K-netizens Have Thoughts on Who Should Be Cast as Leads in K-drama Adaptation of Remarried Empress

K-actress Su Ae has been the face of the webtoon version of Remarried Empress (originally a web novel) so the upcoming K-drama adaptation will definitely have her name in the mix. But her age makes the entire series about ten years older than in the original story and I would rather the cast be younger because everyone is so emotionally immature in the series (or shall I say emotionally inexperienced). K-netizens have been reading the web novel and following along with the webtoon for years now and fans have some thoughts: other than Su Ae there are also calls for Kim Tae Ri or Lee Da Hee female lead Empress Navier, male lead Crown Prince Heinly could suit Lee Dong Wook, Ji Chang Wook, or Kang Dong Won, douchey Emperor Sovieshu could be pulled off by Won Bin, and goodness I don’t even want to think about the poor actress that has to play second female lead Rashta (die bitch die!).


K-netizens Have Thoughts on Who Should Be Cast as Leads in K-drama Adaptation of Remarried Empress — 78 Comments

  1. I marathon and read a good portion of the story. They could easily lower the age bracket and make the actors young even in their early twenties. I believed they were married in their teens in the novel, it’s normal for people to marry early during those times.

    Im surprised I haven’t heard Yeo Jin Goo signed up for any project after his huge hit last summer in Hotel Del Luna. I think he should be the main lead, he was so winning in HDL and although absolute boyfriend was terrible, he was so charming in it.

    Obviously Kim So Hyun should reunited with her METS and I miss you costar. She has this uncanny ability to look both younger and older than her age. And she has proven she can play damaged characters but also has a vindictive streak. She also great at playing outspoken and sassy characters. She would be perfect.

    • KSH is the most versatile actress of her gen. It’s about time for PDs and Writers to groom young star like her into superstardom. K-entertainment needs a new breed of superstar, and KSH has the fullest potential to be one.

      • @ thylane
        She’s really unrated. If not the queen, she should play rashta and return to her villainous roots. In the novel, there were times I sympathize with her character. It’s few and between but it’s there. I think Kim So Hyun has what it takes to make the villain 3D and somewhat likable.

      • I think So Hyun is underrated because of her age and also because, she is always pitted against the actresses in the mid and late 20s. Nevertheless, I think she and KYJ are the top 2 most popular stars of the late 90s gen. So, I guess she’s in a high tier position. Further, I guess it is just a matter of time that she will be cast in roles for full-pledged adults.

      • KSH is underrated? I don’t think so. Actually, if you compare her among her contemporaries, she miles level above. Further, to be honest, it is just her or KYJ who rake the big productions and top CF deals among their peers. In short, they are creme of the crop. The ultimate duo.

      • @nad

        are you referring to won bin? He’s known to be one of the original hallyu kings, just so you know. So, you’re wrong for thinking he has no hallyu popularity.

    • It’s a shame YJG isn’t more popular. I thought he might gain more of a following after HDL, but most of the hype, at least on social media, ended up going to the actor who played Manwol’s first love.

      • I think he should take on a hallyu type drama for his next project where the story is primarily centered on him. This seems to be another female-centered drama. He’s talented and deserves more popularity. There is a severe lack of big 90s actors aside from Park Bo Gum and EXO D.O and I’d love to see him up there.

      • 90s need big actors. Park bo gum is there, kyungsoo had hit show before he went to army and he planned in such way that he he will be available for next movies and he is member of exo that automatically gives him hallyu fame. He will come back strong YJG needs to do role where he doesnt get overshadowed by female lead

      • I don’t understand why people thinks hallyu popularity is important. YJG is fine. He is one of actors who always get good offers. I even will say he is more stable than PBG. He doesnt need hallyu popularity.

      • Hallyu popularity gives bigger paychecks, higher endorsements. There is reason why hallyu stars always have more cfs and highest cf salaries. And cfs r where the real money is.
        Kyungsoo will get more offers because he is pan asia star

      • Among the late 90s actors and actresses, the two legit hallyu stars are Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung, with the former being the biggest. YJG is only wildly popular domestically. These girls are wall among their peers in terms of hallyu popularity. Lastly, I will not be surprised if they have the biggest salaries among their peers.

