K-netizens Wonder Which Top Actress Would Have Been Visual Center if Debuting in One Idol Group

OMG this is such a fun, subjective, and totally debatable what-if topic. K-netizens on TheQoo have started a discussion topic asking what of the first-gen Hallyu top actresses would have been the visual center spot had they all debuted in one idol group together. Would it be brainy Kim Tae Hee (162 cm), versatile Jeon Ji Hyun (173.5 cm), feminine Son Ye Jin (165 cm), tomboyish Han Ji Min (158 cm), or girl-next-door Song Hye Kyo (161.4 cm). Which one would the agency president have made center back in the early 2000s. If it was a Produce 101 type audience vote, who would have gotten the most votes to be center spot. Such an interesting question because I wouldn’t use the measure of their success today or how they look now (all ladies still look amazing) but what each debuted with: looks, skills, and charisma. My vote would be…….Jeon Ji Hyun, but I’m probably cheating with this pick because Jeon Ji Hyun is the tallest and, well, center, heh.

The centers of actual girl groups are:

SNSD – Yoona
Red Velvet – Irene
Miss A – Suzy
Apink – Naeun
4minute – Hyuna
TWICE – Nayeon
I.O.I – Jeon So Mi
Blackpink – Jennie


K-netizens Wonder Which Top Actress Would Have Been Visual Center if Debuting in One Idol Group — 75 Comments

  1. All these actresses will be centre in any idol groups lmao. Their visuals r class apart from most idols. Kim tae hee is korean stsndard of beauty. A step above irene
    Jjh is a model made for modelling. And have the aura to overshadow anyone. Song hye kyo face was most in demand by clients at top suregons everywhere. I will add han ga in as well. That nose is said to be replicated so much that everyone failed.
    Actresses visuals >>> idols. Idols fan keep dneying but its truth

  2. Kim Tae Hee, Son Ye Jin, Song Hye Kyo, and Jeon Ji Hyun all fit to be top center idol group except Han Ji Min. She doesn’t have the visual in comparison to all the top actress. The other 4 actresses are very beautiful and more attractive in my opinion. But dam I’m waiting to see my Ji Min new movie Josee with NJH to premiere. Missing her on the screen. Also waiting for Kyo to have another drama soon.

      • Agree the 4 goddesses KTH, SHK, SYJ, and JJH will make people go in a frenzy because of their visuals. I can imagine how fans will react.

    • I feel bad for Han Ji Min how people are so judgmental towards her. She is pretty in her own unique way. I really hate how people love to compare her too everyone in the Korean showbiz. Just leave her alone stupid knetizen and interfans.

      • Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Don’t get me wrong, Han Ji Min is my favorite among all. I’m not going back on my words about her here. I don’t label her with this group because she doesn’t possess that goddess visual everyone is looking for. To me she is indeed very beautiful in my eyes that is not link to the people’s beauty standards. Which makes her unique. I would choose her among all because command beautyis not what I’m looking for… Let people compare all they want and bash her all they want too. At the end of the day, they’re still no where near her in turns of successful and visual.

        Is Knetizen trying to paint her as an A-lister? I don’t know but she has her own uniqueness that is more attractive than the rest. That’s what I see which makes her more beautiful. If to be call an A-lister is based on the beautiful face only than it’s not important.

      • Han Ji Min really doesn’t have the relevancy or the visuals to be on here tbh. Each of the other 4 are renowned for their goddess beauty and they all have at least one blockbuster hit in their career (KTH – STH, Iris / SHK – AIMH, DOTS / SYJ – The Classic, CLOY / JJH – My Sassy Girl, MLFTS) while HJM doesn’t have a single mega hit to her name. She’s also pretty but not beautiful on the same level as the others. Just being real!

    • I love her more than all the rest of the Korean actress too. Thank for stand Han Ji Min. She is very beautiful especially after I watch her movie The Plan Man. She is so pretty and funny.

  3. I was watchjng stairway to heaven clips and kim tae hee stood up against choi ji woo. She was vamp there but went away with so many cf deals bcoz of her visuals

  4. Just for that 2nd GIF of KimTaeHee alone, I wold smack her right in the middle as the visual.

    Not sure why HanJiMin is in there. Personally, she doesn’t even come close to the others listed, but don’t get me wrong I have great respect for all these actresses.

  5. Actual girls groups : Miss A, SNSD and 4Minute and I.O.I? It was funny 😛

    These actresses are all pretty, but it’s not enough to be the center of a group. The center has to be good in dance, to have charisma, to be able to entertain during TV shows, etc.

