Yamazaki Kento Delivers Another Hit as Period Movie Kingdom 2 to the 2019 Hit Original Film Reigns #1 at the Japan Box Office for Two Weeks

Shin is back! And he’s leveled up to a smexy little low pony to boot lol. Now that he’s grown up since Kingdom the original first move in the adaptation of the same name shonen manga, I guess he’s no longer going to be screaming “HYO!” all day long and now focus his attentions on helping new bestie and young King Eisei rule over this war populated land. This is clearly cribbed from the Chinese Warring States period but I did love the OG Kingdom flick for being such slick earnest fun and utilizing the sprawling cast properly. Kingdom 2 arrived this July 15th in Japan and has been #1 in the box office for two weeks now, and as much as viewers rightly complain that It Boy Yamazaki Kento is cast in everything it makes sense when he can bring in the audience. The main trio is all back for the sequel alongside new villains and allies and from what I can see in the trailer bigger scale in the action set pieces.

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Ayase Haruka and Aragaki Yui Lead the J-news Poll for Top Actresses of 2022

The top J-actresses appear to have a stranglehold in the audience love for the past decade and probably even earlier almost 15 years. A top J-news publication held a poll of viewers to pick their top J-actress of 2022. To … Continue reading

Demon Slayer Anime Movie Becomes Japan’s #1 All Time Box Office Hit as Talk Goes to Live Action Adaptation with Casting News Spoilers

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Japan Hits a Home Run with J-movie Adaptation of Popular Manga Kingdom with Perfect Leads Yamazaki Kento and Yoshizawa Ryo

Sorry this post is a few months late but I didn’t have the chance to watch it in the Japan theaters and only caught it last week on a long trans-Pacific flight but holy schmoly was it hella entertaining. I’m … Continue reading

More Spot On Character Posters for Highly Anticipated J-movie Adaptation of Popular Manga Gintama

More character posters are out for the highly anticipated summer Japanese movie live-action adaptation of popular shonen manga Gintama (Silver Soul). The first set of movie posters released last month were of the three main characters – Oguri Shun as … Continue reading