      • @ady hallyu popularity wont give you better project offers. And thats the most important thing for an actor. You just need domestic popularity for cfs btw, and I don’t think it will give any good impact for their fans. Getting so much cfs just make your bias lazy and getting called CF star. Actually its more like insulting for me.

      • @tiani looks like i have to disagree. Many hallyu stars got big drama because of hallyu populairty and their ability to land big profits and pan asian cf>>> korean cfs. JJH , lee young ae all r original cf queens. and had many asian cfs at their peak not just korean and it is not an insult for them. so i have to disagree with u

      • I doubt it, even without hallyu popularity, I’m sure many of them will still get the same offers. Jo jungsuk not hallyu star but get many good offers in drama and movie and there’s nam goongmin, Kim namgil, they always get a great offers. They are a prove to me hallyu thing is not really important. I don’t felt good whenever people called my bias CF star and not good actor. But everyone is different.

      • Btw rumors r thaad has been lifted by kpop sources and soon a major korean celeb is going to announce big activity in china in years. Well looks like famous korean in china is going to get those deals back. And bts whose fan base bought 800k albums even without promoting is goona get huge response. Same for kyungsoo bcoz of exo name. Kprean actors r anyways popular. That is big money

      • @Tiani I agree with you. There’s this actor who isn’t really a Hallyu star but he keeps getting good movie offers and I know KES too has been dying to cast him. It’s just that he doesn’t seem to care to do any dramas now. Lol

      • @Nad

        I guess you’re referring to Won Bin. Yeah, he is the most wanted by KES in almost her dramas. But, don’t you know, he is one of the original Hallyu Kings? He was so extremely popular during the pioneer years of Hallyu wave despite appearing only to a number of dramas and movies. So, I guess, the claim that he is no Hallyu star is extremely wrong in all levels. His Hallyu popularity made him a legend in K-entertainment despite not appearing for a long time (or maybe eternity).

  2. I have given up on won bin. He is busy buying buildings worth millions. He is into real estate. He got his goal i guess. Funny thing he sells out everything even after ten yeats.

    • He is the Nation’s God after all. I think he is an icon of Korean entertainment for being the most selective actors yet still lives in the people’s minds.

  3. There are a lot of good actresses born in 1990. I hope they won’t take someone too younger (Kim Tae Ri, Esom, Im Soo Hyang, etc.).

  4. Kim taeri as the queen. Yoo yoon seok or Jang Kiyoung or yang sejong or my prince Kim Soo Hyun as the male lead. King.. hmm.. anyone can do. Rashta, the actress above is good. She can act well and im pretty much sure she can act as a biatch. She’s also pretty. But my bad, i forget her name.

    • I want Kim Tae Ri to play as the queen, Kim Woo Bin as the king, Kim Soo Hyun as the Crown Prince and Kim So Hyun as the villain slave (miss her playing such kind of role and she’s so good at it).

      • @ troika

        I would be down for KimSo Hyun to play Rashta and for KimYoo Jung to play Lady Rivetti(queen supporter)

      • I wont mind with those names lols. They can act well and of course, have the high rating histories. With these names, 20% and can get more.lols

  5. it’s such a vapid, brainless comic, and the names of the character are totally ridiculous. I can’t understand who would want to watch that drama.

      • If they’re too young they might not fit the plot or image of some characters because they’re more on the cute youthful side… I really like younger gen actors sited in the comments but I can’t see them play roles like the cold mature empress or emperor. It just wouldn’t be believable in their case. Maybe rasta would be an exception for she was depicted as cute, youthful & lovely so Kim so hyun for example would be perfect to portray the complexity of her character. But I agree that they could go for actors a little younger that those. like in their late twenties that would fit.

  6. Park Min Young please reunite with Kim jae wook. Don’t hate my opinion. The empress must have majestic aura. Only her I can think about.

      • It’s knetizens’ dream casts. Not koala. Everyone can have their own dream casts.

        PMY’s fans will name her. Others will name their fave. Just bcuz those netizens chose for A lister actors, doesn’t mean their taste are bad. A lister actors are totally in different level in Korea.

        Pmy has the beauty for a queen. I hope she will act in thriller genre too.

