waste her yime doing cameo role.
        Convenience store would be a big hit in and outside korea.
        Rating will be at par with the much anticipated drama of lee min ho. The king of eternal.monarch.
        Kim yoo jung is the most popular and the most beautiful among the 90s actresses. No one can contest her beauty, charm and intelligence. im pretty sure that Ki chang wook would fall for this beauthiful young woman during filming of Convenience.

      • BIG LOL @YooandChangFan. That’s the craziest delusionality I read so far in this blog. Hahahaha. Thank you for making my day. Anyways, one can always dream.

  3. I’m fast forwarding her scenes for sure, I hope it is a brief cameo. I tried giving her numerous chances and I rewatched all of her old work and her appearances on variety shows, I can’t help but see her doing the same acting style on dramas or in person. Aegyo-heavy for the most part.

  4. Thank the drama gods, I was so scared when I read the title of this post. I thought she was going to play a prominent role or second female lead. Whew. I can watch this drama worry-free. I stop watching extraordinary you entire episodes after third or fourth episode and skim the rest of the series because of her. Thank the drama gods I stopped, last episode was so unsatisfying.

  5. Is this still a drama about Models? First with JKY at 1.87m (perfect model height, but he declined), then PBG at 1.82m. PSD is 1.65m (short for female model), now KHY at 1.6m (even shorter), and someone suggests KYJ at 1.61m (short)? I guess the Korean standard for a model is quite short. I was hoping to see nice clothes on a runway. Will pass this.

    • I think KSR fits the role in terms of height and model aura. She’s not just relevant these says that’s why she’s not casted. But, if it is the other way around, she may be the female lead in this drama.

      • @troika Kim Sae Ron I agree she would be great and after finishing Leverage I am definitely keen to see her in another drama or film.
        Hopefully her signing up with Kim So Hyun’s agency Gold medalist I trust that she’ll start getting her dues. She does deserve it. I’m biased after seeing her in Snowy Road. Gosh was an enigma!

      • Kim Sae Ron is child actress, yet she hasn’t have any breakout performance since Won Bin film. What’s with her?

        I don’t think it’s relevance but more like not picking the right script and not having the acting skills to make stand out in Chungmuro.

      • It’s her agency that held her back, thank goodness she finally left it. KSR and Yoo Jung is a way better actress than your precious park so dam. All of Park so dam dramas bombed so far. Dramas takes more time and more talent than movies. It shows that her talent is limited. She’s just lucky to be cast in good movies that any regular actress would had excel in.

    • Park So Dam’s character is makeup artist, so it’s not just about models. Tho I don’t know how is this drama about models if they include makeup artist, maybe the scriptwriter bullshit the role.

      They should’ve kept Jang Ki Yong for Youth Records. He is way taller than Park bogus. He is also better actor.

    • Park Sodam’s character is makeup artist, as stated in the article.

      Jang ki yong should’ve done this drama instead. He is actually perfect for this model/actor.

      I would’ve skipped this drama if it weren’t for Park Sodam. Model or not, this type of drama is tedious.

      • Which article? Not here that I can read. Ok if she is makeup artist. Still I will pass coz the male model looks bad to me.

      • @Bailey yes JKY fit the role more than PBG. Because he is the real model. Eventho the news said he’s turning down the role, but I felt like the Pd is the one who change him to PBG. But because of that, tvn put this drama as one of their highlight drama in 2020.

        @fashion its about model turn actor, this blog always update about this drama.

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