    • Rofl these actresses have more charisma than most. And with idol training they could do it too. Irene has no talent. They keep less varieties to have mystery aura. Irene, she is bad at everything. She is centre. Her dance is terrible so is her singing
      Jennie performs so terribly . Watch her recent dome performances and her us apperances. With basic trainingg of 2 or 3 years. They can too. Twice r lipsynching queens.
      And it is about visuals centre. Where they are imagining which visuals will stand out the most. These actresses in their 20s were miles better than most of idols centres visually.
      Kim tae hee was worshipped as visual goddess than irene. Bco she gits korean standard to T

      • In addition, Irene never made any “legit” beauty list poll by the industry. If any, it is not as reliable as the ones I read.

      • irene makes idols list. thats it. but kim tae even in her 40s is mentioned for her beauties in so many K dramas. I have lost the record lol. Irene is popular with idol fans , will be replaced by future idol beauty in and has some gp recognition but not on par with legendary beauties which goes on for decades. Only idols which public cares and knows about are iu, BTS, jennie irene and naeyeon trio to some extend, some exo members.

      • Irene is a great dancer actually.

        Jennie has charisma and is not bad in dance and singing.

        But my post was about we can’t say. To be an idol is very different from being an actress and we can’t compare.

      • irene is not a great dancer. she is limited. jennie is tragic most of the times expect few times her rap is just horrible

        it was about visual center. and they put a scene imagining them as idols and their beauty is way too strong than idol centers. That is the point of article. Idols come n go but legendary actress visuals stay.

      • But blackpink members got mentioned as ones of the beauty. Especially lisa, jennie and jisoo (this one mostly in korean’ polling).

        I think, jennie is the center since he can speak eng fluently, she is a ‘chanel’ girl, well whatever she wears, it looks expensive.. and she used to feat many YG idols before her debut.

        And when it comes to polling, bts and bp will always be in charts, why? Fans power. They are freaking popular. While for Twice, tzuyu is crazily beautiful. But she lacks charisna comparing to nayeon. Nayeon’s beauty is basic. Their leader, daniel’s girlfriend is prettier.

        Redvelvet.. i think wendy is the prettiest, she got brain, talent and face. But Korean’s beauty standard is irene. I also think she lacks charisma but her face is her everything. With that face, she will survive millions years. Lols

      • Idols popularity dont last forver. Very short shelf life. Though bts will be exception. Only jennie n lisa r ruling. But the way yg is treating them n his jext nation gg project they r on way ti next 2ne1. Will be irrelevant in 2 years. Take lee young ae. She is face of koreas top most selkung luxury makeup the history of who under lg drspite being inactive for like 15 years. Idols dont last that long. New girls will replace them. Only way idols survive if they change career to acting. Like woozie yoona
        Kim go eun is chanel girl too. Song hye ky9 was personally photographed by karl chanel legend. Jennie is just too shoe off about her chanel tag lmaoo. Too try hard tbh
        Tzuyu is actress visual but she is not korean. So she will never top. Nayeon can have successful music career. Same with bts members.
        Irene i dont know. Next sm gg will replace them and she is not an actress like yoona to last in her 30s.

      • I like bts but every member needs to make a solo career. They did but it consumed by their fans only. They need to prove like how GD, taeyang, taeyeon did. Their latest comeback didnt even get perfect all kill, something that i did expected from bts. But i really do like the boys, they are super nice and humble, hopefully they can do much better in the future.

        For nayeon, i dont think she will be successful as a solo singer. Twice is known for their lipsync singing. But well, who knows. They are so pretty, the can be actresses like snsd members.

        I think, bp has the most powerful girl group fandom. YG needs to do something with the girls. Well, it’s YG, it’s about time anyone will leave it and only bigbang stays. Sigh

        Agree with you, actresses has more charisma. Probably bcuz sometimes, idols try hard to be acknowledged while actors just need to choose the best script and acting well. Musician is also in different level. IU is a musician not idol.

      • @yui i disgree with u. Their whole album is in melon which shows gp approval . And on is not great like bwl but it is still second biggest song in korea behind zico. And it is tiresome argument that only fans want bts used by antis( not saying u ) When 3 of 4 bts members ranked in top 4 of gallup and jimin tying iu record of topping it 2 years in row and will set new record this year. Even gd at his peak topped it once. They dont need all kills bcoz digitals has no money and they are making risky music. They can release spring day types song ti get all kills if they want! But jo they r trying different stuff.