  7. Yoojungieee would be the best candidate. She’s the best actress in her generation and better than some of the older generation. She is true beauty. She can play happy and sad characters and make you feel for them deeply.

  8. I love kim taeri and kang dongwon. But seems like they’re both want to stay in chungmuro land.
    I may go with lee dahee and lee dongwook.
    but if the production want young actors and actresses i go with Kim So Hyun, Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Jae Wook and Kim Yoo Jung.
    Impossible but yea my dream cast lol

  9. I love kim taeri and kang dongwon but seems like they are want to stay in chungmuro.
    So i choose lee dahee and lee dongwook.
    But if the production want a young actors and actress i go with:
    Kim Sohyun : Empress Navier
    Yoo Seungho : Prince Heinley
    Lee Jaewok : Crown Prince i am sorry jaewook villain again
    Idk the young actress who fit rashta, maybe han sohee or park yoona from sky castle.
    Seems impossible tho lmao

    • Oof I read the story and waiting for the next chapter and an older cast ain’t gonna fit it would be better in young actors and actress (but not too young)
      I would suggest choi woo shik(sovieshu),park Eun bin(navier),Kim Tae hyung(heinley) and Kang ha na(Rashta) for this but you know I just see them in the characters…..
      Guys read the novel ITS SO GOOD heinley is a hottie and cutie WAHHHH
      Please read the novel first before suggesting you’re dream cast 🙂

  10. I prefer older actors too. But if they really make this into a drama, I think I will skip this. The story is not my type.

  11. After you posted about that webtoon I went and read it.

    Is it just me or is the story very basic and boring? I kept waiting for it to get more complex but it kept circling around the same thing over and over.

  12. Story is simple (or basic as Aly call it). Similar to most Disney Princess stories, there will always be audience (may just be for younger viewers). Goong was a big hit back then. I don’t think it will be boring, the K writer can spice it up. I prefer a younger cast because the Queen is inexperienced with love, it will not be convincing if she is over 30. Depending on the budget, may even cast rookies (not idols) like EY. I will favor Kim Da Mi as the Queen, she is not the traditional K-beauty but she is a very good actress and can appear strong & cold. Both King and Prince need to be tall, I favor NJH and JKY. Rashta is cute and pretty, KSH can play a good villain role as long as she does not mind to be the second lead or alternatively Kim Bora is also very good. Just my opinion.

  13. Alright if they gonna go down the Won Bin route, lol, then I’m all in, screw with the age. His charisma and visual alone, WB can play both the Prince and the King.

  14. I don’t really see an older cast for this serie. I think Ji Chang Wook and Moon Ga Young would be perfect. He can pull off a rebellious wibe and she a very prideful one.

  15. @tiani lmh king has already covered production fees but also made 30% profit accorsing to many news portals. U can check on soompi page 3400 of lmh thread if u dont beleive. Source is there. So even if it gets 0% rating it is huge success bcoz of his hallyu star power. That is why hallyu success is always other level

    • They forgot that the reach of K-entertainment is very global nowadays. So, one must not only be popular domestically but must also be overseas to be considered a “Superstar”,and get the best of the best projects.

      • Yes unless u r movie star like song kang ho or lee byung hun. Korean movies dont pay much unless u invest anyways.
        Yup. The biggest productions and high overseas sales. Actors also get percentage from overseas sales as well.

      • @tinai i know u think everyone is responsible for drama success not lee min ho. You think writer casted him for no reason? she could cast any young actor but why lee min ho? i know you don’t like to credit him and even called him not a A lister but he is hallyu superstar for a reason.
        Kim eun sook and investors when have a board meeting, they are not doing charity. they are doing business. They see which male lead sells the project at highest.A high budget drama making 30% profit without even a single episode being aired shows his star power. Mr sunshine was a huge hit in korea but overseas not much profit.
        Ask writer why she wanted his signs . Ask investors who wanted him.
        It is not other way around. But please carry on believeing he deserves no credit. That you are doing for ages now

      • Kim eun sook dramas sells with A list actors especially overseas. A face of top actor brings so much money. she has said she only works with A list actors for a reason. They send him script not other way around.
        Top writer needs a face especially overseas to sell their project
        A man who is hallyu king for 11 years running brings high overseas sales for the project that already made 30% profit. He is bringing huge advertising revenue
        yes lee min ho deserves credit more than anyone. He brought overseas sales bcoz of his name and brand. Advertising revenue already rose to 40% bcoz he is the face of the drama. It won’t make same profit pan asia if it was some 90s gen actor. for eg park bo gum etc,
        It is business. They are here to make profit
        Lee min ho brings that. And no i am not gonna give credit to writer for lee min ho’s star power and anyone with sense knows his hallyu fame and brand overseas. u can stay in denial to make urself happy.

