jTBC to Air the Original Doctor Foster After the Hit K-drama Remake The World of the Married

This will be a first in K-drama land. jTBC is currently winning the ratings race with the hit Fri-Sat drama The World of the Married, coming after the hit Itaewon Class and even surpassing it. Due to COVID-19 concerns, jTBC has decided to slow down production on the drama to air after The World of the Married (good idea!) and will instead air the BBC series Doctor Foster which is the basis for The World of the Married. I’m sure it won’t get the same sky high ratings will be be a fresh exposure for K-drama viewers to watch a BBC series.


jTBC to Air the Original Doctor Foster After the Hit K-drama Remake The World of the Married — 8 Comments

  1. It is nearly same lol.
    Such a well made drama
    Btw han ho see is winning as well. Her natural beauty is praised and landing cf dwals from everywhere. Signed 2 yesterday i read. And she can act too

    • Her name is Han So Hee (I have to google) and yes she is very pretty. Her acting is good. Only 25, she is on the way to become a female lead soon.

      • Don’t mind that adyjunjihyun. She’s just attention seeker, comment in every articles just to show that she has opinion for everything~

      • Ladakh yikess it is called typo
        Attention seeker? I post opibuons. Not my fault if u get pressed by them idiottard. Dont ruin ladakhs name.

      • I don’t mind Ady. We have agreements and disagreements at times. Ladakh is trying to stir up a fight which won’t work on me unfortunately. In fact I don’t understand why he/she butts in… attention seeking or purely out of boredom.

      • Agree Ady. This Ladakh has nothing to offer but to butt in. Not any intelligent person to bounce ideas with… I think this is just a SCAM.

  2. BBC’s and itv ‘s drama . my favorites . And i just love their actors acting skills and Hollywood seems to agree with me ! Matthew Rhys, David Tennant, Colin Firth, David Suchet, Felicity Jones, Sally Hawking, Olivia Coleman, Claire Foy, …

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