        Their album sold at 20 dollar set record of 5 million equivalents generated 100 million revenue already. It is second highest selling debut week begind adele 25
        Their career equivalents stand at 50 million whereas bb is at 15 million max when u convert digitals to physical pricing and i m generous with 20 cents digitals here.
        They have nothing to prove and they are earning 8 million usd per cf seal as group. Their tour blow bb out of water. Their now postponed tour sold out all 15 us dates amd was expected to gross 100 million from just 15 shows at an average of 7 million usd.
        Bb never touched those numbers.
        Taehyung fanbar in china alone bought 250 k copies of his album.gd best selli flabum stand at like 300 k worldwide.
        The day makanae line goes solo all revords will be shatter3d by korean soloists
        Bb members dont even close to them worldwide. It is not 2012 anymore

      • Bighit alone genarted revenue of 500 million usd last ywar. Thanks to bts. Bts has 50% profit sharing in physicals, cf selas ,huge share in touring merchandise stuff. Each member is netting tens of millios of dollars
        Going solo is tuining bts brand if they do it right now.
        Bts as grpup is way more profitable. Yg never touched such numbers when bb was at their peaks.
        So nope they have nothing to.prove. their solo bars alome shows their huge selling power.
        Going solo is ug groups thing. Bts will do it when the time comes but right now group is priority bcoz as a group they make more money

      • I cant believe u said bts has to prove lmaooo. U cant be serious lmaooo. Bro its not 2015 anymore. Every bts member is household name. Especially maknae line. They are in news all d time
        They have overtaken bb a long time ago. Time for bb fans to accept present n moveon. Only yg bb fans want bts to.prove themseleves. Bts has long time ago ended idol tag n has highest goan digital index for a group even over twice. They r now seen as artists. Dont say such things bcoz it makes u look funny

      • Koreans call them national pride. Bts has economic effect of 4 billion usd every year. Do u even know that? No one does that. No bb nor any idol group. Koreans gp praise them a lot everytome.
        I have nothing.left to say if u still think bts bhave to prove themselves. Gallup sales awards tour numbers and economic affect r nothing. Keep believeing that bts have to prove themselves lolllllll

    • Miss A suzy was below average in everything. She was known for her visuals. Her dancing is so bad. Beyond bad. Singing even below average. She and jyp ruined Miss A for his n suzys selfish motives. When jyp gave her drama n movies. And she got everything on platter. She was least talented in miss A

    • They are using visuals and imagining the situation if these actresses debuted as idols. Visually all of them stunning. More than idols
      Visuals r enough to be centre in korean idol groups

  6. Sorry, but what’s the hype with HJM? Imo, she looks basic. She lacks charisma those other 4 ladies have. Is K-media trying to paint her as an A-list Korean goddess? Lolz!

  7. Out of topic, but am I the only one who noticed that KSH looks like SYJ especially on the last pic of SYJ with some bangs. Lol!

  8. han so hee the girl who is playing mistress and having breakthrough in world of married is beauty too and netizens r praising her a lot after school pics posted where she looked same. Natural beauty , model height, nice figure. with world of married success, endorsements companies will be lining up for her soon when the show ends
    she is one stunning beauty

    • Same here I love these 3 so much too. I still keep up with Korean entertainment because of them. Especially Han Ji Min and Song Hye Kyo. I love these two so much. To have them in a drama will be my dream come true.

  9. Imagine all these 5 girls in their 20s in group together with idol training. National girl group ever lmao : v

    • OMG that hit me hard
      now I cant help imagining that again n again T-T
      just thinking of what a masterpiece 5 of them together on same stage while singing wouldve been…sigh

  10. interesting topic. JJH sure wins in height but the tallest may need to go on the sides like in TWICE (don’t get me wrong, I like JJH). I do not believe SHK is 161.4cm, maybe with 4 inches heels on, she looks the same height as HJM or may even be shorter. Frankly speaking, all these beautiful ladies can be the centre. I personally like KTH, she looks stunning. Agree that HGI should also be included. And this would have been the most beautiful girl group ever. Singing and dancing can be trained. Suzy is still the worst of the worst of all.

  11. Interestingly TheQoo didn’t mention Ha Ji Won. She did the infamous Oppa Wax music video (in sexy black tight leather corset) and Home Run by Psy mv too way back in early 2000s before she was famous. She was prancing around on stage in idol style lip syncing and dancing. Lol. Ha Ji Won was highly embarrassed of this stage in her career that she wouldn’t talk about it. Hahaha. I watch her old music videos just for laughs.

