Lee Seung Gi and Choi Jin Hyuk Reunite for Upcoming tvN Procedural K-drama Mouse

I love it when I’m totally surprised and this K-drama casting news was a nice jolt heading into end of week. tvN is prepping a new procedural K-drama Mouse and in talks for the male leads are Lee Seung Gi and Choi Jin Hyuk, who memorably played Gumiho daddy and half-Gumiho son in the fantasy sageuk Gu Family Book. The two men will be playing detective partners in this drama, a serious procedural that deals with whether psychotics and psychosis can be identified in advance before crimes are committed. It’s from the screenwriter of God’s Gift: 14 Days and Black and slated for airing in the second half of 2020.


Lee Seung Gi and Choi Jin Hyuk Reunite for Upcoming tvN Procedural K-drama Mouse — 48 Comments

  1. Choi jin hyuk on roll.his new drama rugal is good. worth watching!
    And lsg needs a hit drama badly. Though he wilk never be short of work bcoz of variety work. But its long since he has a mega hit drana. And vagabond was a big budget disaster, with no news of sequel anymore

    • Suzy tainted LSG’s streak of successful dramas. Imo, Vagabond would have been better if the female lead is Kim Yoo Jung.

      • Vagabond was not a disaster. It was a hit and well-received. Lee Seung Gi and Suzy have great acting and chemistry in that action drama. There are rumours of Vagabond 2 so fans are eagerly awaiting that. Yes, I would watch Mouse for Lee Seung Gi.

      • vagabond underperformed big time, but why bring in kyj? so that vagabond could have gotten 1% ratings?

      • my goodness you are a big hater of Kim Yoo Jung! Why bring her name? You definitely want KYJ to be hated?!!

      • What is the need to bring other actresses to start a fanwar again which is totally unrelated to the original topic. I m neither a KYJ nor a Suzy
        fan but I love LSG so don’t want a mess to be created when such a good news is posted. It is so petty to drag other actors in between and intentionally ignite a fight. These days in koalas’ post ,it is quite clear that people knowingly bring the names of some stars and just sit back to enjoy the show. I m not saying people should not express their opinions but you should do it at a convenient place so as to make some sense. Just wait for Koala to post a topic related to ur biases and then do whatever you want.

      • LOL, you got to be kidding Kim Yoo Jung? She is really not a great actress too.

      • @ joker @ hohliu

        Yoojung would had been better starring with him than Suzy. Y’all just butthurt and have no eyes. Yoojung is better than your fave sohyun.

      • Vagabond made money due to Suzy’s star power to get endorsement. Lancome and Carin came in to support the show because of her. She is one of the few that can pull in financing so be grateful that Vagabond made betrer returns because of her and LSG.

      • That 1% cleaner cannot bring in anything. She cannot act, cannot kick ass. She only cleans toilets.

      • @imposter Chi
        Anyone can comment here. Including you always pretending not the imposter.

      • @ imposter chi 9:13am

        I know one of your usernames is dick. You must be bored. I can tell.

  2. Lee Seung Gi should tone down his acting. He’s overacting especially in vagabond His acting is over the top for me.

  3. I hope his drama does well. Really liked his performance in Vagabond and I cried a lot. Although it made me think that his character had some secret potion to sustain immortality as he would come back alive from every grave situation..lol..
    I became a fan of him after watching “Shining Inheritance” almost 1.5 years ago. That drama may be considered a makjang, hence I think it may be underrated now but it had great values and LSG chemistry with Han Hyo Joo was simply pure and superb.I still dream that they work again as both are of same age and suit each other really well. That drama was a massive hit having a nationwide peak rating of 47.1 pc and broke many records during its run. And that too it was his first project as a lead in 2009.It really propelled his career . His redemption in the drama really touched my heart and I started following LSG’s work.He definitely deserves the title of Triple threat.As I got to know more about him my respect increased by tenfold. Such a hard-working, generous gentleman is he.Everyone just admires him. And his voice is to die for. A really great singer apart from being an actor.Till now I have watched all of his dramas but couldn’t finish “Gu Family Book” . The reason was the leading lady. However my love for LSG overpowered
    the hesitation against that actress and I ended up watching Vagabond and I don’t regret it. Will always support LSG.”Shining Inheritance” was my favourite drama untill it was pushed to the second place by CLOY.
    LSG-HHJ pairing was also my bias untill HB-SYJ appeared. The interesting fact is ,these two pairs were born in the same year.(LSG-HHY in 1987 and HB-SYJ in 1982). This shows that usually same age couples appeal more to the masses.I pray that his drama breaks many records and my boy deserves it.

    • I had a similar situation but seungi power overcome all other complains and I really enjoyed it. I don’t understand why people are saying it went under..for me it was one of the best action drama unlike other drama I hv watched it did not sidetrack towards romance or fulfilling their love interest issue..it was true to its action genre.

