So Ji Sub Marries Broadcast Journalist Jo Eun Jung and Ends Longtime Bachelor Status

Talk about a surprise wedding, woo hoo! K-ent is reporting that So Ji Sub and his broadcast journalist girlfriend Jo Eun Jung are officially married! The couple registered their marriage which is the trendy thing to do with celebs these days but also quite practical in the world of social distancing and not organizing grand gatherings such as weddings. It also feels like a So Ji Sub thing, he’s quirky and prone to do things his way and getting married under-the-radar is totally his low key style. Sadly his BFF Park Yong Ha has been gone for ten years and cannot be there to serve as his best man and remains one of the saddest and most heartbreaking losses of young K-ent talent. But life goes one and I am so so so happy to see So Ji Sub married and heading into a new chapter of his life with his beautiful wife. Congrats and be safe and well together.


So Ji Sub Marries Broadcast Journalist Jo Eun Jung and Ends Longtime Bachelor Status — 11 Comments

  1. Omg congratulation and sooo happy for them. He’s finally settling down, so hope they last forever. My favorite actor since I saw “I’m Sorry I Love You”. Support always So Ji Sub.

  2. Woohoo. Super stoked for So Ji Sub. Congrats and best wishes to him and his wife. What a coincidence that I just started watching My Secret Terrius yesterday and re-watching Master’s Sun today. Suddenly had a strange feeling that I wanted to his dramas yesterday. My ajumma instincts hit the jackpot again! The best news of 2020 so far amid all the doom and gloom. His peers like JIS, LDW, GY and HB must step up their game, lol. May this wedding announcement start the ball rolling now that spring is here.

  3. Shocking news, but much welcome. Particularly since the news these days is mostly sad so it’s good to have something to celebrate.

    Congratulations to the happy couple!!

  4. Congratulation to him and his beautiful wife. May your future be fill with joyous and more successful productions. I only have 6 favorite Korean celebrities and 3 are now marrying while the other 3 aren’t. Won Bin, Ji Sung, and now So Ji Sub.

    I’m waiting to here wedding bells for my other 3: Gong Yoo, Han Ji Min, and Song Hye Kyo. Hoping these individuals find their other half.

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  6. Congratulations to him. He found his other half to spend the rest of his life with. He is one of the best actors in Korea.

    You know, I always thought that he and Kim Hyun Joo was in a secret relationship after Cinderella shoes.
    Hope Kim Hyn Joo finds her prince charming.

    • yes he does have a long term relationship with Hyun-Joo and i personally ship them ended up together in a marriage union, i think because of the entertainment culture in Korea they had to be very discreet about their personal life. you deserve to Be Ji-Sub

  7. Congratulations to the happy couple. I love SJS. He may not be the best of drama actors but I think he has great comic talent. He may be my favorite among all of the TV drama actors and I wish him and his wife all the best.

  8. Congratulation to So Ji Sub. My one and only favorite. May he be bless with happiness and joy with his pretty wife.

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