Lee Min Ho and Jung Eun Chae Make a Pretty Visual Pair in New Stills from The King: Eternal Monarch

Movie theaters have been dark for weeks if not months now in many parts of the world so television shows remain a consistent new sourcing of visual entertainment to look forward to. It’s April 1 and we’re finally mere days away from the premiere of SBS Fri-Sat fantasy romance drama The King: Eternal Monarch. Male lead Lee Min Ho is killing it in all his drama stills so far, definitely kingly, whatever that means, perhaps just hot in royal insignia inspired garb heh. I am legit surprised by hot sexy and sultry second female lead Jung Eun Chae looks, my main exposure to her was as the emotionally traumatized beat cop in horror thriller The Guest (she was awesome in it) where she forever looked grungy and beat down. That just shows what an actress she is to seamlessly convince me of her character visually in such diametrically opposite ways.


Lee Min Ho and Jung Eun Chae Make a Pretty Visual Pair in New Stills from The King: Eternal Monarch — 43 Comments

  1. He is looking like a king in every still. He is so charismatic that not only fans but haters can’t stop discussing him.

    Anyways she is really beautiful actress and really matchup with him. She is really attractive.. king , 2 beautiful women as leads. It already looks amazing.

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  3. I wish she was the female lead. I never found Kim Go Eun attractive now she is going to look like a little ugly duckling next to the second lead…

    • i dont find kim Go Eun attractive as well.ive seen a few still photos of KGE and LMH and I did nt see any chenisty between thm.., I cant feel it yet. LMH One thing is clear, KGE and LMH Arent visually conpatible.

      • Kim Go Eun is a talented actress and she may not be tall or have a plastic beauty as most of y’all prefer but she is naturally beautiful inside and out. I’m looking forward to d drama because of her acting skills. Most people commenting on her looks are not even half as pretty as she is, while the others have done plastic surgery. If Go Eun can’t create chemistry with Min Ho then I would recall my statement abt her acting skills.

  4. The guys in this show are sooo good looking. Cant say the same for the girls especially the female lead she is so unatractive. And her acting is annoying!

    • shes an overrated actress. she was super annoying in Goblin. Her acting was so childish. Could not see the emotions she was trying to convey in Goblin. and she didnt even have chemistry with GY.

      • Are you sure you watched the same show Goblin. Cuz the chemistry between GY and GE was immense that it created a rumour between the pair.

  5. Koala crushing hard on this drama.. I hope it doesn’t disappoint just for you. Good luck to all the cast and crew tho, it’s not easy to make a big budget drama (coming from a filmmaking student). I’ll check this one out

  6. This drama is Lee Min-ho’s highly anticipated comeback. The blend of Actors bring a wealth of experience and versatility to this project. The Teasers have whetted my anticipation! I am beyond excited to see how the dynamics of the Lee Min-ho/Kim Go-eu/Jung Eun-chae triangle will play out.

  7. The drama is already getting millions of views and good overseas response. Looks like another international hit for the king.haters can hhate but really his appeal overseas remains untouchable for k actors

  8. Because of kge I’m going to pass this drama. It’s hard to like her after watching her on goblin. This second lead should be the main lead actress.

  9. LOL. Kim Eun Sook specifically chose KGE for Goblin and for The King. Please continue to stay salty for all those KGE haters who continue to bash her looks and her acting skills while she continue to rise in kdramas and Chungmuro.

    • Haters gonna hate KGE.But I love her. As for her visuals not being upto the mark for me she is the prettiest Korean actress. The fact that KES recasted her proves her acting abilities and as for her acting in Goblin,how can you expect a 19 y.o acting mature. Ofcourse she had to act as an immature teenager & she did it very convincingly

      • Being recast does not prove acting abilities. Explain Suzy getting recast 3 times by sane writer lol. It’s just they like working with each other. They wasting their time not casting better actresses but everyone has weird quirks and favorites.

        I never seen teens in high school who act like her lollllll the writer made a mistake in not making her a college student or older. Being a teen didn’t add anything to the story.

      • That was the problem with the writer not KGE. Have you ever seen KES recasting an actor except LMH ,KGE. It proves that she was convinced with her portrayal of Ji Eun Tak.KGE didn’t portrayed a teenager as immature by her own unless she was asked by the makers. Suzy gets recasted because of her face(which I don’t find attractive)

      • Like I said before, everyone has weird favorites, including writer KES. KES may be convinced but majority of viewers aren’t.