  4. Netflix must be stupid for signing up Suzy for Vagabond. She can’t act and can’t bring high ratings. Same situation with So Hyun, look what happened to Love Alarm. It never buzzed

      • Lol, she got a drama with a top Hallyu male actor. And it’s one of the most anticipated drama this 2020. So, you’re the real jealous here coz my fave will have her second 20% rating drama!

      • @ imposter chi 9:17pm

        Use your own username if you want to make comments

        @ ricci

        I agree with imposter chi, you are freaking delusional if you think it’s one of the most anticipated drama of 2020 and that it’s going to break 20 percent. Kim Soo Hyun’s It’s okay Psycho drama that will air around the same time, is the one that is actually anticipated.

        JCW has been in a long slump period. I don’t think his fortunes is going to change with this drama. I already saw the fan set photos. And there is no chemistry. JCW once again is going to have to carry the drama on his back. Yoojung acting looks like a run-over squirrel. JCW when are you going to get cast with suitable actresses again? Poor JCW.

        Stop drinking alcohol and drink sanity, you are so deluded. Get help.

      • @ Marie

        Nah don’t drag jcw, he can act diverse roles unlike Yoojung who’s doing the same thing in all three leading dramas of hers. The only thing that is slightly different is that she will be an ex-bully but she will still resort to her cutesy, silly antics with a side of action.

    • Please stop your delusions. Both of your faves’ netflix series didn’t attract massive number of viewers. I’m sure Netflix lost a lot of money for investing to the wasted talent of Suzy and So Hyun. If they just chose Yoo Jung, both of these dramas will be massive hits.

      • @ ricci

        I think you must had microwaved yourself when you were a child because your lack of critical thinking is dismal. Is your brain soggy now or did all the brain juice leak out of your ears?

        Why on earth would they do season 2 of love alarm if it lost money? Try again delulu. Your jealousy blinded your common sense. Get help lolllll

        Kyj only impressed me in love in moonlight and dirge singer, after that, she went downhill. Clean with passion, because I love you, golden slumber cameo, are all just weak imitations of her character in love in moonlight. I was once a huge fan but she let me down with her digression in acting. What happened? Idk.

        She better not drag down jcw. Jcw is a great actor who deserves a great actress like ha ji won in empress ki,

      • i agree with Ricci. KYJ drama with his ML is one of the most anticipated and talked about drama in 2020. His ML is lucky to be pairing up with him for she will help him get rid of the “scar” the he got from his drama in 2019 after his vomeback from the MS. Her star power would bring the double dugit ratings.
        Their fans are going crazy in SNs.about their chemistry. Fans are very much excited about the romance berween her and ML. Many international fans are very much excited to see this drama.

        Dont get too jealous witH KJH.

      • @ Joane

        You need help as well, your brain must be overheating due to not using it for awhile. Which poll are you using that points out to many people are anticipating the drama? So far this year, monarch and psycho it’s okay, kingdom season 2, and youth record are the most look forward dramas in first half of 2020.

        From what I heard, her star power didn’t bring the audience for clean with passion or because I love you. The only shiny star in this drama is jcw. He’s going to be working hard to save the drama. He’s charismatic and have huge screen presence no matter which actress he works with.

        You sure like to tell tall tales.

        Who the heck is kjh?

        Your entire family is jealous. Don’t give up, your hallucinations can be cured.

      • @Ricci, stop your pretentions. You’re just jealous because Netflix don’t have trust to your bias’ star power.

        Love Alarm will surely be a hit and will continue So Hyun’s streak of successful dramas (from LAS1, TTON, and LAS2). You must be so bitter of So Hyun’s current achievements while your bias is a struggling actress with 1% drama record.

      • @Ricci Why are so many KYJ fans here so delusional? What star power are you talking about? I must have missed it when her cleaning drama got a record-breaking 1% LMFAO

    • @ imposter chi

      Stop using my username if you want to comment. No I doubt it. There’s multiple of delusional kyj fans. Maybe some do use multiple accounts.

  5. You are a bunch of delulu and haters. Yoojung is the best and a phenomenal actress, your bias may it be sohyun, hyeyoon, Suzy, iu, yoona, and sohyun forth are terrible in comparison.

    Calm your tush everyone, in June the love team of Yoojung and ji changwook will win our hearts. Stay jealous lolz

    • From the looks of it, you’re the only one jealous here! Lol
      You must be thinking KSH a lot. Wow! And you even typed her name twice? Keep doing that, next thing you’re going to be a fan.lol

      So much negativity from you! Smh

  6. Suzyyy fans vagabond was a massive big budget disaster vivien jane. It averages single digit rating and even cablr dramas r doing betterm no sequel is cmng

  7. I was just going through the articles and saw the the article where seungi bieng a newsanchor at sbs and some one in the comments said that they want LSG in some procedural drama,looks like thier wish got fulfilled!
    And I reallllllly want a great great drama from LSG rating wise critically acclaimed wise and everything…
    His acting skills are sometimes underappreciated!

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