The King: Eternal Monarch Holds Star Studded Press Conference Ahead of Friday April 17th Premiere on SBS

It’s finally here woo hoo! Finally the wait is over and something interesting to watch is only a day away to look forward to. The cast of SBS Fri-Sat drama The King: Eternal Monarch attended the obligatory press conference today in Seoul and everyone got a dress code message, or at least I think so and the lone outlier did it on purpose. Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun, Woo Do Hwan, Jung Eun Chae, and Kim Kyung Nam are all wearing white/black or a combo of both but antagonist Lee Jung Jin showed up in all maroon. I think it was intention, he’s the baddie and going to be the one not following the dressing memo heh. There’s nothing new for me to write about, at this point everyone knows this drama is coming, what it’s generally about, and in the end those who are interested will watch and if it’s not your cup of tea then just skip over.


The King: Eternal Monarch Holds Star Studded Press Conference Ahead of Friday April 17th Premiere on SBS — 80 Comments

  1. Oh boy, can’t wait for it tomorrow morning. The first time I am more keen on second female lead than the first. King Lee Min Ho always make my day. Seems like his bromance with second male lead is more interesting.

  2. Lee Min Ho outfit looks horrid. His white jacket looks too oversized. The semi turtle neck shirt inside is concealing his beautiful neck.

    Visually his outfit matches second female lead in contrast. I still wish they were main lead together. Lee min Ho and Kim Go Eun together is a mismatch in looks visually even in press conference. KGE ensemble looks good individually.

    Woo Do Hwan looks so dapper and sizzling all in black.

    I’m excited for tomorrow, finally get to see Lee Min Ho on screen again 🙂

    • Lol He using almost the same outfit with Gongyoo in his goblin press conf. But I think gongyoo looks so much better, GY not in black white tho, He is full white, and not semi turtle neck.

  3. Korean styling is just tragic lol.
    Anyways he carries anything because of his height. It doesnt matters muvh for men anyways. Avtresses styling will be noticed more and i really never liked their awards outfit etc. And kim go eun really pairs up nice with him. I like their pair. Cant wait

  4. KGE fashion is horrible, no style, no curves, nothing. Black & white looking like a zebra. Korean fashion is so out. I prefer the second lead’s boots and she has amazing visuals.

  5. Will this drama against the world of the married??? Or in another time slot? With the world will break another rating record… i hope all the best luck for the king crew.

    Ps : the actors seem close to each Other. Cant wait to see their chemistry.

  6. I like second leads style better than main lead.
    And wow on how tall LMH is. I know it but each time he stands next to others in full-height pictures like this, its just like I cant help wondering again n again.
    Cant wait to have him on screen

  7. The antagonist looks hot! As for the potato face lead, he’ll forever be potato head to me. He does not deserve all this recognition he’s getting.

    • Oh but guess what?he is getting all the attention and theres nothing you could do about it, whether you think he deserves it or not.

    • @peppa he is gallyu king as much as u can keep crying and stay bitter about it. He has earned it. 4 dramas with 20% and one with over 30%. All before 30th birthday..drama has already made 30% profit and nearly 50 advertising companies are schedules during its airing because of his star power so stay bitter. He will keep getting these projects

    • Lol. Be thankful coz your oppa will be occupying TKEM’s slot after its run. So, it is a boost in ratings becoz it is following a drama with sure high ratings. A chance for your oppa to achieve a high ratings record.

      • Oh jcw fan? I dlnt know why they keep bashing lmh when people can post about his 1% rating drama rofl

      • I don’t know either. They are all delulus for thinking that their idols are big threat to LMH. Lol! Only KSH is the greatest rival of LMH. With HB, GY, and SJK to some lesser extent.

      • They must be dreaming that JCW is same level as LMH. Hell, no! LMH ultimate rival is KSH with SJK in some extent. JCW must surpass LJS’ achievements before being compared to the legit Hallyu King of his generation.

    • Silly. Ive seen ppl saying CSSBs probable high ratings will be bcoz of LMH and now vice versa.
      If there is a possible effect,it will stand at the bottom of the list since these dramas have much more powerful factors to success. CSSB has a great pd with his last project known as one of highest rated dramas last year and a good cast. TKEM has pretty good cast also and a very well-known writter. If any of them be successful,the credit goes to cast,pd,writter,etc. being followed or before another comes after them.
      and if u r disliking an actor/actress better not to mention ur fave(unless u r a hater not a fan lol). It brings up unnecessary hate to that person and ppl bash him/her instead of aiming you.

