Nam Joo Hyuk Leaves YG and Signs with Management Soop Which Represents Gong Yoo, Jeon Do Yeon, Suzy, Gong Hyo Jin and More

This is a big agency switch and really cements Management SOOP as one of the powerhouses in K-ent actor and actress representation. Nam Joo Hyuk has left longtime agency YG Entertainment and picked Management SOOP as his new home. The agency represents so many top/popular actors and actresses it’s crazy: Gong Yoo, Jeon Do Yeon, Gong Hyo Jin, Suzy, Choi Woo Shik, Jung Yumi, Kim Jae Wook, Seo Hyun Jin, Nam Ji Hyun, and Lee Chun Hee. Wowsers. Nam Joo Hyuk has two projects scheduled for this year already signed up, the Netflix original drama School Nurse Ahn Eun Young with Jung Yu Mi and he filmed the movie Josee a remake of the J–movie romance Josee, the Tiger and the Fish which reunites him with Han Ji Min after their successful drama The Light in Your Eyes.


Nam Joo Hyuk Leaves YG and Signs with Management Soop Which Represents Gong Yoo, Jeon Do Yeon, Suzy, Gong Hyo Jin and More — 20 Comments

  1. I wonder will dior, and other luxury brands he got under yg leave him as well bcoz he signed under that agency. He is pan asia model for brand.

    But a good move leaving criminal agency. Though yg brings lot of cf deals. But its reputation is all time low .

    And this agency will find him better projects. Though i wish his next drama works for him. I hope to see him becone bankable leading man from 90s gen like pbg . He has improved too a lot. Though wont be able to watch his next drama bcoz of his co-star. But all d best to him

    • Brands and cfs generally aren’t exclusive to the agency they sign the deal with. So it should follow him for the most part.

      • @chi thanks for d info. Because yg has many luxury brands for their artists. So i thought they might leave him . But good if he keeps them

  2. Btw he has 4 releases this year. One netflix drama, 2 tvn dramas startup ( hope he saves it ) and here ( one with that whole A list cast of top stars) and a movie. Two of these r with hanji min lol.
    Dude is working big time. Good for him to cement his position because he will have to go to army in 2 years.

  3. I just realize Nam Joohyuk has 11m follower in his Ig. Wow He is such a hallyu star. Btw its good he leaving YG, but I don’t think it will give a good impact for his career. I’m still going to support him tho.

    • Yeah. Thanks to hallyu hits like School 2015, WLFKBJ, and Scarlet Heart. Although these dramas did not fare well domestically, NJH still rose to stardom due to international fans overflowing for said dramas. Hope to see more success for NJH. NJH, fighting!

      • I guess the one who give him that popularity is WLFKBJ, because LSK have like 10m followers as well. Actually my fav is dazzling. I know he improved a lot from that drama.

      • Yeah. Among the 3 dramas, it’s WFKBJ catapulted more NJH to hallyu stardom. School 2015 is more of KSH and YSJ. While Scarlet Heary is more of IU and LJK

  4. I love him after watching the light of your eyes with Han Ji Min. He improve so much. Can’t wait to see Josee and Here with my girl Ji Min. These to make a beautiful couple. Love them so much.

    Waiting to see him collaborate with Gong Yoo if he’s in the same agency.

  5. Nam Joo Hyuk has proven he is a capable actor after Radiant. I love him and Han Ji Min so much. They are my favorite couple with perfect chemistry in Radiant. Watching them during the Baeksang Art Awards make my heart fluttering. I’m happy he’s joining Soop Management with Gong Hyo Jin and Gong Yoo. Soop Management is probably a better agency than YG. I’m also waiting to watch Josee too but maybe this movie will have to be delayed because of this pandemic. I’m rooting for him.

    • I second you…I love them so much. They also become my favorite couple. I came to adore Nam Joo Hyuk after this drama so much. He shine in the drama. Support him too.

      • I watch him before in The Water God, but he make me cringe because his acting is hard to watch. I watch his performance again in Radiant because of Han Ji Min. He then changed my opinion about his acting so I became a fan. I’m still waiting for Josee to premiere since I miss these two very much. I will support him with whatever productions he landed on. Soop has great actors so I support his decision on signing with them.

  6. Hope his new agency will continue grooming him as a defining actor of the 90s gen. We all know that PBG is unrivaled and he’s the only defininh actor of his gen. So, competition in the 90s of actors is not really stiff because PBG’s level is really high. So, hoping that NJH’s agency will make him such.

  7. I really like Nam Joo Hyuk in WFKBJ. Well done my boy. Can’t wait for him to team up with another Nam, Nam Ji Hyun who will now be his label mate. Go the Nam couple, somebody cast them together in a drama.

  8. Omg cannot wait for him to start a new drama, started to like him in WEIGHTLIFTING KBJ their chemistry is so perfect.

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