    • Don’t think HJW has the look to be compared to KTH, JJH and SHK. Looking at the pictures here, I will vote for KTH as the centre. Her beauty really stands out in my eyes.

      • Watch the YouTube video of HJW in her early 20s having a completely different look physically (before plastic surgery?) and body shape doing the Home Run feat Psy music video then make your judgement. She had already done it for real, although pretend singing but real dancing surrounded by backup dancers. She would qualify as centre visual but maybe could pass off as one on the left or right, lol.

      • Oops typo error supposed to say “would NOT qualify.” I almost cannot recognise the HJW in her 20s compared to today.

      • I didn’t realize HJW has PS. The choice is purely based not looks, not on the ability to sing nor dance, that’s why HJW is not qualified, because she does not have the looks. All the mentioned ladies have charisma, no doubt.

    • However if based on looks alone, I will vote for JJH although she is too tall. She will still end up overshadowing everyone else if you put her at the back or left or right, I reckon. Just cannot fight her charisma. Hehe.

  12. Mine’s Jeon Ji Hyun too! She has the looks and charisma. Even if she’s not the center, she’ll probably the face that represents the group like those who frequent the events and variety shows. But is there a tall idol among the existing girl group?
    And I find Mina from twice very pretty esp during sixteen days.

    • Tzuyu is tall i think. She gives me jun ji hyun aura. Jyp dont let her take solo cfs. If she takes she will be top cf queen. When she ends activities with twice, she can be successful cf queen and actress as well. She has aura

      • I meant as center? Is there?
        About tzuyu, yeah she’s pretty as well. And she can have career in taiwan or mainland China if that happens. You know how chinese go loco over korean ent. And she’s rich

      • It’s difficult to get solo CF for a non-Korean. She should move back to Taiwan now especially Twice is not making any new songs. Just like Victoria Song who is a lot shorter. The Koreans won’t give much benefits to non-natives, they only know how to reap their earnings. What’s happened to JSM now? Even an halfu cannot make it big, let alone a foreigner!

      • i doubt china will accept her after flag thing.
        Btw tzuyu is very popuar in korea despite foriegn girl for her visuals.
        She can do some damage in korea. If not korea, taiwan is alway open. but is it big market for actors?

  13. It would be chaotic if all of them are in 1 group..Too difficult to choose who the center is.Each has their own aura which sadly, I havent seen in succeeding actress gens.Glad that they are actresses that we can binged watch their dramas..:)

  14. I swear no one has yet replaced these women. I have yet to see an actress in their 20s and early 30s with this much gravitas in the camera.

  15. They are exactly my top five A-list beauties. Same age group, all have the charm and charisma.
    How about for the boy band tho?

    For me it would be(to debut), Hyun Bin, Jo In Sung, Lee Dong Wook, Won Bin and Kang Dong Won

  16. This would be a group with members that all deserve to be visual centers. LOL. But Korean standards wise, I think it would be Kim Tae Hee. Personally I find Song Hye Kyo the prettiest but she doesn’t have the personality for girl group centers, I think. Jeon Ji Hyun seems like she would be the member that stands out in variety shows — someone like Yoona or Sooyoung in SNSD.

  17. I grew up watching movies of syj and jjy and dramas of syk amd kth. But among the 5, i liked the recent works of han ji min. She might not be as beautiful as the 4 but she has improved so much in terms of acting. I think knetz recognize that for her to be included. It’s not just hype. Its the acting.

    • Me too, I was introduced to Korean entertainment by the 4 goddesses KTH, SHK, SYJ, and JJH but ended up to love a no godess Han Ji Min more. She is unique and is more beautiful to me. But this is not the poll for her. This is a poll for the people standards beauty.

  18. I would put the 87 babies together, my ultimate dream group, lol:
    1. Seo In Guk (he debuted as a solo singer, winner of Superstar K)
    2. Ji Chang Wook
    3. Lee Min Ho
    4. Lee Seung Gi
    5. Jung Il Woo
    6 Joo Won
    Can you imagine the hijinks, energy, fun, mischief and bromance this bunch would get into? They can start their own variety/reality show.

  19. As much as some of you want to vote for a boy band, Kpop boys are not merely based on looks (unlike the girls). CEW is the visual of Astro but he is not the centre. V is the visual of BTS but RM is my favorite & the centre. Kpop boys’ centre is based on talent. The only singing talent I can see amongst the names mentioned here is KSH. LJK can also sing well.

  20. It would probably be JJH but I would personally pick KTH out of the four. And kick Son Ye Jin or Han Ji Min and put Jang Nara as the ‘maknae’ lol

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