      • Lol. Having a one big hit under your belt does not automatically makes your follow up dramas a success. So, that PD of CSSB is surely capitalizing from the timeslot of TKEM. Anyways, we’ll see if it will match or surpass TKEM domestic ratings and hallyu reception.

      • @luna
        Of course having one hit doesn’t mean all his projects will be successful.lee myungwoo is a good pd ’cause more than one of his projects has proper ratings both NationalWide and in SouthKorea.
        Lets check out some facts,shall we?
        Here are average ratings of:
        Bad couple(NW:12.6% SK:13.4%)
        Whisper(NW:15.5% SK:16.7%)
        Punch(NW:10.6% SK:11.3%)
        Fashion king(NW:11.5% SK:13.4%)
        The Fiery priest(NW:16.1% SK:18.1%)
        But dont misunderstand me here. Im not giving all the credit to the pd. Im giving it to pd,cast and writter.definitly not sth like his projects were cast after other hits. I agree TKEM will give CSSB a headstart, but you’re giving all CSSBs credit to TKEM and it doesnt make sense.
        So, I consider it quite unfair to discredit them like this.
        and no,Im not making any bets.I wish both TKEM and CSSB become hits. If so, good for me having two hits to watch.Thats all

      • Lol. Those that you enumerated are not popular overseas. So, stop pretending that CSSB may be a hit like TKEM because the latter will surely be a domestic and “international” hit. In otherr words, TKEM will be a “highly profitable” hit.

    • JCW latest drama had record-breaking 1% and is paired with actress who also had record-breaking 1% haha focus on your irrelevant fave

  8. At first I din’t like to watch Goblin because of KGE but when I started watching it,I was so amazed with her beauty and her awesome acting.She has this exquisite charm up close and even more beautiful the longer you look at her.Beauty is not only measured on the outside appearance.

  9. im loving the LV Fluid Dress of the second female lead. as for KGE, i really like her outfit though it looks too big on her.

    As for the male cast they all looked great (except that somebody didnt get the memo)

    Congrats in advance to all the cast & crew.

  10. Jung Eun Chae name is on top of Navier search as the media posted the news about her adultery scandal 10 years ago with two different man. Wow

      • But why do I feel like this is not a coincidence. It happened ten years ago and they only revealed it today and to be precise is on the day the king eternal monarch first ep air.
        Is not that I support having an affair with married men or women. Also they only blaming her and not the man that cheated on his wife? Plus her agency said that he did not know he was married si let’s not judge first unless they provide evidence that she knew beforehand.

        The first episode was so good.
        Also I heard that it recorded the highest rating in weekend drama ever in sbs with 11.2 and 12.3 or something in the first and second part.

      • @ Lee
        It’s not her agency that said that, it’s an unnamed source. But his agency said that she’s aware.

        It’s not a coincidence for sure. You are right, they both deserve blame. She has more buzz at the moment because of the drama, so she’s getting more attention. He’s a doofus and so is she. She helped broke a family, so the unknown people waited for the right time to drop the news during one of her biggest moments in her career. Sweet Revenge.

    • I’m also really disappointed. Not just her but the commentators, they try to excuse her by saying oh it’s her private life and it happened long time ago.
      No it’s not okay. Doesn’t matter even if it happens a century ago.

      Korean celebs are disappointing me left and right.

    • I read that JEC did not know he was married. Oh well, it happened 10 years ago when she was 23… Someone really wants to make a scene over this? The man was definitely a cheater (as he was married), but she was probably too naive… No big deal, and actually get some buzz too… I would like to see JEC being the lead for that reason and she is pretty.

      • His agency say he was upfront that he was married.

        It doesn’t matter when the news get reveal. It’s really indefensible. It’s called karma that this news got reveal on the day her biggest project to date is released. I like her acting but I’m not going to let it cloud my judgment. I’m really disappointed, it will be hard for for me to support her in the future no matter how much I like her craft in acting.

      • Fair enough. You can have your choice. But it will all come down to acting and visual. She has visual for sure and she can also act… There are a lot of adulteress in the industry. LBH being the biggest one and look what status he has achieved now. You may choose not to watch Mr S but it has very high ratings. It is none of our business to get into their private lifes. Maybe they have their reason and their troubles.