      • KES cast LMH because he fit the character very well. Checking all the teaser I can see why. KES already says she want actor in their late 20 or in their early 30. I think its pretty clear to me why she cast LMH. About Investor and profit, I still don’t understand why you think KES will struggle for finding invest, all her drama is always doing well and rating monster, of course investors will fight for her drama. Im never says LMH is not A list actor, duh. I don’t mind to give LMH all the credit for the profit, If you really can prove it to me. But you not giving KES a credit for her drama its really suprised me.
        Actually you can ask LBH fans about Mr sunshine. I think I remember one of his fan said Mr sunshine make a lot of money.

      • rofl investors invest when they see top writer has written role for superstar actors only. Imagine some new actor or 90s gen actor. No amount of investment will be done lmaoo. U think any 90s gen actor wouldve generated 30% profit from overseas with kes as writer? if u think so, then u r delusion
        They need profit and lmh brings it from both overseas sales as well as advertising. LOTBS made so much profit from overseas thanks to him n jjh that they didnt need product placement. And he is only hallyu superstar here.
        Its basic economics. ANd business. U lack knowldege.
        Funny how hard u find to credit lmh bcoz ur clearly an anti but credited pbg when he banked on esmeble cast in reply, encounter with halyu queen. His biggest hit litm was overshadowed by scarlett overseas and its ratings were on par with lotbs which is like 4th biggest drama of lmh.
        But carry on with ur delusion that kes is the reason it made 30% profir from overseas sales

      • i never said kes would tough it find to invest. I am talking about huge profit which lmh and other hallyu supertsars make, sbs is already seeing 40% advertising increase even before airing. pds made 30% profit from overseas.
        Kim eun sook character fits him because she writes exclusively for superstars in mind lmaooo
        Board meeting happens and they see which actor will bring profit. there is reason lmh ksh sjk hyun bin gong yoo( arthdal was massive budget ) or legendary movie stars get biggest writers. because they bring profit. why not 90s gen or others? lmaoo
        so yes he will be credited bcoz investors n kes think the same not some random anti on koalas who always discredit lmh

      • Your comment is full with hate. You called me LmH anti even tho I’m not really care about him. If you want to know who the actors I’m not really like its will be SJK and LBH. LMH? I don’t really care.
        You are a greedy fan, who complain a lot. Want to discredit KES for her own drama? Crazy! I’m checking the most buzz worthy list for drama and actors, The king already make it in number 9, but none of the actors make it pfft. You need to share the credit with KES, but looks like its too much for you. Because you are too greedy. Just go and kiss your LMH, I don’t care.

      • And sorry I’m not as greedy like you. I never let PBG taking the credits for all his drama. Reply 1988 absolutely not PBG only drama, Encounter is his drama and SHK. I just give him credit for MDBC, eventho I think that drama is overrated. And no! don’t put Gongyoo in the same level with LMH. You don’t like when I put LMH in the same level with JCW and LJS eventho both is still A list actors. So I don’t want you to put GY in the same level with LMH. Its insulting for him. Gongyoo is great actor not overrated.

      • How can JCW still be considered an A-lister? I really cannot understand the logic. An 1% actor cannot be considered on A-list. He has been demoted long time ago. In fact, JCW was never an A-lister, never, at the most he may be at B+.