        Suzy did not get recast because of her face, the writer park just likes her for who know why? Friendship? Idk but she is a good writer who should had cast better a better lead actress. Writer park needs to stop eating the wrong meds. Her strong material would be better with a strong actress.

      • Pls tell them… I love Goblin so much and KGE played out role perfectly… How do you expect a highschool teenager to act? If they call KGE’s acting immature pls what would you call MIN HO’s acting in the heirs ? (*very mature) (FYI I like LMH, he’s the reason behind my love for kdrama)

      • Even if majority of viewers weren’t convinced it wasn’t KGE’s fault at all. It was KES who decided to write an unrealistic female lead. She just portrayed it as the character was written. Would she have started acting mature out of the blue and went against the writer?? I m just saying that in Goblin it wasn’t KGE who was the problem but the way Ji Eun tak’s character was written was the issue. If you want to see how good her acting is go watch Cheese in the trap. The way she portrayed a character like Hong Seol who is sensitive to everything around her is commendable

      • Exactly. But for him his female fans are always gonna protect him. So irrespective of his wierd acting in the heirs he isn’t bashed at all and hailed because of his good looks

      • @Meadow and @Rose No need to engage the antis. They’re going to bashed no matter what once their minds are made up. Just let KGE’s acting skills speak for themselves.. Haters are gonna hate – obviously they’re better judges than the experts in the Industry..

      • @meadow and rose we lmh fans r not bashing kge. It is other actresses
        And he was good for us in heirs . Why will we bash? Dont bring lmh fans in ur argument and yes he was miles better than kge in goblin if u wamma go that way

      • @meadow @ rose

        It’s so easy to blame the writers nowadays. KGE is known to writing good female characters. Esp look at city hall. It’s just the actress herself couldn’t translate a good character to the screen. If we ignored the acting portion, her looks alone didnt look like a teenager. A huge miscast. Look at second female lead of goblin. She did wonders.

        I did like her portrayal for the most part in cheese in trap, it’s like she was born to play the character. But most of her other works, her acting is bland at best.

      • I mean really if KGE wasn’t believable to you as a high schooler than who would? Her face is not at all mature. And KES writing strong female leads , what a joke, haven’t you watched the heirs,t he female lead was just a person who was there for crying and had no control on her own life. I really don’t want to waste my energy with respect to KGE’s acting. I have already said what I had to say so just beleive what you want to. Don’t get offended by any of it

  10. Lee min ho is The king of my heart,he is my no.1 favorite actor,he is my anti stress,saranghe min-ho❤️❤️❤️

  11. It’s just the way you said, that you felt that LMH was way better than KGE in the heirs. We felt that KGE was phenomenal in Goblin. I couldn’t finish the heirs because of LMH’ s character. But it wasn’t all LMH’s fault. It was the writing of his character that was the main problem which I accept. But you guys keep saying that it was all KGE’Ss fault and not the writers . Is this not bashing?? Please explain

    • @meadow i m ok with your opinion but u said why lmh fans dont bash him for heir act? Why do u want us to bash him? Did i ask u not to criticise him?
      Did i ask u to stop praising ur actress? I didnt find his acting bad and thats my opinion. I didnt find her acting gud in goblin. I loved her in cheese in trap. I didnt ask kge fans to bash her for her acting in goblin.
      So dont point out lmh fans for loving him

      • Dear, it is the same for both the actors . Both of their characters were ruined by the writer. But the fact that KGE was the only one who was hated and the writer was termed as the master of scripts did not go down well with me. I don’t want his fans to bash him. Why would I? But his case was totally ignored by everyone. I am sorry if I heart your sentiments?

      • @meadow its fine and i m sorry too. These people r just mad that lmh and kge is coming with biggest project not their faves. drama is already getting huge waves throughout asia. so jealousy will be seen from now onwards till final episode.

      • Thanks for being understanding. And let’s just cheer for both of them and pray that this show is a big success

    • U said his female fans love for his handsomeness and dont bash him? Dont make comment on what his fans to choose or not. It was other actress fans who were bashing kge here. But u tried to bash us . .

      • I will once again say that I am sorry if you thought that I was trying to bash minoz. I was just replying to Rose on. If it looked like that I am sorry!!

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