  11. Drama is very good guys. very good episode and it is trending in top of twitter already and passed even huge number of views on china illegally lol

      • Yes laura not a single scene to skip but people thought wdh gonna steal show but lmh aura was too much for wdh imo. But he will work hard i m sure

      • I personally haven’t heard of anyone saying that wdh was going to steal the show, those who said it are delusional haha Lee Min Ho was such a commanding presence on the first episode. Another win for him.

        First episode, I’m not buying Kim Go Eun performance yet. I like that her character is good at fighting but there’s just something missing in her acting. And her outfit she was wearing during the fighting scene is hideous, like she got it from a thrift shop haha

  12. I was looking forward to this episode but I’m disappointed with the first episode …. I will keep on watching to see how this drama will pan out

    • I was really underwhelmed by the first episode. I don’t know what I expected, but I did expect to be immersed in the world building and excited by the show. Sadly, I found it a tad boring and LMH’s acting: stilted and bland. To be honest, KGE and WDH’s acting in the first episode was equally bland. So maybe it’s the script, not the actors. Like Mr. Sunshine, I’ll give it a few more episodes before I decide to stick with it or drop it. KES dramas for me is often hit or miss. The hits: Secret Garden, Goblin, DOTS, the misses: Heirs, Mr. sunshine, A Gentleman’s Dignity. Some dramas pick up after the first few episodes. I’m hoping this one does as well.

      • It’s okay to have different opinions. I read a variety of different reviews on the first episode. Hopefully it will get better in your perspective 🙂

        Goblin and City Hall are my absolute favorite KES dramas.

  13. Just finished first ep and I liked it. LMH improved his acting. I’m now a fan. He is so charismatic on screen. Kim Go Eun is ok. much better than Goblin.

    • I m so happy that u found him gud. I hope next drama is with his sunbae and his ideal type. Queen shk. Just imagine the star power combined

    • Welcome to the Lee Min Ho fan club.

      I agree she is better than in goblin but still she’s lacking charisma and presence that would compliment lee min ho’s

      I’m loving the bromance between lee min ho and wdh the most. When will Korea make a yaoi drama series? Haha ?

  14. Ratings are out. It recorded 11.4% ratings high,breaking previous records of highest SBS premiere ratings for a Friday-Saturday drama.

      • It’s a really good start esp since it’s hard for drama to get two digits. I’m sure it will keep climbing. It’s biggest competitor is the divorce revenge drama.

      • It’s really high considering its timeslot archrival is also a monster in ratings. The World of Married is now at 18% rating.

    • I don’t think is that high, just average. Is only 1% higher than fiery priest and vagabond 1st epi, in view that the writer is a (Super)star writer, is LMH first drama after army and in 2020 dramas are doing much better than 2019. And it is not the same time slot as the married couple show.

      • Lol. Every KES’ drama premieres at 10% range save for the cable ones. So, don’t say it is only average because it is a KES drama after all. Further, do you know that the broadcasting rights of TKEM were sold already. And TKEM already profited at 30%. So, high ratings is just a bonus only. That is the power of LMH.

      • Vagabond avg was single digit 8%. Whereas fiery priest was last year biggest hit. So it is great

    • Really NOT high. I am not too entertained with the first episode, maybe it will get better but the rating is a bit disappointing imho.

  15. The ratings may go higher if the story doesn’t falter midway. And yeah The married couple show and the King do not start at the same time. The King airs at 10 pm KST whereas The married couple drama airs at 10: 50 pm KST. So there is only a slight overlap. I think The King may have an upperhand as it airs earlier. Read somewhere that The King garnered 2.3 million viewers whereas The World of married attracted 3.8 million viewers nation wide. However it is still early to conclude anything.

      • Agreed. As a viewer, I felt that the leads and supporting actors were robotic, just hamming it in with their performance. Where’s the actual emotion? Disappointing first episode. Most of it was trite and boring. Please pick up, show!

    • TKEM is already a hallyu hit before the drama ended. SBS reported that rights were already sold and they profited about 30% of it. So, TKEM is the run away winner here. High ratings will just be a bonus now. Stay salty, hater.

      • How can the rights be sold if it is the exact replica of Dr Foster? The Koreans are just the copycat as usual. The original writer is a British.

      • Guys, thylane talked about the king:eternal monarch… TKEM is a drama from Kim Eun Suk writer nim. It’s an original story. Of course, they can sell the copyright. You guys didnt even read and already bashing? If you hate Korean dramas that much, dont come here.

        No one said that the world of the married is an original story. Everyone knows it’s an adaptation drama.

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