      • @tiani there was article posted few days back when ur greedy self said pbg carried all of his dramas lmaoo and u got nerve to preach.
        Lmh made top 4 of naver buzz w9rthy so get ur facts right. He has signed so kany cf deals already even before show aired and now hallyu ban is on way ti get removed w8th gd signing cf in china, he will keep dominating
        I am just stating fact. U act like kes n investors can cast anyone amd sell drama at this profit. Thwyn why dont they?
        Imvestors r busimess men. They need money back with profit.
        Thats why they cast him. Board meeting i m part of many times. Its called basic economics
        Stay salty. U dont care about hi. But always ready to discredit him n his success
        Facts r not ur forte

      • @tiani he is tredninf inkoreas top most new portal naver at number one lmao. was ranked top 4 in buzz worthy. sadly he runs his agency with his siter not big agency and agvets to make media play lists like that fake teeth guy. But who cares? he already getting all love calls, he got the biggest comeback drama of the year with koreas top writer writing drama for him and sbs specially buying his drama from studio dragon. Because he is that profitable. so yes he deserves credit. And goong yoo record at lmh age was no where close. He made it big to other level in 2016. so get ur facts right . Pbg is on jcw and ljs level. The other league is lmh gy hb ksh sjk etc. Ur fave one 20% drama not gonna make it him enter that league. He can mediaplay all he wants!

      • Lmh doesnt have agencies like soop to mediaplay but he gets the biggest drama of year , is landing deals left right which increase tenfolds when drama airs whereas fake teeth is landing some lame fashion show lmaoooo.
        Lmh at same age has better record than gong yoo . Calling him overtaed wont chnage the fact that he was scouted by kes n investors not the other way around. they know he will bring profit. Thats why he has biggest drama of year. ur boy doesnt belong to that league despite all mediaplay

      • i was making a statement on profit. ofcourse it wont be. lee min ho underperforming dramas did over 10% . so he is not going to get 0%

  16. Don’t be won bin as the jerk prince, he is gonna steal the heart and we want Heinley to be the star.

    I think Kim Tae To looks like Rashta (or we simply call her Trash), she looks innocent and she is a great actress. Rashta is detestable because she knows how to play her innocent look, her low birth , her inexperienced and being cute, she is simply gorgeous so Kim Tae To definitely has the look and the talent.

    Empress Navier is hard, Lee Da Hee is definitely my best pick, she just looks like Navier and in the past drama, you can see that being tough on the outside, smart yet can be vulnerable and cute is her forte.

    I can see Heinley as Lee Dong Wook and probably Sung Hoon as the magic potion guy (he has small part and SH can do it)

    I think Yang Se Jong can be the jerk emperor, he looks like good handsome men who can do no wrong yet also can make you feel like “he crave for love”

    Still, they are so old for this type of story because Rashta is cunning but also sloppy, Navier is smart but also inexperienced in love, Henley has a love disease and prince charming tendency while the Emperor is a fool.

    We need to drop down the age and that will just left with several name.

    I wish Ro Won can act better to be Henley cause he has the look.
    Kim Yoo Jung fits Rashta description because her face is distinctively innocent but people will hate her so much.

    Strangely, I don’t think KSH fits anyone, her in love alarm makes me feel that she still lacks the nuance.

    Kim saw Ron for Navier? The point is Navier is empress to a T and objectively really pretty but Rashta is alluring.

  17. For some reason, I think whoever been cast as second leads, if they potray them in sympathetic light it means they (and scriptwriter) have made huge disservice to the characters.
    There’s a reason why in some forum they’re more known as Stupidshoe and Trashta than their “real” name.

    • I agree, trashta being trash is also the reason for the popularity, we want her to go down, she has the sympathetic background and tragic backstory but that’s why she shouldn’t be more sympathetic.

  18. I want Lee Sung Kyung for Navier. Her Elegant Aura can pull off the role as an empress very much.

    Lee Jong Suk for Heinley
    Lee Dong Wook/Nam Joo Hyuk for Sovieshu
    Song Ha Yoon as Rashta

  19. I’d love to watch this drama if the cast can portray the characters well from appearance, vibe, and acting, then the age from 20s to late 30s is not a problem for me.
    Ji Chang Wook is the perfect choice for Heinley from appearance, vibe, and acting. However, he already played a similar role in Empress Ki as a prince and emperor of Yuan. Tbh, I’d rather watch JCW play a character having more emotional and defective personality like Sovieshu.

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