Hashimoto Kanna and Aragaki Yui Top J-fan Poll of Legendary Japanese Actress Beauties

There are fewer polls out of J-ent but the few I see are always interesting as a glimpse at what J-netizens consider pretty/popular. This week a poll of Top 20 Legendary Beauties of J-ent shows a lot of familiar and even classic actress beauties on this 2020 list. The winner is a surprise and truly her rise as an actress baffles me because she’s really awful at acting and her claim to fame being ONE picture taken when she was a small town idol – of course I’m talking about Hashimoto Kanna. Second place is more my taste the always perky Aragaki Yui. In third is Hirose Suzu followed by the non-ageing Fukada Kyoko and fifth is the 90’s era pinup actress Miyazawa Rie. Check out the full poll list below.

Legendary Beauty Top 20:

  1. Hashimoto Kanna
  2. Aragaki Yui
  3. Hirose Suzu
  4. Fukada Kyoko
  5. Miyazawa Rie
  6. Mizuki Alisa
  7. Horikita Maki
  8. Horisue Ryoko
  9. Ueto Aya
  10. Shiraishi Mai
  11. Nagasawa Masami
  12. Ayase Haruka
  13. Goto Kumiko
  14. Uchida Yuki
  15. Miyazaki Aoi
  16. Makise Riho
  17. Adaichi Yumi
  18. Honda Tsubasa
  19. Takei Emi
  20. Issiki Sae


Hashimoto Kanna and Aragaki Yui Top J-fan Poll of Legendary Japanese Actress Beauties — 16 Comments

      • There is no such ranking. She’s fabricating lies because KYJ is never considered as top beauty in Korea

      • @ Lydie troika

        Did you skip your breakfast today so you both can’t think? That’s Joane personal list of beauty. Did she quote a source. No, so calm your tush.

    • I hate how you used Kim Yoo Jung’s name so casually which I think you just want her to be hated and her fandom ?.

  1. For me it’s Aoi Yu. She has that kind of simple and pure beauty, I find her so charming and quirky. I haven’t watched her for a while now so I don’t know how she evolved but I still remember her.

    • Same, Aoi Yu was my favourite since playing Hagu in Honey & Clover

      Nakama Yukie is another personal fav I miss.

  2. I’m surprised that Ishihara Satomi and Sawajiri Erika aren’t on the list. Erika is perhaps not there due to her scandals?
    It is good to see Yui, Masami and Haruka there. They are the actresses I have watched “grow up”.

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