Classic Style Official Drama Posters for Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun’s Parallel Universe Romance The King: Eternal Monarch

The upcoming SBS drama The King: Eternal Monarch will be taking over the Fri-Sat time slot from Hyena so it’ll be a new spot for Kim Eun Sook when she collaborates with the Big Three networks. There is no way this drama isn’t going to get high ratings, there isn’t anything out there buzzy right now or nearly as high profile, I’m curious how high the ratings could get. The official drama posters are out and as always it just looks like a Kim Eun Sook drama, there is a vibe that all her drama posters project, sweeping and packed full of big name faces. I’m betting that scene above between leads Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun in a nighttime Seoul backdrop will be played and replayed ad nauseam.


Classic Style Official Drama Posters for Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun’s Parallel Universe Romance The King: Eternal Monarch — 23 Comments

      • @ady, I am so happy to hear that! We are in lockdown now in NZ for 4 long weeks. LMH will be my perfect cheer me up factor in April. Thank you Netflix!

      • @kimchi ajumma we are lockdown till 15th april. It is controlled here currently bht next 20 days are most important. I guess they will extend till may end. It sucks but it is need of time. So netflix is my only hope

  1. Definitely on my watchlist. love the plot, it looks interesting. my first time to watch Lee Min ho so im pretty much excited.

  2. Legend of the Blue Sea final episode reached 20% if I’m not mistaken. His leading lady isn’t JJH so it now all depend on the script. Audience seems to be picky when it comes to dramas. Crash Landing had 2 A-lister as leads. Itaewon is a popular webtoon with PSJ as main lead.

    • Huh you all discredit him. Lotbs was carried by both leads and started with stromgest ratings in years and have peak ratings of 21 % and average of 17.6%. It didnt become phenomenon but atill was a top 5 drama of year
      Some here also credit city hunter success to pmy whose drama started with nearly over 1%. It was lmh who carried that show. He was the star attraction in heirs and landed all those deals after it ended.. Psh career boosted after heirs. Before that she was known but not a bankable A list actress. He has 4 dramas to hit over 20% all begore his 30th birthday. Even his underperforming dramas did hetter than so called hit dramas today lmao
      He can bring ratings in his own. Later ratings depend in script. But initial ratings is about star
      Kim eun sook and investors who made this big budget drama knows better than antis here who casted him because he brings ratings. You guys can keep discrediting him but investors are not going to cast someo e for this project if they dont trust the star power of male lead around whom drama wilk be centred around
      And kim go eun is a bankable actress too.
      Both are A listers. Keep discrediting him. He will keep getting such projects

      • @ady.
        no hate on KIM GO EuN, but are you saying that shes an A lister? on what basis? did i read your response to M correctly. i might have just misunderstood your post.

      • @anj what is ur definition of an aa list? She endoeses brand like chanel.
        She has 2 hit dramas.
        She has many hit movies.
        That is quite A list to me.
        Kim eun sook only cast A list

      • @ady
        oh please! you are not giving her credits bc of Goblin,are you?!
        tell me I misunderstood.
        it is one thing to support a drama and another thing to change facts for that sake.
        Goblin was carried by GY.
        and the fact that she had a role in a hit drama doesn’t make her an A-list actress imao. I’m not hating her or sth hope she does better in the king.

      • @artemis getting casted by top writers and pds in big projects is quite A list to me. I am not saying she is new taeheji in stardom but she is one of the A list actresses from 90s batch imo.she carried cheese in trap too with her great role. Atleast investors sees her as an A list actress

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